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I wanted to get to Libby's as quickly as possible to change into my date clothes and I knew the school bus would be the quickest way there. Jimmy was on the bus too, but he sat with his friends so as not to cause any suspicion among the rest of our schoolmates.

All I could think about the whole ride to the bus stop was our date. Jimmy had no idea I would be wearing my flight suit. I wanted it to be a surprise.

I still couldn't help but worry about all of the things that could go wrong – would he like the outfit I chose? What if Jimmy's friends were to come over unannounced and find us together? What if my mother were to come home early and find out that my karate practice was actually canceled and that I was really with Jimmy instead? What if I accidentally stayed later than I was supposed to and got reprimanded for it? What if Jimmy and I don't have a good time?

These are all things I know I shouldn't worry much about, but I couldn't help it. Every day, I'm forced to sneak around my mother's back while I date Jimmy, hoping she won't find out. It's certainly no way to live, but I have no other choice. I knew this was what I wanted a long time ago but never had the courage to tell him how I felt.

Libby's bus stop fast approached, snapping me out of my contemplative stupor. I gathered up my book bag and purse. When the bus came to a full and complete standstill, with a spring in my step, I quickly got off the bus with Libby in tow. Jimmy had already gotten off two stops before Libby's which I barely even noticed because I had been entirely too busy daydreaming about the events to come.

We made it to her house in less than five minutes. I ran up to her room to make sure that my flight suit was still in Libby's room. It was. The last time I felt this excited was when I wore my suit for the first time several months ago to impress him on Mars. Now that I'm his steady, wearing it will be even more memorable and exciting. I loved impressing him with my figure then, and I will relish it even more now.

"Hey Libbs!" I asked, making my way to her bathroom to shower, "Is it all right if I use your shower?"

Libby was sitting on her bed flipping through a magazine. "Oh sure, girl, go ahead. I'm currently using some apple shampoo and body wash – I hope that's all right."

I smiled and nodded. "That's great! Thanks."

I took a 15 minute shower, washing every inch of my skin and hair. I love apples. That's my second favorite scent next to jasmine, and Libby has told me in the past that Jimmy loves both of those scents. Her apple shampoo and body wash were so good. I could tell she bought only the best products.

After showering, I slipped into my flight suit and put a towel around my neck so that my wet hair would not ruin my outfit. Then I took Libby's blow dryer out of her closet and started drying my hair.

It took me about 15 minutes to dry my hair. I have a lot of it and because it's so thick, it takes forever to dry. I put Libby's hairdryer away and grabbed my flat iron, divided my hair up into sections, and glided it over my hair quickly as I had done the other day until I got my desired look once again. It was amazing what I could do with just a few things I had lying around my house that I rarely ever used.

I left Libby's bathroom after I was finished and went to grab my makeup. Libby gazed up from her magazine again and looked me over up and down.

"Cindy, you look hot. Jimmy's going to have a hard time keeping his hands and his lips off of you!"

I blushed a deep red. No one has said I was hot before – that was a new one. I couldn't help but laugh at what Libby just said, though. Jimmy and I have made out several times, but we aren't that physical with each other. We're much too young for that.

"Jimmy's a gentleman when he's with me. He knows where to put his hands and his lips. Plus, he's seen me in this outfit before. I just want to wow him again because he means so much to me. He's worth it. I don't wear this outfit for anyone else but him."

Libby smiled. "I know, girl. I was just joking. Hey, do you want me to help you put your radiation-proof makeup on?"

"Sure," I said, as I rummaged through my makeup bag. "You're much better with makeup than I am anyway. You did a great job with my makeup on my last date with Jimmy."

I handed Libby all of my makeup and sat patiently down on her bed, ready for her to work her magic on my face. Only half an hour to go until I make my way to Jimmy's lab. I could hardly contain myself. Watching a movie with him will be so romantic!


T-minus thirty minutes until my date with Cindy. I didn't really know quite how to feel. Part of me couldn't help but feel somewhat nervous. This will be the first time I have dressed in something other than my regular clothes to impress someone. I rather liked my carpenter jeans and black t-shirt combination the best. They had a more relaxed fit than my regular jeans. The black t-shirt fit a little tighter than my red atom t-shirt, which I believe Cindy would most certainly approve of.

