Title: Siren Song

Author: Anaphalis

Foreword: I'm intrigued by the Four Souls of the Shikon no Tama and have several questions that I wonder about. What are their thoughts? How exactly is it that they manage to corrupt so many people? This one shot may not be the answer but in my mind, the most effective sales pitch has some degree of self-interest hidden within…

Summary: The Four Souls know what they want. Dark One Shot.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Shounen Sunday.

Siren Song

End this.

Our bones, frozen in stone, still ache. We feel every minute in here- forever suspended in the agony of not-death.

We taste your hate.

Oh, you all hate. Not just our former kin, not just those who embrace their darkest needs.

You pretend that you don't, but we can feel your poisoned bitterness touching us, bleeding our anger into our prison walls.

You guardians, you hypocrites can only purify the walls, purify our lashes of rage. You can never touch our prison floors, steeped in blood and rotting flesh.

We used to like blood and rotting flesh.

We used to have blood and flesh.

Your endless slaughtered bodies bathing our shelter have no more meaning to us now than the dying light of a sun we no longer see.

We know you can hear us. In those thoughts that only come in the dark, in the shadows of your heart you hear our- 'your' desires.

Listen to them.

Hold us like a child, a dream, a long-forgotten memory.

We can give you the world.

Don't mind the taste of ash.

We no longer do.



We no longer care.

End this.

-The End-

Updated 03-05-05