The Sword of Damocles II- Teaser The year was 2283, two years after Babylon 5 had been scraped and, two years after John Sheridan had died mysteriously. The Interstellar Alliance had returned to a state of relative peace. No major wars were waged, no disputes between members world got out of hand, everything was going well......
Until the Vyron returned. Now the Alliance must prepare itself again for war, but this time the Vyron are not alone, they have made a Shadow Alliance with the ISA's greatest enemy and plan to shake it to its very core.
Now as the Galaxy prepares to fight the crew of the EAS Damocles must discover this joining of evil before all is lost forever.

Babylon 5: The Sword of Damocles II
The Darkness Gathers

Part 1
The Darkness Gathers

Admiral G'Kern stood on the bridge of his flagship the G'Daern. The ship had been completed just over a year ago and he had taken command after leaving the ISA's Joint Command Council to rejoin the Narn Fleet. The massive Bin'Tak Dreadnought moved slowly through space, a massive green nebula filling its viewscreens.
"Admiral, the static discharges from the nebula are fouling up our instruments," the scanner operator said.
"There is nothing to fear, we are on one of the mightiest ships in the sector," G'Kern said confident of his ship and crew.
The G'Daern continued its voyage unconcerned when the ship began to buck wildly. G'Kern fell to the deck as the ship began to list violently.
"Report," the Admiral ordered.
"We are under attack, defense grid of line hull breaches on four decks," someone reported from behind him.
"Send out distress signal," G'Kern ordered.
"We're being jammed."
Admiral G'Kern turned back to the ships main viewer to see the massive form of a Vyron Battle Cruiser take shape. "By G'Quan," he whispered and it was all over.
The G'Daern burned with terrible fire as the Vyron fired their super weapon. The massive ship turned away from the carnage it caused and jumped into the vastness of hyperspace.


Captain David Fisher was startled out of a deep sleep by the sound of his link. He picked it up and activated the small communication device. "Fisher, go," he said into it.
"Captain," Commander Alan Cone's voice came out of the speaker, "the NRS G'Daern has officially been declared missing buy the Narn government. She has been missing for over a week and we've been ordered to look for her."
"The G'Daern," Fisher thought out load, "isn't that G'Kern's ship?"
"Yes, sir," Cone told him, "It is."
Fisher remembered the Narn Admiral from the Vyron Crisis a few years back. He seemed competent and certainly didn't deserve to disappear without a trace.
"Set course for their last known position," Fisher ordered. "Let's go find out what happened."

Official Earthforce star charts called this area Nebular Cloud- 46 alpha, many in Earthforce however called this green expanse the Aleutian Fields. The EAS Damocles sailed through the green clouds like an ancient naval warship on a foggy night.
"Anything yet," Fisher asked?
"No sir," Lt. Cordane responded, "The Nebula is interfering with our scans."
"Let's bring our defense grid online," Fisher ordered, "Just to be safe."
Suddenly the sound of light impacts began playing over the hull. "What is that," Cone inquired?
Cordane set to work, "It looks like debris," he answered.
"Debris?," Fisher said puzzled stepping up to look at the data.
"Aye sir," Cordane said, "Debris, lots of it."
"Is it the G'Daern?"
"It's hard to say with all the interference," Cordane told him, "But I would have to say that it is likely."
Fisher paused for a moment shutting his eyes. "Commander, have a piece of that debris brought aboard," he ordered, "Run whatever analysis you need to. I want to know if that is the G'Daern."

"Come in," Fisher said in response to the knock on his office door.
"Captain," Cmdr. Cone said, "We have the results on the debris we brought in. It's definitely Narn warship grade armor."
"So it is the G'Daern," Fisher said.
"It seems that way," Cone told him.
"Any idea what did Cmdr.," Fisher asked?
"Not really sir. But were are very close to Centauri space and there is some indication of energy weapons fire on the debris. Maybe the Centauri had something to do with it."
"Not likely," Fisher said, "Emperor Cotto has been trying to get the Centauri back into the ISA since Sheridan died. I can't see him risking re-admitance to start a new war with the Narn."
"The Centauri have not always been trustworthy Captain," Cone said.
"True, which is why I fear they will be blamed whether they're a part of it or not," Fisher told him. "Let's inform Earthforce, they can talk to the Narn. Hopefully they'll be able to keep things under control till we get back."
"Do you really think there could have been anyone else," Cone asked?
"I don't know Alan," Fisher said quietly, "There just aren't that many ships that can take down a Bin'Tak. The Centauri certainly have the power, but they don't have any real motive. The Centauri have been working too hard to rebuild their reputation, it doesn't make sense for it to be them."
"It could be some rouge element of the Centauri Royal Fleet," Cone suggested.
"Maybe," Fisher thought about it, "but it still doesn't work. The Octurian class are the most powerful ships in the Centauri fleet. They just don't give those ships to anyone, but only to extremely loyal officers. If it were a small fleet intel would have discovered the movement of ships and the G'Daern would have been more alert."
"Who else could it be sir?"
"I don't think I want to know Alan."


