Beneath the Same Stars


They were crowded around the old television set again—the one that Lenny the mechanic had found lying behind the shed at the back and had brought back to life with a bit of tweaking. The ancient satellite dish let in fuzzy images, but when Kira helped out, it all became clearer.

Briony, the oldest of the orphans, was tiptoeing her way through them all, carrying a tray of small white cups with orange juice in them.

Below her thin legs, a small war of position was being waged between the younger children.

"Hey, your arm's in my face!"

"Not my fault, Paula pushed me!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did t—"

"Joshua, I can't see…"

"She's not on TV yet, anyway."

"Kee-rah, the picture's getting fuzzy again!"

"Okay, okay…hold on…"

And then he would cut in through the childish commotion; an awkward, tall figure amongst the brown small ones, to reach out and pound on the side of the television set a couple of times.

The picture instantly became clearer.

On screen, the Prime Minister Galen Selidar of the New Republic of Ir stood up. Ir was also a 'neutral' country, much like Orb, and Prime Minister Selidar was often seen making peace treaties and the like with other factions, federations and alliances. The most recent bond that had been established was one with the Clyne faction.

The well-built, middle-aged, moustached man stood up, and the children watched with little interest. Kira helped Briony pass out the juice.

"Friends, brothers, countrymen. When I was a young man, my father told me of his dreams of peace…"

As Kira sat back down on the chair a little way from the children, his mind wandered off a bit. Selidar was a very charismatic and equolent speaker, but the attention of the Freedom's pilot was not caught swiftly, unlike others.

After a few impatient minutes of wiggling and fidgeting in the summer heat, the children finally caught a glimpse of their second mother, smiling beside the rest of the old men.

"…and now, may I present to you, Miss Lacus Clyne, of the Clyne Faction."

Applause, but Kira's mind was still far away. The children were ecstatic; excited.

"Lacus is there!"

"Will she talk also?"


"Joshua, your orange juice is spilling…"

Briony bent down to rescue the paper cup from spilling over. Lacus began her speech.

"Dear friends and fellow lovers of peace…"

Maybe it was the lights, or maybe it was the heat that shimmered in the sultry weather that blurred Briony's vision, but when she looked up to see Lacus, her brown eyes widened in surprise.

Kira's head snapped up, his attention finally tugged at. He had noticed it too.

Lacus' skin looked like plastic.

Owari. Part three of three. Weird, ne? and very short, too. I just noticed her skin while watching SEED before. Review:-3