Melinda G. Light


DISCLAIMER: The characters are owned by WB and Shoot the Moon Productions. How I wished I owned them.

Author note: This is an alternate ending to the episode called "Sour Grapes". What if Amanda's mother did not come back down for about an hour or so? Parts of this are from the episode itself.

Time Frame: Ending of the episode called "Sour Grapes".

Comments: Yes. Yes. Yes. Please.


Outside Amanda's house, the block party was going strong. Amanda was busy putting up the checkerboard when there was a knock on the window. There was a guy standing there with a mask on waving for her to come outside.

Amanda says while going to the door, "Ok, Buck. You win." When she opens the door, she discovers it was Lee wearing the mask.

Lee says laughingly, while pulling the mask up, "Hi."

Amanda laughs and says, "What did you do? Go to that crazy party? Come on in." She pulls him inside while checking to see if her mother was upstairs.

Lee answers, "It was the only way I could get through. This place was surrounded by crazy people. I've been to calmer parties during the Chinese New Years in Hong Kong. I borrowed this mask from some guy bobbing for apples in a hot tub."

Amanda then comments, " Oh, you see that would be Buck."

"Buck? Oh, Buck. Well the reason why I came over was I dropped in to see Penny. She is doing fine. She's going back to school, and she asked me to give you something personally. She made me promise." While Lee says all this, he steps closer to Amanda. He notices Amanda was smiling, and slowly leans down to kiss her.

Amanda reaches up, places her hands on his shoulders, and lets her eyes close.

Lee brushes her lips softly with his and starts to pull away, but Amanda pulls him back by putting her hand at the back of his neck. Then they started kissing each other very passionately.

Lee thinks to himself,"She tastes better than the wine we had with this past case."

Amanda pulls away, says with a breathless voice, "Well, you can definitely tell Penny you kept your promise." She smiles up at him.

Lee looks down into her eyes, and thinks, "Well, I haven't kept my promise to myself, but one day I will. One day you will be mine, Amanda King." He bends down to kiss her again.

"One of these days, I promise it will happen between us. This was just a beginning." Amanda thinks this as she slowly pulls away and reaches her hand up to remove the lipstick on Lee's lips. She whispers to Lee, "I'll see you in the morning. Mother is upstairs and will be coming down any minute." She walks Lee to the door.

Answering her as he goes through the door, "Oh, okay, I'll see you in the morning." Outside, Lee starts to smile on his way to the car, and says aloud,"Keeping promises can sometimes be fun." He drives away smiling very big while he thinks of the promises he plans on keeping.