"What the hell are these people doing?" Terra thought.

Terra was quickly rising to the top of this mysterious tower. After having to kill such a close friend the only thing keeping her going was the thought of saving Isclei.

On the top of the tower Kiashier was finishing his last spell. Placing the final rune in the massive summoning circle he felt the presence of the four climbing the tower.

"So, that girl was able to actually kill one of you." Kiashier said "Ziggeraut, Chster. One of your comrades has been slain. They are quickly approaching this spot. Go down there and deal with them."

The two got up and left that place. They casually walked down the series of stairs to a platform levels below them. There the two waited for their eventual battle.

"Soon it will all be mine." Janus said

He walked around the edge of the huge building looking down at the world below them.

"I will rule this land and no one can defy me." Janus gloated

Kiashier was growing impatient with this fool. He had to continually obey Janus' orders, until now.

"Sir." Kiashier spoke. "It is ready."

Janus' eyes gleamed.

"Excellent." Janus exclaimed

"Yes. Just stand in the center of this circle. It will give you the power of the gods." Kiashier said

Janus walked to the center of an elaborately drawn summoning circle. Janus stepped lightly over its design. Each step he took Janus could feel a spark of energy shoot through his body.

"I can already feel it." Janus said

Janus stood in the center laughing. Kiashier started the spell. Reading the long incantation from memory. The runes covering the floor lit up. The energy discharged in the air around him.


Kiashier smiled. Twisting his hands around he finished. The circle flashed. Quickly Janus was struck to the ground.

"What the hell is this?" Janus yelled

Kiashier's spell reacted perfectly. It started siphoning the life energy out of Janus.

"Your corrupted soul shall be a great jumpstart to fuel the rest of my plan." Kiashier said

"You damn traitor!" Janus yelled

It was the last words Janus spoke. Slowly the circle devoured his body. After it was over a wave of dark energy pulsed along the ground.

"Now that this is set, all we need is her." Kiashier said

Kiashier summoned Isclei to his side.

"You shall be the one to get her for me. I'm done with setting these pathetic minions after what I need done. Since she will come to you. Her love will be the one to take her life." Kiashier said

Elnroth, Ginryu, and Zanu were running up the stairs of the massive tower.

"How much more of this do we need to take?" Ginryu asked

Zanu and Elnroth laughed.

"Someone out of shape?" Elnroth said

"Ha, ha. Very funny." Ginryu snapped

After a seemingly endless amount of steps the three arrived at a door leading to a room that looked like a ceiling. Opening the door they find Chster and Ziggeraut waiting for them.

"You may as well turn around and leave now." Ziggeruat said

"Yes. Go before we have to kill you all." Chster added

Zanu clenched his fists. In a burst of speed she dashed across the room smashing one of his fists into Chster. The shock from it sent him flying back against the wall behind him. Slowly he got to his feet.

"You are not going to stop me from getting to my daughter." Zanu said

Ziggeraut lunged at Zanu with his sword. Elnroth snuck in and blocked the attack. Swinging again he pushed Ziggeraut back.

"Count me in. I'm tired of your smug looks." Elnroth declared

Ginryu enhanced the movement speed of the two fighters. She was casting "Haste" on the two. This gave them a fighting chance against the two possessed enemies before them.

Terra had just reached the top of the tower. She folded her wings and ran for a door. Pushing it open she run up a small ramp. The sky was once sunny but now all that was seen was black skies. On the floor was a huge summoning circle. There she could see Isclei on the ground.

"Oh no. Isclei!" Terra yelled

The Mithra ran to her love. She knelt down next to Isclei. Picking him up she held his unconscious body in her arms.

"Please wake up." Terra cried

Her wished were answered. Isclei looked up to see Terra crying.

"Hey… don't cry…" Isclei said meekly.

Isclei slowly got up and held her close.

"You're alright. I was so worried that I would never see you again." Terra cried

"I'm fine. You don't need to fret any more." Isclei said

Isclei was doing his best to comfort Terra. He was rubbing her back, slowly putting a hand over the back of her neck.

"Hush. Please stop crying. There is no one here. They have all gone." Isclei said. "It's just you and me now."

He was rubbing the back of her neck now.

"But, they took you away. Why would they…" Terra said

Isclei cut off terra. He started rubbing the back of her ears. Terra stopped trying to talk. Isclei knew her weak spot. There were sparks going through her skin when Isclei touched Terra. She was paralyzed. The tiny shocks hit her sensitive spots sending her rushes of pleasure. Terra's eyes rolled back as Isclei kissed her. She stopped fighting rational thought and just gave in. She put her arms around Isclei. They sat on the floor kissing each other under the evil dark sky.

"Why are you wasting your time?" Ziggeraut asked

Elnroth and Zanu were tiring. Ginryu did what she could by curing them and using her "Haste" spell to give them a boost in speed to match the movements of Ziggeraut and Chster. Ginryu was hit with the most fatigue. Using the last of her magical power she was left on her knees trying to stay awake.

"Guys, you need to finish this. I can't keep casting anymore." Ginryu spoke

Elnroth shifted his stance.