After I changed and fixed my hair, I went through my movies in the lab to find one that Cindy might enjoy. Most of my DVDs consisted of documentaries that would likely bore Cindy and bring our date to a rather abrupt ending. These kinds of films would not be appropriate for our date. Out of nowhere, I stumbled upon a movie that I knew she would like; a movie very similar to an adventure we had about a year ago with an alien abduction of an entire town, and a group of kids on Earth who went into space to try to bring everyone back home. It was the perfect choice with tons of action and adventure.

I put the DVD case on top of my DVD player and made a quick call to Krazy Kevin's pizza to order us a meal. Cindy was always very conscientious about her figure and from what Libby has told me, her favorite pizza is an all-vegetable pizza, which this establishment happens to have on their menu. I ordered a medium half-vegetable/half-cheese pizza with a couple of 20 ounce bottles of Purple Flurp to go with it.

With the movie choice and dinner squared away, all there was left for me to do was wait for the pizza delivery man and Cindy. This evening was going to be perfect. No one knew about our date except for Libby. Carl and Sheen were out of town at an Ultra Lord convention for the weekend. Nothing could possibly go wrong.


Libby as usual did a spectacular job on my makeup. My dark radiation-proof lipgloss made my lips really stand out. The dark eyeshadow brought out the green in my eyes, and the blush added some much-needed color to my cheeks. All I needed was Jimmy's necklace to complete the outfit. I had it laid out on Libby's dresser. She carefully put it around my neck and closed the clasp. Now, I was ready. And, it was time for me to leave.

Libby hugged me at the bottom of her staircase. "Cin, you're going to blow Jimmy away. I want to hear all of the details when you get back, or else!"

I returned her embrace and grinned. "I will. You can count on that."

We both said our goodbyes and I left, feeling more confident about myself than I had ever felt in my entire life. I felt this way throughout my entire walk until I started to see Jimmy's house up ahead. Suddenly, my stomach started to churn as my nerves began to unravel. I had no reason to be uneasy, but I couldn't help but feel that way all the same. The unknown was something I was always afraid of and with each date I had with Jimmy, there was always that sense of worry about the unknown. I just wanted a perfect, flawless date with my boyfriend.

I walked around to the back of Jimmy's house and straight for his lab. When I got to the welcome mat, rather than the floor coming out from under my feet and dropping me into his lab as was usually the norm, the door opened. I cautiously walked inside. I didn't even have to knock, so it was obvious that Jimmy saw me outside.

"Jimmy?" I said timidly as I scanned the lab looking for him.

Several moments later, I found him. He was opening up a pizza box, taking two pieces out, and putting them on two separate plates. My mouth began to water as I saw him take out a piece of vegetable pizza – my favorite!

That wasn't all I noticed. He had on a tight black shirt and a pair of relaxed jeans. His hair was slicked back into a casual hairstyle. Gone was his usual hairstyle, at least for tonight. Hunk muffin was no longer an accurate way to describe the way he looked at that moment. He was strikingly perfect.

Jimmy looked up from what he was doing. Upon seeing my appearance his jaw dropped.

"C-Cindy…" He said quietly, as he slowly advanced towards me.


She was wearing the outfit. Not just any outfit, but THE outfit. Nothing else showed off Cindy's figure better than her tight-fitting flight suit. Her hair was down and perfectly straight. Her curves intoxicated my senses. The necklace I gave her was around her neck. She was beyond perfect…she was irresistibly gorgeous. The kind of girl so many boys around my age dream about. Never in a million years did I ever think Cindy possessed this kind of beauty. Betty Quinlan was now nothing more than a distant memory. Cindy Vortex is more of a woman than Betty will ever be.

I made my way towards her slowly, taking everything in. I had no idea what to say or what to do.

"Cindy…you look…..wow." I whispered quietly with what I could tell was one of the most embarrassing grins I probably ever had on my face.

"Hunk muffin…" Cindy swooned. Her commentary about my appearance made my face turn a deep red. No one has called me a hunk before. I never thought of myself as one, anyway. That kind of a title was usually reserved for Nick – not me.

It took us several minutes to get out of our daydream-like states, but the aroma of our pizza quickly brought us back down to Earth. Cindy, from what I could tell, appeared to be just as hungry as I was.

