Just another little poem I thought up. Yes, I'm addicted to writing this stuff, so please enjoy. RR, please! This poem, however, rhymes.

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Ryou's POV

Eternal Thinking

Please let me think

Is there really some sort of link?

I don't know right now

But can you teach me how?

How to be like you

How to be good as new

Untouched by what you've done

As if your victims are ten to none

Let me think this through

But is it only darkness you pursue?

Caught in your web of lies

As I'm forced to watch life passes me by

All the pride you ate

But now trying to change your fate,

It is way too late

If it is power you wish to obtain

Then I am please to tell you it shall not be gain

But I am you and you are me

Can you fix this, pretty please?

You have no feelings

Do you wish to leave me leaning?

Leaning on a tower of hopeless matters

All this is all in the latter

Sometime I swear you don't know my name

That is because you and I don't share the same pain

Please let me think

Down and down the misery sink

This is my choice of free will

Cause I want your looks, the ones that kills

All the agony, yes you must

But is this taste to lust?

I am losing concentration

Can I just please have your validation?

I want to be just like you

Because it is my soul I hope to renew

Like the master I soon to be

Just like you and soon to be me

I stand here pleading

While my heart is left bleeding

All your desires

Have left me tired

But let me try

And I know it shall happen, side by side

I hate everyone plus the light

All my darkest desires shall be reached by my might

Let me think about this, will you?

I can't said but this is true

I joined the darkness and left the light

Just pass on this dreadful night

You told me once but I forgot

Have mercy, no I must not

Everything I've concealed

You think it's fake but now it's real

You're not very nice

Since around your heart is nothing but cold cold ice

It's not that bad

But it is, so so sad

I don't want to be pure

Since I do nothing but lure

I am done thinking all this

Surrounded by a bloody mist

So take me now and take me true

So I can said I'm one of you

The End

Longer than all my other poems but I like it, what do you think? Not a one-shot this time since I'm going to post up more poems similar to this. So let me explain about this poem. Ryou finally had enough of the light and being pure so he steps into the darkness. So now he wants to be just like his darker half. Poor Ryou. Please review and tell me how you think of it. When I read it over, all the imagery went into my head. This poem is called "Eternal Thinking" because it took Ryou so long to realize he's tired of the light and he thought it was going to take him forever to make this decision but he did latterly. This whole story is call "Be the Darkness but, Feel the Pain" but for every poem they'll have a separate name to it. So review please!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh.