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A/N: I'm pretty tapped out on ideas for 'The Strangest Phenomena' at the present moment. I hope I'll be able to generate some more ideas soon, but for right now I hope you will enjoy this new JC fic. Again, this is a POV story, but I think it'll be from Cindy's point of view this time, instead of from both Jimmy and Cindy's. It also takes place after another Jimmy Neutron episode that hasn't aired quite yet. They're still eleven years old.


It had been known to everyone in town that I was dating Jimmy Neutron. I didn't know if I was embarrassed, annoyed, or even uncomfortable about it, but I really didn't want just everyone knowing that something was going on between us. Libby knowing about it was enough, but when she finally exposed my secret to everyone, I wanted to kill her. He never, EVER saw me telling everyone I knew that she had a thing for Sheen—she'd be the laughingstock of Retroville if I did that. I doubt she'd even speak to me again.

But even Libby knows that I can never stay mad at her for long. My other friends and I taught her a lesson, I forgave her a few days later, and things were back to what was as normal as they could be considering that our reputations would never exactly be the same. I should probably be fortunate that the teasing has been on a low level every time Jimmy and I have been seen with each other. I hung around him and his friends enough as it was way before hardly anyone knew how we felt, so I suppose most of the people I know are just used to seeing me with him.

Unfortunately, there was a dark cloud hanging over my true happiness—my mother. She absolutely revolted the idea of me even being seen with someone of a much lower economic status than my family. True, we are somewhat richer, and my mother's differences with Jimmy's mother were almost as great as they had once been between Jimmy and I, but I seriously don't think that wealth and status should interfere with how I truly feel about someone, much less my happiness. It was for these reasons that my mother starting keeping an even closer eye on me than usual. Every time I went out, she asked me where I was going and how I was going with. She constantly spied on my telephone conversations and my chatting activity online. She knew I only talked to Libby most of the time (I only talked to Jimmy on the sly when she wasn't around), and maybe even Jimmy's friends on occasion—not all the time.

The only alone time I ever had with Jimmy was either before or after school and I could tell he was just as frustrated with my situation as I was. We hadn't even been on a real date yet, other than Valentine's Day a year ago, but due to the impact of the pheromone, his feelings weren't exactly real yet. For the most part, Jimmy kept busy with his inventions and I worked on my homework, spent time with Libby, or watched TV. I started to miss all of the intergalactic trips I used to take with Jimmy and his friends, the rare conversations he and I would have for hours (not that there were many times we got to have those because of our once constant bickering), and even just working with him on a project. I had to face it—I missed just being with him! I'd almost even started wondering if this relationship would even work between us.

I let my thoughts drift past to a few days ago. We had another one of our arguments, but it wasn't anything like the ones we once had.

"Cindy, you know we haven't even spent one minute alone together since you've been restricted. If we're even going to have a relationship, we have to spend a little time together!"

"Well, it's not like we can take up fighting each other again. Things have changed! When my mother thought we hated each other, I could go where I wanted and talk to whomever I pleased. She never checked on me!"

"So you're saying now that she knows how we feel you aren't allowed to do anything? We can't keep going on like this—if we're not going to try to be together, we'll only have to go back to pretending we hate each other and everyone in school is sick of that!"

I turned away from him and sighed, pacing up and down the sidewalk outside of school.

"What am I supposed to do, Jimmy, sneak out of the house and defy her?"

"That sounds like a logical idea."

"What! You know I can't just do that!"

"And why not, Vortex? Afraid that you'll be seen with me in front of anyone you might know? You seem to be forgetting that everyone knows about us!"

"Well, I can't IMAGINE why, Neutron! You're the one that took me out into the open to make your confession!"

"How was I supposed to know where to take you? There aren't that many places we could go for privacy!"

"Well, seeing as you're the genius around here I think you should know!"

"Why do you always have to be so difficult!" he growled, with a venomous tone in his voice.

I hadn't ever realized how we always kept standing closer and closer to each other every time we got into our usual fights. Where we were standing that day was the closest we had ever stood since the day he confessed to me how he felt. Our arguments didn't last as long as they used to.

The expression on my face had softened, and so had Jimmy's. I could see the look of guilt in his eyes. I had it too. We still had our debates over many different issues, but we knew there was nothing that could be done about the current problems we were facing. Yelling at each other was most definitely not going to fix them. He knew just as well as I did that I wanted to spend time with him, but everything was complicated now. We couldn't have that secret relationship we both wanted. It really wasn't his fault the whole town knew. We had that false sense of security that we were actually alone that fateful day, unaware of who was watching us.

He pulled me into a warm embrace and gazed into my eyes. He put one of his hands on my face as we both leaned in to kiss each other. I could smell his shampoo as we drew ever so closer, and my entire body ached, I missed him so bad. Just when our lips barely touched, as luck would have it, my phone alarm rang.

I looked at my watch and glanced back up at him in disappointment. I was almost late for my piano lesson. Oh, how I hated piano lessons. My mother definitely had kept me busier than usual so that I wouldn't have any time to even think of Jimmy much less talk to him. I mentally made time for him in my own mind regardless of anything she said against it. I spent more time inside of my own daydreams, which were actually a whole lot more interesting than my boring weekly routine.

"I have to go," I whispered as we pulled away from each other.

We had only kissed that one time since he made the confession and that was weeks ago. Now that I was busy, we were constantly being interrupted every single time we were in the moment. We basically had zero alone time.

I could see the look of annoyance return to his face. I hated doing this to him—it just wasn't fair!

"I know. You always have to be someplace," he said, as he turned and walked away.

It was at that moment that angry tears stung my face. How dare my own mother interfere with my love life! It shouldn't be any business of hers who I date, and anyone who says that eleven years old is too young for a relationship ought to be punched. I'm mature enough to handle one, and a lot stronger than most other girls. And even Neutron's gotten the hang of it too. He's become a lot more in control of his emotions. Granted, he still has a ways to go, since it is a proven fact that girls mature quicker than boys do, but he's doing a whole lot better. I've never felt more comfortable with anyone.

More than anything I wanted to run after him and tell him I could make up for all of this. I wanted to apologize, because I was the one that was causing him all of this pain. I was the reason why he became angry with me every time something didn't work out. We had to find some way of making this relationship work, before we went back to loathing each other again. Hate was the only alternative to love, and if being together didn't work, the only other choice would be to go back to how it was before, whether we wanted to or not. And no matter how much I kept telling myself, and even Jimmy that we could never go back to hating each other, I just knew that he had already started to become annoyed with me again just like old times.

I slowly trudged off to my piano lesson, vowing to myself that I would at least try to call him tonight. My mother was actually going out for awhile a little bit later that night, and I knew I could sneak it in. Maybe there was still a way I could find some time to have at least one date with him, if we were both sneaky enough to pull it off without anyone ever knowing about it. Even if it were only for a few minutes alone with no one else around, just that short amount of time together would make me the happiest girl on Earth.

It was only a few days after our argument that I found a note carefully placed in my locker. I automatically knew it was from Jimmy, so I pulled it out and quickly opened it.


If you really meant what you said to me over the phone about spending some time with me, there's a place I used to spend hours of my time going to when I wanted to be alone, and I want to show you. Although it's a secret, and I can't tell you about it until we get there, it's in a place where no one would find us. I hardly even think anyone would ever know we were there, and you wouldn't get into any trouble.

If you're interested, let me know soon.


I almost wanted to squeal with joy as I folded the piece of paper back up and stuffed it into my binder. He wanted to take me someplace special with him—and to a place not even his goofy friends even had any knowledge of!

Maybe there was hope for us still.