"I ordered us a pizza. I hope you like what I chose." I said as we sat down to eat.

"I do. Very much." She said, picking up her slice.

We spent the next fifteen minutes eating our meal in silence. Cindy only ate one piece which worried me somewhat. As much as I love her figure, I want to make sure she is getting enough food. She, on the other hand, reassured me that she was fine and that one piece was more than enough.

I cleaned up our trash and put the remaining pieces of pizza into a container to eat for later. After that, I put the movie into the DVD player and turned on my large-screen TV. Pressing the play button on my remote, I made my way back over to the couch to make myself comfortable. I sat next to Cindy and put my arm around her attractive, slender figure, pulling her close to me. She looked into my eyes nervously. I pressed my forehead against hers and thumbed her cheek.

"Are you okay?" I asked, concerned.

"Y-yeah. It's been awhile since we've been alone and I guess I'm a little nervous."

I smiled and brushed my lips against hers. "Cindy, you have nothing to be nervous about. I picked out a great movie I think you'll really like. I'm having a great time with you."

Cindy smiled and began to relax a little. Several minutes into the film, I felt her head lying against my shoulder with one of her hands pressed gently against my chest. I curiously traced Cindy's curves on the left side of her body. She began to relax more, reacting positively to my tender touch.

Halfway into the film, I became rather bored. The adventure I had with Cindy and the rest of my friends on Yolkus when we rescued our parents was much more exciting than the events that were taking place in this movie. While it did have its moments when it could be interesting, it wasn't nearly as interesting as my adventures were. Cindy started to yawn, raising her head from my shoulder to stretch her arms.

After Cindy stretched, she looked into my eyes again, and I looked back into hers. The only light in the room was that of the movie in the background. That was enough to make her flight suit glow, just as it did when we were on Mars a few short months ago. Hesitantly, I began to feel her curves starting around her sides and ending at her hips. I was respectful of her boundaries and made sure that where I was touching was not inappropriate. As a gentleman, I respected Cindy a great deal and truly appreciated her beauty.

After several minutes of timorous exploration, I wrapped Cindy into a warm embrace and held her for a long time. I tangled my fingertips into her long blonde hair, taking in her fragrant apple scent.

"Jimmy, you are so romantic…" She whispered, lying her head against my shoulder once more with a faint smile on her lips.

"You're amazing, Cindy. I've never felt this way about anyone before. You're the missing piece of the puzzle. Not Betty Quinlan. I'm sorry for all of the times I made you jealous. You complete me and make me feel whole."

The words that came out of my mouth at that moment amazed me. To imagine an eleven-year-old boy genius saying these things to a girl I used to loathe, yet we had been through so much together.

"You mean that?" She asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Cindy, on the outside we may be preteens, but on the inside, both of us have matured a great deal. We've been through a lot together – more than most kids our age will ever experience in their lifetimes. I really care about you. A lot. I can't imagine what my life would even be like if you weren't in it."

Suddenly, as if on-cue, I felt my eyes begin to close. We hadn't engaged much in the way of kissing on this particular date, but there was something about everything I said to her that made me feel empowered to kiss her - a simple display of affection to show her how appreciated and loved she really is.

My lips began to hover over hers, just seconds away from contact, when the most unthinkable, unfortunate event happened. I heard voices coming from my view-screen. Voices I did not want to hear. Not now!

"Hey, Jimmy!" screeched Sheen with a bewildered and confused Carl standing next to him. The UltraLord convention was canceled so we decided to hang with you instead. Let us in!"

Cindy gasped in panic, jumping off the couch and out of my arms.

"Neutron, what are they doing here? You said no one would be here!"

I cringed at Cindy's use of my surname. "I know, Cindy, I know. That UltraLord Convention was supposed to keep them away all weekend. I have no idea what happened."

"Please tell them to leave! If they see me with you, we're dead. They'll go tell their friends who will tell their friends and then my mom will find out and I won't get to see you again!"

Sighing exasperatedly, I made my way towards the front door of the lab. "Cindy, you probably might want to hide someplace if you don't want to be seen. I'll take care of Sheen and Carl."

The tears that were welling up in Cindy's eyes were the last thing I wanted to see. I would have to make it up to her later. I had other problems to tend to at the moment. She quickly ran to find a place to hide while I answered the door.

