It was late in the morning, the sun was in the sky almost overhead and there were some dark clouds moving in to block out the sun. A few children about in the daylight. Terra was still sitting there looking at the others while they play.

"Hey Terra don't you want to join in?" Kadak Jr asked

She glanced at him and didn't move. He thought for a second and went back to the game with the others. She had a downtrodden look on her face. Others knew she was depressed but none of them knew why. It had been several years since that event took place. The three nations have been restored and everyone is back to their normal lives. Some of her mother's friends married and their children grew fast here. She was older then all of them only fifteen years of age she was in a hole of depression.

Some of them asked why she was sad all of the time. In the time they have been here death wasn't a concept that they can comprehend. All of their parents never told them about what had happened so long ago. They knew her mother helped save Jeuno but not what happened later. That the shadow lord took control of her and her mother sacrificed her self to save Terra.

Wham! One of the kids was running around and slammed into Terra. She was knocked aside tumbling a few feet along the ground.

"Cifer you idiot." Seres yelled

Cifer, Ginryu's and Mabs' son, tripped and collided with the sitting mithra. He fell headfirst falling into her. Putting his arms out her hit her knocking the two of them away. He was prepared for the impact but Terra wasn't. She bounced along the gravel ground skidding to a stop. Seres ran over to her trying to help her up. Terra shed neither a tear nor a cry. Her skinned legs and arms were nothing compared to the pain she felt inside.

"Are you ok?" Seres asked

She looked at her wounds and quickly went to work at a curing spell. Her broken skin quickly mended itself and she was fine again.

"Cifer get over here and apologize for what you did." Seres yelled

Seres, Kiary's daughter, scolded Cifer and he walked over to Terra.

"I'm sorry for running into you." He said sympathetically.

Terra looked at him and got to her feet. Even though she was older than him he stood a full foot taller than she. Terra turned and walked away. Heading back to her house the rest looked at her in confusion.

"That girl is creepy." Cifer said

"Oh quiet you." Seres snapped

"Oh like you don't think its weird that she comes out here and watches us play. She never talks, she is creepy." Cifer finished

A hand came to the back of his head. Behind him stood Ginryu.

"Who are you talking about?" She asked

"Ha ha, your in trouble." Kadak Jr said

"I saw you knock that poor girl over, I hope you said you're sorry." Ginryu scolded

He looked down to the ground in a failing attempt to look like he had learned his lesson.

"Don't pull that on me." She said

"I did." Cifer said. "But she just ran off."

Ginryu looked off as Terra walked back to her house.

"I wonder if she'll ever talk again after that day." Ginryu thought to herself

Terra opened the door to her home. Inside was a small unkempt house with bottles everywhere. She quickly picked them up and piled them in a bag. She could get a few gil for them after she washed them out. Looking about her father must be out doing errands, in her mind she knew he was at the bar getting drunk again. To the door behind her came a knock. Looking out through the window there was Ginryu. Terra sighed and went to the door. Opening it there she was with a basket.

"Hi there, I was going to take the kids out to lunch for a picnic. I didn't see you around so I was wondering if you would like to join us?" She said sweetly.

Terra looked up at her then looked inside her own house. Looking down she nodded and stepped outside. Closing the door behind her she saw as the group of kids were running about happily. Terra hesitated and walked behind Ginryu. The three kids ran to her seeing she was out of the house.

"Hey look, I got a new staff, I can practice my healing magic more now, and I don't have to worry about you guys coming after me with out a weapon." Seres said

"You don't need a weapon, you just yell as a attack." Cifer said

Seres hit him on the head with the tip of her long enhancing staff.

"Oww, what was that for? Mom she's picking on me." Cifer complained

"You deserved it, you shouldn't make fun of girls." Ginryu spoke

Terra smirked a little bit at that moment. Kadak Jr saw it.

"Oh my goddess, she smiled. She isn't a stone anymore." He exclaimed

Others looked at her and she hid behind Ginryu trying to hide her face.

"Hey get your own mother." Cifer said

Dead silence. The two kids looked at him as he put both his hands to his mouth. Ginryu dropped the basket and shot an angry look at Cifer. Terra let go of Ginryu's dress and stepped back.

"Terra…" Ginryu tried to say

She turned and ran away.