"Guess I'm going to have to kill you two after all." Elnroth said sullenly

He charged in ready to kill the two standing in their way.

"…isclei…" Terra spoke softly

Terra tried to push away from Isclei. Every time they kissed Terra felt more and more light headed. But he continued to embrace her.

"…I …can't breath…" Terra said

Terra couldn't concentrate anymore, her armor and wings faded from her body. Terra's mind was slowly dulling. Terra gathered all of her strength and pushed Isclei back. Her eyes are shifting in and out of focus. But she caught a glimpse of Isclei's eyes. They are a dull grey. The same as Kiary's.

"No…" Terra said. "It can't be…"

"But it is child." Kiashier spoke

The dark wizard appeared behind Isclei.

"You have collected enough of her energy for now. You have done much better then I thought you would." Kiashier said

Isclei stood up. Kiashier held a hand out funneling a white mist from Isclei. He held with in his hands Terra's essence.

"It has all been coming together now." Kiashier spoke to himself

The wizard walked to his summoning circle. Isclei looked at Terra evilly.

"Do you need her for anything else?" Isclei asked

"No… this much pure essence will be more than enough. Do as you please." Kiashier spoke

"Wha… what are you doing?" Terra asked

Isclei was slowly walking towards Terra. She was on her back. She didn't have full control of her limbs yet. Her muscles were jelly. She tried pushing herself away. But Terra didn't get very far. Isclei moved down over her.

"How did you like it?" Isclei asked

He passed a hand over her head again. She could feel the sparks in her skin and ears.

"I know you loved how it felt." Isclei said

"You're not him. I don't care if you are in his body, you're not Isclei!" Terra said

"Does it matter?" Isclei said. "I stand before you as your love. All I want is for you to feel wonderful."

Isclei leaned over and kissed her again. That wave of paralysis almost knocked her out.

Elnroth and Zanu were fighting a losing battle. They were exhausted. Chster and Ziggeraut, no matter how much they damaged them, didn't fatigue.

"Damnit, how are we going to win this?" Zanu said

Chster and Ziggeraut had the upper hand now. But before they could give the finishing blow something snapped. The enchantment Kiashier put on the two lessened. Chster was subconsciously fighting it. He had to watching his body be controlled by such an evil force, the moment he had a chance at freeing himself he jumped at the opportunity. He fell down once he regained control.

"AH, damnit." Chster shouted

He raised a hand sending a purple and red light around Ziggeraut.

"Dispel!" Chster shouted

A glass shell around Ziggeraut shattered. He too fell down once the enchantment was broken. Elnroth and Zanu were confused.

"What the hell just happened?" Zanu asked

"Sorry about that, we just weren't ourselves there for a moment." Chster said

Zanu, Elnroth, and Ginryu looked at him.

"What?" Ginryu asked

"Short version we were under a spell, long version we need to get up stairs and stop that bastard before he finishes his plan." Ziggeraut said

Chster quickly healed the three's wounds. After that they all rushed up the flight of stairs.

On the roof of the tower, Kiashier was using the two essences to bind his spell. He was continually chanting an old evil arcane script. But things were even less fortunate. Terra was with out any energy left. The gifts the avatars granted her faded. She was alone. Isclei was under Kiashier's corruption spell. With out any of her magical or physical power she couldn't move in her robes. Isclei pushed her over with ease. Pinning her arms down her spoke.

"You can't imagine the power he will grant us when Kiashier is done." Isclei said

Isclei moved his face till it was an inch from Terra's.

"Don't you want to be immortal?" Isclei asked

Tears formed in Terra's eyes.

"No…" Terra said

Before Isclei could advance anymore the door leading to the roof blew open. Chster and Ziggeraut came running. Isclei backed off of Terra. He stood in between the two and Kiashier.

"Stop. You will not get any further." Isclei said

Zanu, Elnroth and Ginryu came soon after. Zanu saw Terra on the ground. He rushed over to her.

"Terra. Terra what's wrong?" Zanu asked

"Its… isclei…it's not him…" Terra struggled to say

"Chster! We could use some help here!" Zanu yelled

The Red Mage came running quickly over to see Terra. Chster could feel her body's energy was depleted.

"No problem. Refresh!" Chster cast

Chster used one of the strongest spells he had at his disposal. Casting "Refresh" he was able to mend Terra's spirit and regenerate her energy.

"What do we do about him?" Elnroth asked

"Kill him." Zanu said

Trying to move in on the dark wizard Isclei put up a barrier to fend them off.

"There! I have it now!" Kiashier exclaimed

The last of Terra's essence was sapped into the summoning circle. It erupted with dark energy. A column of light raised around it. At the center there was a figure materializing.

"Yes. Master, your time has come again. Rise from the shadows once more and take back this land!" Kiashier yelled

In the center of the circle there was a being walking. It was of medium build and started to look dangerously familiar. The rest looked at this new threat walking out of the circle. The being finally filled and was grounded to this plane. It was the form of a Mithra with two bone wings behind her.

"No…" Zanu said

"It can't be her." Ginryu said

This woman was Angel.