The second I opened the door, Sheen and Carl sprinted in, nearly knocking me over.

"Hey, Jimmy. Nice outfit." Sheen remarked, eyeing my attire.

"Guys, I'm really busy right now. You'll have to come back another time." I said, silently praying that Cindy was well-hidden.

"Aw, c'mon, Jimmy. There's not another UltraLord episode on for several hours and we're bored. What kinds of awesome new inventions do you have for us to play with?"

"I don't have any new inventions for you to touch, and even if I did, you still wouldn't be allowed to "play" with them."

I moaned. Getting them out of here was going to be difficult.


I could not believe that one moment, I was wrapped up in Jimmy's arms, and the next, I'm hiding from his friends. Sure, they know we had been on at least one date to the park, but they didn't know how serious we were about each other. They didn't know how intimate we had become. And I wasn't about to have them see me in the outfit I was currently wearing - they would know for a fact what was going on. With Sheen and Carl being the blabbermouths they are, my mother would find out about Jimmy and I in no time at all.

Tears silently streamed down my face. This wasn't how our date was supposed to go at all. Everything was so perfect until they showed up – just as I had imagined it would be. Something in the back of my mind was telling me that the confession was coming. I just didn't know when.

I wanted to be back in Jimmy's protective embrace again. I hated being alone in this dark closet.

About twenty minutes later, I heard Jimmy knock. I hadn't told him where I was hiding so it was obvious he was probably searching everywhere for me. I opened the door and let Jimmy in. He quickly shut the door behind him.

"Cindy, Carl and Sheen are still here. I've tried everything known to man to get rid of them, but they won't leave. I'll have to sneak you out the back way up through my chute. I'm so sorry our date has to end so abruptly. I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow when we go swimming. Please don't be mad at me."

Before I even had time to react, Jimmy encircled his arms around my waist and thumbed the few remaining tears on my face, then leaned in and started kissing me deeply. I wrapped my arms around him and melted into the kiss. His tongue softly brushed against mine briefly before we pulled away.

"I didn't get to kiss you as much as I wanted tonight, so I hope this will suffice until I see you again tomorrow."

"It does." I murmured quietly, looking into his eyes. "I just want to ask one thing more of you before I leave."

"What is it?" He replied softly.

"Can you hold me again, just for a few more minutes, like you did when we were on the couch earlier?"

Jimmy nervously looked at his watch. "Carl and Sheen are going to wonder where I am soon…but I can postpone dealing with them for a few minutes more. I'll do anything to make you happy."

Beaming, Jimmy pulled me back into his arms. I gently rubbed his back while I leaned my head against his shoulder. Jimmy massaged my back, ran his fingers through my hair, and softly pecked my lips one last time.

With the few remaining minutes we had left, Jimmy snuck me out of the closet and had me stand where the chute would suck me up. Jimmy regretted doing this because he knew the ride out was often bumpy and I often landed on my behind whenever I used to get thrown out of his lab.

"I hate doing this to you, Cindy. I hope this doesn't hurt too much." He said, pressing a button. A capsule appeared and closed itself around me. We waved goodbye to each other as the capsule made its way up and out of the lab. I ended up outside where I landed on my behind, but luckily, it didn't hurt very much.

Looking at my watch, I realized it was only about 7:00. My mother wouldn't be home for at least another two hours. While I was disappointed that our movie date had to end so suddenly, at least we would have our swimming date tomorrow. As I was making my way back to Libby's house to change back into my regular clothes, Jimmy sent me a text message letting me know that he couldn't wait to see me tomorrow and apologized again for tonight. I smiled, knowing that Jimmy really did care. It wasn't his fault that his friends showed up unannounced. Neither one of us could have possibly foreseen the UltraLord convention being canceled so there was no way either of us could have known.

There was no use denying how I felt for Jimmy. He's not the only one whose world would be turned upside down if I wasn't in his life. My world wouldn't be the same without him either. I needed him as much as he needed me. All I need to hear from him now is three simple words. I want Jimmy Neutron to tell me he loves me. Why else would he tell me that I complete him and make his life whole? There wouldn't be any other reason for him to say that to me. Jimmy has to love me. He just has to!