Randy Orton and Trish Stratus have been dating for over a year and a half now.

Christmas Eve

Randy thought it was time to make Trish his bride so he went out to go buy Trish an engagement ring to give to her tomorrow on Christmas Day.

Randy went to the perfect place to pick out the perfect ring. When Randy was paying for the ring Dave Batista came in.

"What are you doing here?" asked Dave as he walked closer to Randy. "I'm here buying a ring for Trish." replied Randy as he signed the credit card receipt. "What are you doing here?" asked Randy as he looked at Dave curiously. "I'm here to get the necklace that my wife wanted so badly." replied Dave as he pointed at the necklace. "Well I'll see you later Dave." said Randy as he walked towards the door and opened it. "Yeah I'll see you in a couple of days." replied Dave as he was paying for the gift for his wife.

Trish was out buying last minute things with Amy for Matt and Randy. Amy and Trish were looking around when Trish remembered that her doctor was going to call her so she told Amy about it and Amy told her to call her doctor to see if she called. Trish called her doctor to see if she had called her place, when Trish found out that the doctor didn't she felt a sigh of relief. Trish talked to her doctor for about another minute before she hung up. Trish went back to where Amy was and continued shopping. Trish was now doing alot of thinking about everything her and Randy, Christmas and now this. When the girls were done shopping they paid for their stuff and left.

Later That Night

Randy and Trish sat watching a movie together after they spent an hour apart in a different room so they could fiish wrapping their gifts. Trish couldn't really concentrate on the movie, all she could think about was the phone call with her doctor today. After about two hours Randy and Trish went to bed and fell asleep because tomorrow was going to be a very long day.

Christmas Day

Randy and Trish both got up and went into the living room to turn on the Christmas lights on the tree and put on a Christmas CD. Trish went to the washroom to clean up when Randy came in to get her. After Trish was done in the bathroom she walked out with Randy back to the living room where they were going to open their gifts. Randy and Trish handed each other gifts one at a time until there was no more gifts under the tree. After they were done opening their gifts that were under the tree, Trish noticed that there was one more gift this one was in the tree. Randy walked over to the tree and grabbed it and handed it to Trish so she could open it. When Trish opened it she noticed it was a little velvet box. Randy took the box out of Trish's hand and opened it.

Randy then got down on one knee and asked "Trish, Will you marry me?"

Trish told Randy that she would marry him. Trish then told Randy to sit down because she had something to tell him. Randy looked at Trish with a confused look on his face. "Randy I want to tell you something, I love all these gifts you bought, I love this Christmas more then any other but most of all I love you." said Trish as she kissed him. "Randy I'm pregnant." said Trish as she looked at Randy who was now in shock. "Pregnant? Wow, all these gifts are great but this, this is the greatest gift of all." said Randy as he hugged and kissed Trish.