"Cifer, you insensitive jerk." Seres yelled

Terra ran back to her house slamming the door shut. Running to her room she locked her door and hid herself under her sheets. Sobbing into her pillow she cried for hours. The sun set and her father came home stumbling into the living room. He sat down in a chair and passed out. That night Terra got out of her bed and walked outside. She left a letter behind on the table for her father when he was to wake up the next day. Through the streets she walked. She passed the houses of the kids who kept trying to cheer her up. Stopping she looked into one and then continued her steps. The clouded sky started to spit rain down. It was a light mist then but it grew to rain drops. The lanterns along the walkway in Jeuno were all lit. Getting to the bridge she climbed up on the railing of the bridge and sat down. Looking out into the ocean she saw dark waves crashing together.

"It was this spot." She thought to herself. "The last I ever saw her, the last time I was ever happy, the last time I was ever warm."

Looking out the water below her became more and more inviting. The stones that made up the bridge were cold. The rain was coming down a little more. She slowly leaned over the water. The clouds blocked out the moon as she looked up. Inch by inch she leaned forward.

"Why does this have to be so hard?" She thought. "Why can't I be happy like them? No care in the world, to be safe and happy."

She looked back down to the water below her.

"That can never be possible again." She said

Closing her eyes she let go of the railing. Down she fell. The cold air from the water was rushing past her. Falling down the rain was chasing her to the water. Feeling her body go numb from the cold she opened her eyes as she hit the ocean. Terra blacked out from the force of hitting the waters surface. A splash and she sank. The current pulled her down. The air escaped her lungs and water filled them as she sank lower and lower into the water. Finally hitting the oceans floor her lifeless eyes starred out to the dark water around her. The earth around her rose up and collected over her body. In an eerie flash she was gone.

The next morning Zanu awoke. He was still grasping a bottle of gin. An aching head he gets up and slowly walks to the kitchen table. Putting the bottle down he gets out a loaf of bread. From a cabinet her grabs a jar of jam and dips the bread into the newly open jar. Eating it his vision clears and sees the bottles still strewn about the house.

"I thought Terra usually cleans this up before I get home. Guess it will give me something to do before the tavern opens up." He says

Picking up another slice of bread he notices the letter. Grabbing it he reads on dropping the food.

"Dear Father.

If you are reading this then I am already gone. Don't bother looking for me. I won't be back. This night I have finally broken down and cannot go on anymore. Do not morn for me now, I have been dead inside for the last few years, I have just killed this shell that won't let me rest. Maybe I will go see mom again, but I don't think the will let me to see her for what I will do."


He finished the letter with tears swelling in his eyes. Zanu's mind was rushing to think where she could have gone. Gripping the letter he rushed out of his house running to the bridge where his wife had died. Running past a few of his friends they try to get his attention but he had too much on his mind to deal with them. They followed him trying to figure out what he was doing.

Rushing through the streets there was the spot. Something was flashing at him in the new sun. Running to it there was her hairpin. Angel had given her hairpin to Terra when she was younger when she started her magic training. It was on the railing of the bridge. He collapsed there leaning on the bridge. Others soon caught up to him. They tried to ask him what was going on. But he gave no answer; one of them noticed the letter he was holding. Zanu dropped it in his sorrow.

They read in shock of what was written. Kadak and Elnroth got him to his feet trying to get him inside. In Elnroth's house he sat in a chair hopelessly crying for his second loss. His mind was breaking; there wasn't a thing that could help him now.

Spenlin ran a search of the ocean area with the aid of Leviathan. All day they looked through the water, but came up with nothing. There was no trace of Terra in the body of water. Judging from the current if she had jumped into the ocean she could be anywhere. But at this rate she would have died from hypothermia or exhaustion. They gave up the search presuming she was missing and probably dead. From the note she left behind it sounded like she did kill herself. With in the following week they held a service for Zanu's lost daughter. The children didn't know what was going on. Everyone was sad they kept saying that Terra had left and she won't be coming back.

"But why? Where did she go?" Seres asked

"She went with her mother." Kiary said

"But where is her mother? How come she didn't come to visit her?" Seres asked

Kiary sighed heavily.

"Her mother died years ago. Before the attack on the nation Terra was kidnapped from her and her kidnapper killed her mother when she tried to save her." Kiary answered

"But I thought she helped save Jeuno?" Seres interjected

"Terra was a strong summoner. Some how she kept calling for her mother that finally she answered back and Terra summoned her mother from the grave. But in the end when the shadow lord almost won her mother expelled her essence to destroy it. She lied dieing and Terra was in her arms as she passed away. Her body disappeared that day; all that was left was Terra lying there crying. But since that day Terra has refused to speak. I can't imagine the pain she must have been feeling all these years." Kiary finished

Seres finally understood why Terra was always out there sitting at that spot by the bridge.

