Greetings! This fanfic is based on the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon characters by Naoko Takeuchi. There is Shoujo-ai in this fic, so homophobics, you have been warned.

There isn't a specific timeline for this, just pay attention to the headings. Oh, and 'Present Day Tokyo' would be the time after Episode 200 of the anime. This fanfic is more based on the anime than on the manga. My story wouldn't be possible if I were to base it on the manga.

This is my second Sailor Moon fanfic, but this is the first that I have posted. I haven't found the time to finish the first one. This is my second attempt at Shoujo-ai, my first one being a Vandread fanfic which is also archived here.

Finally, this fanfic is dedicated to a quintet of girls who spent hours upon hours of their precious time just to convince me of something that I wasn't ready to accept. You five know who you are. In the end, I LOST THE DEBATE (There, I admit it, alright?). As a result of my defeat, those five lovely ladies tasked me to write a Rei/Usagi love story, with a splash of Makoto/Ami on the side. Ladies, here's the fanfic that you wanted me to write. I tried my best, I tell you. I just hope that I did OK.

Please read the author's notes part before you bomb me in the e-mail. Rated PG-13 for some cursing. Rating may change later on, or I'll probably just put a big warning if some part of a later chapter turns out to be a little too 'mature' for some people. :)

Thank you!