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Love Experiment I: Space Encounter Original Fanfiction of X-Sprinter and the BlueFrame Fanfiction Writing Group

Full Summary: Syaoran and Sakura have been chosen to be stuck in space for 7 earth days. What can happen in those 7 days that have been given to them? But here's the catch; they don't know each other

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Day 2

Chapter Recap

"Woah, hey there… I was looking for you" Van said smiling at her.

Sakura looked at him and smiled back 'But how about Van, he's gorgeous and all… argh'

'I'll make you mine Sakura' Syaoran and Van thought at the same time


"So what do you need Colonel?" Sakura asked with a smile.

"Umm… are you and Li an item" Van blushed a little at the question.

Sakura stood in shock and turned red, "NO!"

"You don't need to hide it… You and him just kissed in the engine room… sorry… but I kinda saw it from the surveillance cameras"

"No, really we're not… I was shocked as well, sure he's a swell guy and a cute one… but like him like him? I don't know…" Sakura said and hung her head low.

"Does that mean I still have a chance?" Van asked with a smile

"Wha?" Sakura asked and just found herself kissing the man infront of her.

She again returned his kiss… and after about minutes they broke apart.

"Please think about it" Van said as he floated away accompanied by a wave.

Sakura waved back and nodded as a sign of agreement.

Syaoran then announced… "We are approaching Artemis Dome, Mars"

As they landed at the dome, it was deserted of course. It was made in the mid 90s by the Harmony team and was developed by the Providence team. Now their mission is to stay there for about 4 days. Their trip sure is fast, as the new engine NASA made for the shuttle was bound to get them less than a day to Mars.

"Wow, this place is…" Van said but Sakura finished the sentence.


Inside the dome, there was a small house that would look like on top of a hill. Trees at the back and a stream with a small waterfalls at the side. It was like paradise as flowers bloomed everywhere.

Oxygen was produced as well and so does some animals.

"How does this animals live here?" Syaoran asked as he patted a deer… take note… a DEER.

"Well, the Harmony team developed some machine that feeds this animals… I haven't seen it so all of us have a lot in common." Sakura smiled.

"Have you ever been in here?" Syaoran asked.

"Nope… the Providence team worked on the outside of the dome… take note, Commander said I have experience in 'Mars' not in the dome" Sakura said in a as-a-matter-of-factly tone.

Syaoran grumbled and proceeded to walk on the bridge and to the cottage.

"What are you guys supposed to do here anyways?" Van asked.

"We need to make a research if living here is effective… Let's just say we are the Guinea Pigs" Sakura stated.

"Oh… well you don't seem a pig to me, you seem more like a swan" Van flirted again

"Well you seem like an ass to me" Syaoran snorted.

"What did you say Lieutenant" Van inquired sternly.

"Nothing Colonel" Syaoran glared at his superior.

"Even if I am from a Russian Satellite, I am employed by the US government" Van coldly stated.

They had a glare battle which lasted about 10 minutes, Sakura was just sitting on a bench waiting for them to give up… but it seems that they are far from giving up so she decided to break the competition.

"Okay people… break it up… Syaor… err… Lieutenant Li, I want you to make your report about the engine performance…"

"Yes Ma'am" Syaoran uttered not breaking his gaze from Van then saluted Sakura and walked inside the cottage.

"You Colonel, can do anything you want… You're not part of the mission… I have to make my reports as well… I'll see you around" Sakura saluted and turned to head inside the cottage but was prevented by Van as he grabbed her arm and said…

"Wait… why don't we chat for a while" Van smiled.

"I'll just finish my report, and maybe we can later" Sakura smiled back and headed inside.

Van raked his right hand over his hair and placed it inside his pocket and started to wander around the small paradise.

Sakura entered the cottage and found Syaoran sitting on the couch typing on his laptop. Syaoran then looked up at her and greeted…


"Hi" Sakura replied.

"Mind if I join you?" Sakura asked.

"Don't ask me… ask Colonel if he minds" Syaoran snorted.

"Come on…" Sakura pouted.

"Well he did kiss you after I did… seems that you two are already a couple" Syaoran returned to his report.

"Nope… I never did accept his offer… someone offered me first" Sakura smiled at him

"Who asked you?" Syaoran asked feigning ignorance.

"Someone I know… but then again… he is a total stranger to me, I mean come on… I just met him yesterday" Sakura turned to face her laptop.

Syaoran who looked at her closed his laptop and sat closer to Sakura and said, "Maybe we can get to know each other then"

"What for?" Van asked as he entered the cottage

Sakura who was sitting very close to Syaoran stumbled to the floor and stood. Syaoran glared at the man who entered.

"Lieutenant, may I have a word with you" Van asked sternly glaring at Syaoran as well.

Syaoran without hesitation followed Van to the kitchen.

"Back off" Van said as Sakura was out of earshot range.

"I beg your pardon?" Syaoran asked unsure of what he meant.

"I said back off… we both know that we like Sakura more than a friend… so I'm telling you to back off because I'm going to get her… and I don't want anyone especially you blocking my way" Van said still his back facing Syaoran.

"I'm sorry sir, I believe I can't do that… we can both see as well that Major Kinomoto has no interest in you Colonel and longs for me" Syaoran smirked.

"That's why I'm ordering you to back off… I'm not telling you, I'm ORDERING you" Van snapped.

Syaoran stayed silent.

"I take that as a an agreement…" Van then walked out of the kitchen but not before passing Syaoran and whispering to him 'back off'

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