"Ambassador please sit down," President Delenn told the representative from the Narn Regime, "I assure you we are doing everything we can to discover the identity of those who destroyed the G'Daern."
"It is not enough," Ambassador Na'Toth told her, "Besides we already know who destroyed that ship."
"You know nothing," Delenn told her the anger rising in her voice, "You only assume, and I will not declare war or sit back while you declare war based on assumptions."
"Are we going to be deceived again," Na'Toth screamed, "The Centauri have never been worthy of our trust, they have been our enemy and yours for many years. We cannot stand back and allow them to destroy our homes."
"Nothing of the sort is going to happen," Delenn told her, "The Centauri are not strong enough to face us alone. Without the Drakh they can not stand against us, so they will not try."
"Your deluding yourself Delenn," Na'Toth said before storming out of the Assembly Chamber.
The rest of the ambassadors began mumbling to themselves as Na'Toth left. Some saying that she was right others believing something else had occurred.
"Personally, I think it was the Drakh," Ambassador Mandella from Earth said, "We haven't heard from them in some time, and this is the exact situation they would try to exploit."
Delenn regarded the dark skinned human, "Explain she said."
"The Drakh want revenge on the Centauri and us. What better way then to manipulate us into a major war."
"No!," the Drazi ambassador said, "Must be Centuari, they not be trusted."
"Enough of this," Delenn said, "We have more important business for the moment then recriminations. We will examine the evidence when it is presented to us and then decide on a course of action." In her eyes the gathered ambassadors saw there could be no argument.
"Very well," the Drazi said.
"Good," Delenn said, "then let us look at the Brakiri request for more Whitestar protection...."


Susan Ivanova hadn't been to Earth since she resigned from Earthforce. Now she was the head of the Rangers, Ranger One, Entil'Zha and she stood just outside the main offices of Earthforce. She walked into the massive structure housing the military leaders of the Earth Alliance and walked to the receptionist. "I'm here to she General Raindeck," she said.
The receptionist allowed her to pass and Ivanova began walking down the halls of Earthforce headquarters, or EFHQ as she had often called it. Ivanova passed by familiar sites and faces and was suprised by how little the place had changed in the last two years. She said hello to those people she recognized but did not stop as she approached Raindeck's office. THis is not going to be fun she thought.
She walked into the office to see Raindeck sitting at his desk. He had not changed at all, he was still a balding overweight old man with an undeniable presence and an air of confidence that could not be ignored.
"General Raindeck," Ivanova said, "I have come to speak to you."
"Ivanova," Raindeck said looking up from his work, "Well it has been a long time hasn't? What is it that you want?"
"Your blocking my Rangers in the investigation of the destruction of the G'Daern. You will stop that now."
"Do you really think you can come in here and presume to give orders to me," Raindeck said, "You are not my superior, beside that Earthforce is running its own investigation, your people would just get in the way."
"It is the Rangers responsibility to investigate this sort of action to ensure no threat is forthcoming, "Ivanova said, her voice beginning to raise, "So ,either you turn over the investigation to me or I will go above your head and it will happen anyway."
"Then that is just what you're going to have to do," Raindeck told her.
"Fine, I thought we could do this the easy way, without hard feelings, but you force my hand. Good day General."
"So long, Entil'Zha."

"That rat bastard," Ivanova said as she left EFHQ. She can't believe she let him manipulate her into losing her temper. Why was he trying to block this investigation? What did he hope to gain? Surely he didn't want a war against the Centauri, but that is what could happen. She continued to walk until she arrived at her shuttle. "Take me back up to the Victory," she said.
As her shuttle left the planet she wondered again just what was happening here?