"It's so wonderful to be back. That void was growing irritating." Angel said

She stretched out her wings. Flexing her new body she walked forward. Angel saw Terra and Zanu. She started moving towards them.

"Aren't you excited to see me? You dear mother and charming wife?" Angel said

Chster and Ziggeraut stepped forward.

"Stop. We know what you are. And we won't let you succeed." Ziggeraut said

Ziggeraut ran in with a sword drawn. Angel evaded the attack. Chster attacked as well. Angel moved in between the two. Putting a hand on each of them she spoke.

"Simple children."

Angel's magic crushed their hearts in their chest. Instantly they died falling to the ground.

Angel spotted Ginryu. She simply glanced in her direction and Ginryu's body froze up. Angel used her magic to take control of Ginryu's body. Angel made her walk to her. Angel placed a hand on Ginryu's face.

"I remember you. You were so heroic. After I killed your beloved husband, nothing could stop you." Angel said. "Do you want to know what happened to the rest of your family?"

Angel starred into Ginryu's eyes. She showed Ginryu what was on the ground floor.

"No…" Ginryu said

Ginryu could see Cifer and Seres dead. They killed themselves by Kiary's corpse. Tears were streaming down her face. Angel was feeding off of her fears, her misery.

"No, this can't be happening" Ginryu cried

Angel made Ginryu kneel down. Angel proceeded to lick the tears off of her face.

"Its such a delicacy. I haven't felt such misery in such a long time." Angel said

Angel flexed her hand. Absorbing Ginryu's energy she reshaped her hand. Each finger sharpened to a deadly claw. Putting it around her neck Angel crushed it. Ginryu looked up to see Angel smiling down at her. With a snap Ginryu fell to the floor limp.

All that was left was Elnroth, Terra, and Zanu. Elnroth stood between them.

"I guess it's my turn to give something to my friends." Elnroth said

He drew his sword.

"Get out of here. I will hold her off for as long as I can. Just run!" Elnroth shouted

He ran at Angel. Swing extremely fast he used every sword technique he knew. But Angel just mocked him. Using her hand she blocked every strike.

"Are you done yet?" Angel asked

It only made Elnroth frustrated. In his anger he grew careless. He swung down, Angel deflected his sword upwards. With another hand Angel pierced his chest. Angel pulled her arm out. She licked the blood off of her hand.

"Be a good boy and die now." Angel said passing over his dead body

She walked to Zanu and Terra. They couldn't move. Angel folded up her wings and knelt down in front of the two.

"I'm so happy to be with my family again." Angel said

Her mind trick was working on Zanu. He wanted to believe that Angel was alive again that he gave into her spell. He rose up and embraced Angel.

"I can't believe you're alive again." Zanu said

Angel put a hand on his face.

"Don't worry about it anymore. I won't leave you ever again." Angel said

Terra regained her strength from the regenerating spell Chster cast upon her. She stood up and drew Angelsheart. Terra took a defensive stance backing away from this creature in her mothers form. Terra swung her mothers sword at this strange creature. Angel caught the sword. It burned her skin. She let it go and back away holding her hand in pain. Terra knew who this was now. Years ago she saw her mother. When she fought that demon that killed her.

"Your that creature. Your the Shadow Lord." Terra said

"Guilty." The Shadow Lord said

The Shadow Lord gripped Terra's arm and threw her across the room onto the summoning circle.

"If you won't fight along side of me like your father. Then I'll just have to end your pitiful life." The Shadow Lord said

She gathered up orbs of dark energy in her hands. The Shadow Angel started throwing them at Terra. Terra was able to evade all of her attacks. Terra ran around until one clipped her. The dark energy numbed her nerves and muscles. Stumbling to the ground she was stuck in the center of the summoning circle now.

Shadow Angel started conjuring a large amount of shadow energy. Completely helpless Terra watched, as her life was about to end. Closing her eyes in fear Terra remembered the dream she was lost in.

"I will be here for you." Angel said

Back when the Shadow Lord's minions were beating her.

Terra called out. It was clear now. Not a whisper anymore. A distinct call.

"Time to die child!" The Shadow Lord yelled

Terra collapsed onto the summoning circle gripping her mother's sword.

From where she was sitting the summoning circle shifted. The runes changed and the color shifted. White light grew out over the black light shining from the ground. The summoning circle purified. The Shadow Lord let go of the shadow orb.

From outside the top of the tower exploded. A huge burst of magic sent debris flying everywhere. From the explosion there was a large cloud of black smoke. In the opposite direction there was a streak of white light across the sky.

From the ruble there the Shadow Lord looked out over the city.

"Go. Go get this world." She said

Gates all over the tower opened. Flocks of thousands of demons flew from them. The demons flew out taking the city of Jeuno. Every being that was in that city died that night. One by the one army of demons hunted down every living creature and butchered it.

The Shadow Lord stood at the top of that tower. She had Zanu under her control. Kiashier and Isclei were awaiting the orders from their master.

"This is just the beginning." The Shadow Lord said

-End Forever Dreaming-

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