Beneath the Same Stars


"Bye Father! Bye Kee-rah!"

A nod, a smile, a wave.

Three people climbed into the scheduled transport shuttle, and with a rattling of dusty metal, it flew off into the sky.


Rubber on hard soil. The faint artificial beeps of the Haros.

"Your turn!"

Skip, skip, skip.

"Baby in the high chair, who put her up there…"

Young voices chanted a childish song; small feet pattered quickly on the hot ground, and then disappeared behind a wall of the building.

"Your turn!"

A round, soft thing rolled into his grasp, and he held it there. For a while.

Kira Yamato bent over for a short moment, in between passing a bright-red rubber ball to a five-year old child by the name of Joshua, and bidding goodbye to Tina and her new foster parents. His violet eyes travelled the skyline of light, sunny blue that crowned the vast array of greying white clouds over the sea.

Lacus would be home soon, from her meetings and greetings. With her pretty smile and white skin, her small fine teeth and pink cotton-candy hair, she would come to him once more, to watch with a giggle, as he ran after the orphans, and to sing to Kira as he slept, when the moon reached the midnight skies.

It had been a week since she had left; a week of living alone on the island, that is, aside from Father Markio and the children. The Haros were, as always, wreaking havoc on whatever was left unguarded by their mistress, and that included Kira. The young orphans were happy and healthy as long as everyone was concerned, and the father would just watch all the activity with a contented smile on his odd features.

"Kee-rah! Pass the ball already!" Joshua, impatient by this time, and annoyed by the fact that Kira was ignoring him, glared at the older man, irritated.

"Oh, sorry." Kira promptly rolled the red ball over to the child again, distracted. It rolled carelessly off to the side when he slapped it, bumping off a wall.

"Hey! It's getting away!" Joshua got up from his cross-legged position on the ground, struggling a bit, to chase the runaway toy, leaving Kira kneeling there, staring off into space.

The man's violet eyes met with the vast blue canvas.

The red in the sky reminded him of her hair…

But there was no red in the sky.

A few yards away stood a cluster of tall coconut trees, green leaves swaying slightly in the sea wind. Under them, sheltered in the blue-greyish shade, stood two people. One was tall, with pale skin and smallish bright eyes. The other was a lanky, thin girl, whose dark locks were tossing into her face with the weak breeze.

"Father, Mister Kira sure is acting weird today." Said a high-pitched voice, belonging to the young orphan. The girl's eyes travelled up to those of Markio's, landing briefly on those blind, unfocused eyes of his.

The man merely nodded. "Don't worry," he reassured her, "He'll be back to his old self once Miss Lacus returns. He misses her, which is all."

"Ah," Replied the girl, her penetrating gaze shifting to the kneeling figure of the young man, who was once again staring into the depths of the mysterious beyond.

"But it seems he misses someone else…"

Markio turned in her direction, slightly, his expression reflecting curiosity. "Pardon?"

But the girl just shook her head and grinned at him, her pearly white teeth gleaming in the noonday sun. "Nothing, father. Forget it."

And she skipped off towards her playmates again, to join them in their festive game of jump rope.

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