"We've just received word from the president's office Captain," Cone's voice came over the link, "We are to withdraw from this investigation and turn it over to the Rangers."
"Very well Cmdr.," Fisher said, "as soon as the Rangers get here lock in beacon 1473 and take us to the Orion transfer point."
"Aye Captain," Cone said and closed the link.
The Damocles had been in region for nearly two weeks gathering samples from the wrecked ship. They were able to confirm only yesterday that it was in fact the G'Daern. The Damocles had moved out of the nebula and away from the sensor interruption it caused. Using shuttles and thunderbolts they had brought enough of the ship aboard to determine that it had been destroyed by a military attack.
The question remained however, who did this?
Fisher put his blue jacket back on and began to walk for the door of his quarters. He stopped short of the door, he had a fragment of a thought enter his mind, though he couldn't quite grasp it. Deciding it was nothing Fisher left his quarters and returned to his bridge.
"Status?," Fisher asked as he stepped on to the bridge."
"All systems ready sir," Cone reported, "All materials prepared to be transferred to the Rangers upon arrival."
"Very good," Fisher said, "ETA on the Ranger ship."
"They should be arriving at any moment, sir."
Just as Cone had completed speaking a massive jump point formed just ahead of the Damocles. Fisher looked out at the massive ship approached them. It was one of the new Victory Class Destroyers that the ISA had built in the last few years. The huge bulk of the ship hurled itself from hyperspace with impressive grace for a ship of its size.
"EAS Damocles this is the ISAS Victory, prepare to transfer all materials from the G'Daern over to us immediately," a strong female voice demanded from over the ships speakers.
"Victory this is the Damocles," Fisher replied, "all materials are ready for transfer, will begin to ferry them over as soon as your ready."
"We're ready now Damocles."
"Very well," Fisher said, "shuttles launching. "By the way nice to talk to you again Ivanova."
"Thank you Captain Fisher," Susan Ivanova said, "Victory out."
"What was that all about," Cordane asked?
"I would imagine Earthforce gave her a hard time in taking over the investigation," Fisher said.
Cone didn't respond to that as the first shuttles began to leave the Damocles' hangers.
"It will take about an hour to transfer all the materials over to the Victory," Cone told him.
"Let's get it done as soon as possible Cmdr. I don't want to stay here any longer than I have to."


The bridge of the ISAS Victory was wide, spacious and functional. This ship was the first of the new generation of Victory class ships to have been built since their shipyards where destroyed by the Drakh in 2267. The Victory was was begun four years previous in 2279 and corrected many of the originals design flaws. The first two ships of this class were built in 2266 one was the Excaliber the other was the namesake of this ship, the Victory. That Victory had been destroyed during the failed attempt by the Drakh to invade Earth. The Excaliber had survived and still served proudly with the ISA fleet.
The new Victory's were even more powerful then the originals. They boasted increased power to their quantum discharge guns and, fusion neutron cannons giving the ship nearly twice the power of the prototypes. They also had increased overall power meaning they could fire their super quantum discharge weapon once but still had power for either weapons or maneuvering unlike the original design which could do neither.
"Ma'am we have completed bringing the wreckage and materials over from the Damocles," a Ranger named Benjamin Goldstein said. He was the Captain of the Victory and on of the finest Rangers in the Alliance.
"Very good, Captain," Susan Ivanova said, "I'll leave the investigation in your capable hands. Have my transport prepared I'm heading back to Minbar."
"Of course, Entil'Zha," Goldstein said bowing slightly.
Ivanova headed down towards the hangers and her personal Hel'Zha fighter. The ships lines were sleek and remenisant of a Whitestar. Only a handful were ever built given the cost and this one had been modified to Ivanova's personal tastes. Mostly that meant that it was faster tougher and stronger than any other ship in its class. She climbed aboard the small craft and activated its drive system. She noticed a insignificant whine from her engines that told her the grav drive was slightly out of alignment. Heads will roll she though as she speed from the Victory and out into space.
"Captain," Ivanova said signaling the Victory, "let me know the minute you find anything."
"Of course," Goldstein replied.
"Good luck," Ivanova said as she activated the jump gate and entered hyperspace.