The ghost of a woman drifted through the air unseen by all eyes, even those of demons. Her heavy heart held her spirit to this world even in death. She only hoped now to catch another glimpse of her love ... her true love ...

He stood in a meadow below her, facing into the wind, unusually relaxed. He had dropped his guard, as he sensed no danger for the moment. She watched him, with her ghost-eyes, soaking up the sight.

Watching was all she could do now.

She had been so very happy with him, once. When she was still alive. He had been aloof, untrusting, averse to love; and she had never allowed herself to feel. She knew such emotions would destroy her, would ultimately render her weak to those who sought the Shikon no Tama. And yet, when she met him ... she began to dream of being free. To live, and to love – to be free of her curse.

She at last succeeded in touching his dog-demon heart. And he had finally returned her love, in his own way. He had needed no words, she could read his eyes well enough by then. All was well –

– until the day Naraku killed her.

Rage swept through her, for her anger had been strong enough to survive even death. That bastard! He had caused all this; he was the reason she was separated from the man she loved. Everything was his fault. And it was all because of his greed and lust for that accursed Jewel.

Naraku had paid, of course. At long last he was dead. The Shikon no Tama was destroyed as well, but even that could not bring her back.

And the man she loved had replaced her.

The girl was sitting in the same meadow, her long black hair dancing in the wind. Because she was only human, the demon had allowed himself to drop his guard. That was something he would never have done around her.

Jealousy was a feeling unfamiliar to the dead woman, but she felt it powerfully now. She had merely touched the demon's heart; this girl had captured it. No – she was no longer a girl. She was a woman now. And she had taught the man to know love – true love. Not simply the distant affection that she herself had earned from him.

This human girl, with all her innocent beauty, was to the man what she could never have been.

As she watched, the girl rose to her feet and approached the meditating dog-demon. She looked up at him with a bright smile on her face, and spoke.

"Look at the sunset, Sesshoumaru-sama! It is beautiful, ne?"

The ghost of the dead woman turned away, unable to watch as he replied ... and embraced the girl.

He has certainly changed. I never expected him to show emotion so openly.

All she had ever really desired was freedom, and now she had it. The ultimate freedom that death brings. And because of that, she could never have a second chance with him. She had no right to envy the human.

If it had been possible, a tear would have rolled down her face, as she allowed herself to be carried away by the wind she had once controlled.