Scyler fidgeted impatiently. Why do meetings have to take so long? He grumbled. All they ever talk about is how much food is stored up for winter and predators in the area.

Nevertheless he pricked up his ears when they moved on to the subject of the next pilgrimage. Scyler was nearly full grown now and more than ready to become a warrior. "I can't wait to sharpen my hooves and horn to protect these hills!" Exclaimed a young colt softly beside him.

Scyler didn't hear him and wouldn't have listened anyway. For some strange reason Scyler felt no affinity with the other unicorns of the hills.

He thought that the rules of the Ring were stifling and would much rather spend his time running across the open plains with the Renegades.

He looked up to the crescent moon that was slowly sailing across the sky. It's silver rays shone on his pure white coat, making his peculiar mane and tail glitter like fire. Some believed that because of his great-great-grandsire, Aljan Firebringer's use of fire he had inherited some of the element's beauty in his tail. When he ran it looked like a flame following his every step.

Another thing he had inherited from his ancestor was his bloodline. He was the firstborn son of the prince of the unicorns. And inevitably he one day would become prince. A very unwanted position in his opinion. When he became prince there wouldn't be any wild adventures for him. Even now he was closely watched.

Why couldn't he have any amazing adventures like his long ago ancestor?

Unbeknownst to the unicorns a pair of golden eyes watched from a distance. Narrowed threateningly the led their owner's way through the dark easily back to his pack.

It was almost time.