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Chapter 12: The Revival, and the Confession

Kagome searched the woods. "Sesshomaru!" She called out. She felt tears fall down her face. "Please be safe, Sesshomaru!" She said, under her breath. She ran past the

trees, and soon found the large demon that Sesshomaru was fighting face down on the ground. She gasped.

Perhaps this meant he was safe! She slowly approached the demon, looking all around. She then saw him, and dropped her arrows. Sesshomaru was lying on his back. His

eyes were shut. He looked… she couldn't bring herself to even think it. She slowly approached Sesshomaru, and kneeled by him. She put her head to her chest and listened

for a heart beat. "He's gone!" She whispered. She collapsed onto Sesshomaru, and began crying uncontrollably. Suddenly, she felt as if somebody, or something was trying

to speak to her. She looked around. Nobody was there.

Suddenly, she saw the tenseiga(know that is not the right name but my computer keeps changing it to Inuyashas sword so stay with me)shaking about five feet away from

him. "He must have know he was close to death, and hoped I would come and revive him with the tenseiga." Kagome said, softly, crawling toward the sword. "But I can't

handle this sword…" She said, trying to lift it. Suddenly, she felt as if the sword became an extension to her hand, and lifted it gracefully. She knew what to do, and how to do it. She raised the sword over Sesshomaru, with perfect accuracy.

The sword began glowing a lovely shade of blue, and Kagome saw strange demons hovering over her Sesshomaru. She felt as if the sword was telling her that they were from the underworld, and to kill them. She killed the strange creatures with ease, and watched in amazement, as Sesshomaru sat up, wearily.

She leaped into his arms, crying. "I thought I lost you!" She cried. He held her closer, "Kagome, you smart girl." He said, caressing her, "I knew you would find me, and use

the tenseiga to revive me." He held her tighter than ever. "Kagome, I need to tell you!" He said, trying to convince himself. She pulled away from him. "What? What is it?"

She asked, worry gleaming in her eyes. He began to catch her tears with his trembling finger. "You know I love you, and as much as I hate to admit it, I've changed." She smiled inside. She finally got rid of that stupid mask.

She hugged him, tightly. "I love you, too, my Sesshomaru!" She cried. "More than I could ever love Inuyasha." That made Sesshomaru feel a lot better as he hugged her back. "My Kagome"He said and kissed her passionately. At this Sesshomaru picked up Kagome in his arms and went back to camp.

Rin and Jaken sat closely to the fire. Rin looked out for Sesshomaru or Kagome worried. She could see a large figure in the distance, and woke Jaken up. They were really

relieved to see that the figure only appeared to be large because Kagome was on top of Sesshomaru's back. Rin ran to greet Sesshomaru by hugging his leg. "I thought you were dead!" She cried out. He kneeled down to face Rin, and hugged her. Yup, Kagome definitely got rid of that mask for good!

Rin's face turned to a shocked expression. She then began to laugh, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Kagome had drifted into sleep on Sesshomaru's back. So he

carefully laid her on his boa, and when she began to shiver, Sesshomaru shielded the wind with his body. He stroked her fine, raven hair, and just stared at her face. He was never this free to reveal his true feelings, and he loved every minute of it. He looked at Rin and Jaken who were gazing at him in shock.

He finally realized that they wouldn't judge him. (Except for maybe Jaken) But he knew now that there was nothing to worry about, he could learn to love, and protect, and care for others, and perhaps instead of making him weaker, it could make him stronger.

"Sesshomaru?" Rin asked, sweetly, he nodded for her to continue. "Will you promise not to forget Jaken and I, and our plans, if you and Kagome are in love?" He smiled.

"Rin…" He explained, as he stared up at the full moon, "you and jaken are secure in my heart. But I think, maybe, we have different plans." He finished, looking down at Kagome. He watched her lips curve into a slight smile. He wished he could see what she was dreaming, as he watched her hair dance in the wind.

Kagome's Dream

Kagome was sitting sadly, after watching Kikyo take Inuyasha away. She is then lost in the forest, and completely alone. At least she thought she was alone. Sesshomaru came out of nowhere, and he now took her hand and showed her down a narrow path. They walked down the path together, and Kagome saw now. Everything had come together.

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