"If only we had told you kids this maybe you could have gotten her to open up. But we have all tried to forget about that incident. It's too late now, and I don't know what will happen now." Kiary finished

That night they all stayed up watching the moon pass over the sky. There was nothing they could do.

A cold wave of water ran over her again. Her mind snapped awake as she twitched. Coughing out hard water was pouring out of her lungs. Crawling out of the water Terra was on soft earth. The water was lapping at her feet. Opening her eyes she looked down to white soil. Her body was soaking wet. Looking back the water was completely black. It reflected the surroundings in its gloss.

"…the hell…" She thought

Trying to get to her feet her legs were weak.

"How long was I out for?" She thought

Finally getting a good balance she looked around with blurry vision. All the surrounding land was completely white, the ground, the grass, and the trees. At lest she thought they were trees. They twisted around and looked like coral. It held glowing bulbs

"Where am I?" She asked herself

Looking back to the water she rose from it was a black ocean. The reflection showed floating islands above her.

"This is bloody crazy."

It was like she was existing in a negative. Turning back around there was a huge white mansion in the center of the land she was on. Slowly walking to it her legs shook with every step. She finally got to the house and stepped up to the door. With what little strength she had left she knocked on the door.

"What am I to do for this eternity." Icslei asked himself

As he sat up there was a knock at the main doors.

"What the devil could that be?" He said

Rushing from his chair he ran to the door. Opening it there was a girl standing in wet clothing.

"Oh my what… please do come in." He spoke

She stepped in and she showed her to a dressing room.

"Please wait here. I'll find something for you to change into." Isclei rushed off

He came back with some clothes for her. He closed the door for her to change and ran downstairs.

"I wonder who she could be, and more importantly how did she get here?" He thought

Terra got out of her wet clothes and brushed as much water out of her fur as she could. Pulling the last of the water from her tail she looked at what she was given to change into. Getting into it she opened the door and walked down a set of stairs. She wore an elegant dark red dress. Looking at it and her surroundings it looked as if she were headed off to a ball. Getting to the ground floor she looks about for where that other boy had led her. She hears some talking from a room behind her. Looking through some doors there he was rushing about. She walked in. Stopping she poked her head in. Iscle saw her and stopped what he was doing. He kneeled down to her.

"Welcome to my house mistress." He spoke kindly.

She looked confused to him. He looked up to Terra and she stood there in confusion.

"My apologies. My name is Isclei. I'd like to welcome you to my humble abode. If there is anything I can do for you please don't hesitate to ask." He said

Looking back at her she doesn't say a word.

"I'm sure my lady has been through quite a trial to get here. Tired as you may be let me get you a chair to sit on."

Iscle runs out of the room and returns with a decorative chair for her. He presents it to her. Bowing out of thanks and respect she then sits down. He goes back to work in the kitchen. As he moves about working at the food he is preparing he looks back at her. She has a depressed and confused look on her face.

"I'm sorry for prying into your business but may I ask why you look so sad?" Isclei says

She doesn't answer.

"Sorry, I guess that is too personal. Can I at least ask your name?"

She looks down and speaks faintly.


He walks close to her.

"Well it is a lovely name for a young woman." He says. "You have a beautiful voice, shame you don't use it much."

Terra blushes at his kind words.

"…where am I…" She asks

"You are in my home of Basil." He speaks

"…how did I get here?" Terra speaks

"I don't know, from what I looks you arrived through the ocean." Isclei answers

She sits and thinks about herself.

"Why can't I remember anything?" She thinks to herself

Terra sits and watches Iscle cook. He finishes and takes her to a large dinning room. Seating her next to him he brings out a meal for two. After they finish he shows her around the mansion. The last room he shows her is a large performing room with different instruments.

"This is a wonderful house. But I have to ask you something." Terra asks

"Anything." He answers

"Since I have arrived I can't remember anything about myself other than my name. There is something in me that is causing this deep sadness. And I cannot remember what is could be." She says

"Your question being?" Isclei speaks

"Do you mind if I stay until I can remember what happened?" She asks

"I would be delighted to honor your presence."

He picks up a black case.

"In return may I ask you something?"

"Sure." She answers

"My time here has been boring and long. During my life I have practiced all of these instruments and have slowly mastered each one." He speaks

Turning to her he hands Terra the case.

"Can I teach you how to play this one so we may play together?" Isclei finishes

She opens the case to find a glorious black violin.

"I would love to." She answers

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