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In Kaiba's POV

Staring of Hatred Eyes

When you look at me, you hate me already

So what? Like you can really see

Why? Well, nothing's different, it's all the same

You don't know me but you hate me, it's because of who I am

Thinking I'm one of those "I'm too good for you" human

Wanting to be buried in the dunes of sand

I'm not all you think; I just want a normal life

Cutting off the world with a knife

I know I'm arrogant, stubborn, and determined to get my way

So no one will tell me what to say

Staring of hatred eyes are everywhere

No one help me here or there

Underneath this fake armor is someone who just wants to adapt

But I took a wrong turn; I've lost my life map

Fake pride shielding my eyes as I jostle through the crowd of my life

I had no idea this is what my fate is going to be like

No one can see it but it's really there; tears forming at my eyes

No one can understand the hurt inside

You don't know how painful and hard it is to be perfect all the time

Rocks pushing me down the mountain as I continue my journey to climb

Leaving such a small mistake shock everyone to their hearts

Why is it so hard to take that I'm NOT perfect! Stop staring! Everything's now dark

What good is it to say that I, like everyone else, feel pain?

I don't want it; there's nothing from it I can gain

Crying myself to sleep everyday because I'm being hated

I can't turn back since it's too late

The real world needs you to be strong, to lend no one your trust

I will carry on; yes I must

I survived because I trusted no one and receive help from no one

Follow my path, feel my pain, sing my song

Nothing makes me perfect since no one is

My true self is something I'll truly miss

People don't expect anything but perfection from me

Forget my pain, it's not like you can see

Please stop staring at my fake perfection; I want to be you

When you want to be me, thinking I'm better when I'm not; it's true

I will die if I do not show the beast in my smarts; tricking them by the fire in my eyes

But now I feel more pain for myself for accepting something I myself made up; my lies

No one can stop staring at me, they want everything I have

They can have it all; in the end, I'll have the last laugh

Wanting to escape from all this perfection I want to destroy

Everything I am is just a decoy

I want to stop all this perfection but I can not

It destroyed everything already; all I've got

I gave it all I have; turning bitter and heartless a long time ago

Yesterday is in the past and now it's tomorrow

I think I'm on the side of the good

Or is it myself I've misunderstood?

Everything I everyday misses

Well, I threw it all away for this

Something I don't even want; something I really hate

Wanting to turn around but the doors are closed; it's way too late

This is something I will no longer have the desire to want

Am I doomed to remain forever nonchalant?

Everyone staring at me; hating my person and the ground I walk on

I wish I can, but I can't vanish and be gone

You can't see the pain! I hate your staring of hatred eyes!

Please stop! You just can't, can you? I already gave everything that was once mine

I envy your normal life while I stand alone with no family and no friends

There's nothing left to fix; my happiness was all pretend

I will forever go on with my fate

Living with myself, someone I hate

When I say people's opinions and their staring doesn't bother me, it's a lie

I hate the staring of hatred eyes

You'll never know when next time our paths cross, when you see the all powerful me

Underneath all that fake armor is someone more than you can ever think to see

The End

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