A Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Fanfic:
"A Promise of Forever"
by: s16thunderjet


Present Day Tokyo,
Tokyo International Airport

"Japan Airlines flight no. JL505 bound for Paris, France is now boarding at Terminal 1, Gate 15. Please present your boarding passes as you enter the gate. I repeat: Japan Airlines flight no. JL505..."

Minako stretched her arms above her head as she stared at the small screen in front of her, the blonde willing the flight from London to either speed up or land already.

Kato-sensei had informed her that the plane would be arriving at approximately eight-thirty in the morning, forcing her to wake up extra early so she would not be late.

Ami was supposed to welcome their guests with her; but the blue haired genius had a more important engagement, one that included spending the entire weekend with Makoto at some far away hot springs resort.

I can't believe Ami-chan dumped all of this on me. She's supposed to be the responsible one! Minako grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest as she leaned back on her chair.

I can't really blame her, though. Given the chance, I'd probably do the same thing.

The image of her Onee-sama appeared before her eyes yet again; long, chestnut colored hair flowing past her waist; deep, dark eyes staring at her as though they were seeing into her soul.

Despite knowing that their would-be relationship was already a thing of the past, a soft sigh managed to escape the blonde's lips, one that spoke volumes about her still present feelings for the older woman.

"No sense dwelling on spilt milk, Minako. You'll just get wet and sticky." she chided herself with her usual proverb malpropism.

Looking around the somewhat crowded airport, the Goddess of Beauty allowed herself a small smile as people walked past each other in a rush to get to their respective destinations.

Some bubbled with excitement as they embarked on a journey that would lead them to other worlds and allow them to see different places, have wonderful opportunities and meet new people.

Some marveled at the beauty of the Land of the Rising Sun and the unique experiences it presented while some cherished the fact they have finally returned to their homeland.

Each treaded their distinct paths, yet they all had one thing in common. Wherever fate might lead them, they all had beautiful futures to look forward to.

She thought of Ami and Makoto and how the two of them have finally been given the chance to explore their new found relationship. A bit of fumbling was required at times, but they have managed to work things out.

Amidst the multitude of propositions from prestigious universities and institutions both locally and abroad, the genius doctor-in-training and world-renowned chef-to-be decided that being together was all that really mattered.

Neither has decided which offer they would take and instead have spent the past months getting to know each other as lovers. That did not stop them from bickering like an old married couple at times though.

Minako could not help but shake her head at that.

Michiru returned to the concert scene once again, this time choosing Europe as her destination. Promoters scrambled to book the young musician knowing that her international appearances were few and far between.

To everyone's surprise and disbelief, Haruka opted not to join her on the other side of the world and chose to remain in Japan to pursue a career as a professional racer on the Asian circuit.

On the day of her departure, the flirtatious blonde promised to be on her best behavior while her aqua haired goddess toured the continent. She then proceeded to kiss Michiru senseless as the other woman prepared to board her aircraft.

An army of screaming fan girls had to be subdued by airport police along with the paparazzi as they grappled with each other to get the best possible photograph.

That was quite the scandal.

At Michiru's first ever European concert, however, a handsome sandy haired blonde carrying thirty-six long-stemmed red roses sat front row and center, causing the aqua haired girl to smile.

Haruka obviously did not last the week.

Oblivious to what she considered as her parents' crazy dating rituals, Hotaru went back to school with a brighter disposition than usual, something that went unnoticed by her peers.

Speculation rose among the student body, ushering in some of the most ingenious gossips ever created. Hotaru paid them all no heed and instead focused all of her energies on a certain crimson eyed Princess.

Even with everything that has happened the past month, the Senshi of Destruction and Rebirth remained steadfast in her belief that they will truly meet again.

Setsuna continuously watched over her surrogate daughter with sad but contented eyes, the dark green haired woman proud of the fact that Hotaru had succeeded in all the trials that had been given her, both in the past and in a future that will now most likely not come to pass.

Admittedly, no one was all that surprised at the final outcome, considering that love has and will always conquer all. They should know that well enough by now.

'Love conquers all', huh? Minako wondered, her mind drifting back to the one person she considered to be her first and only love.

She's probably Chief of the Metropolitan Police Board now... but what if...

Rendered crestfallen by her train of thought, the Senshi of Love shook herself out of her self-imposed stupor, reminding herself that she should not dwell on the past, but instead concentrate on finding the one she is destined to spend her present and future with.

Looking up at the sky through the crystalline glass windows, she ruefully noted that she had already found her one great love. She just happened to have chosen her duty.

I wonder if we'll be given a second chance...

"British Airways flight no. BR381 from London, England has landed. Passengers will now be disembarking at Terminal 2, Gate 16. I repeat, British Airways flight..."

"Finally!" she groaned impatiently as she walked towards the aforementioned gate, silently murmuring her thanks to the heavens.

Checking the small placard that Ami prepared for their guests, she idly wondered why the blue haired genius had written 'Juuban High School' in kanji, katakana and roman letters.

Maybe some of them can read and speak Japanese...

A shadow suddenly loomed over her, forcing Minako to take a step back as her privacy was invaded without her even sensing anything. As she squinted at the person standing in front of her, however, she instantly understood why.

You were the only one who has ever managed to sneak up on me like that...

"Onee... sama?"

Natsuna Sakurada smiled.

"Hello Minako. It's been a long time."

30th Century Crystal Tokyo,
The Palace Gardens

Neo-Queen Serenity giggled softly as more than a dozen pairs of eyes stared at her in anticipation. Ami just shook her head in disbelief while Makoto chuckled out loud at her Queen's antics.

Over a thousand years into her reign as Queen of Crystal Tokyo and the blonde's enthusiasm over the most childlike of things had not diminished in the slightest.

The Palace Gardens had been temporarily converted into a small, park-like clearing where Serenity was currently entertaining a group of kids visiting her abode.

Every week, children from all over the country traveled to the city for a tour around the Crystal Palace; and every week, those trips would be turned into impromptu picnics by the Queen.

Serenity never tired of the visitations, she actually cherished spending time with the children, playing games with them and telling them wonderful stories.

This week, as every other, was no exception.

"What happened next Serenity-mama?"

"Yes! Tell us please?"

That brought about a chorus of requests from the children gathered around her, causing Serenity's smile to widen even further at the various stages of excitement the children found themselves in.

"Yes Serenity-mama. Why don't you tell us what happened next?" Minako teased, earning her an impish smile from Serenity and a resigned look from Natsuna.

"I think you enjoy doing this as much as the Queen does." Natsuna said, glancing at her blonde lover.

"Serenity and I will always be kids no matter what. We both love playing with the children." Minako explained, watching her 'twin' fall all over herself in laughter.

"I'm sorry I'm not able to give you any." Natsuna whispered quietly enough for only Minako to hear.

The blonde Senshi of Venus wrapped her arms gently around Natsuna, catching the former Tokyo Police Special OPS Division Commander turned Director of the Queen's Security and Diplomatic Corps by surprise.

"We've talked about this Natsuna." Minako began, offering her lover a hopeful look.

"When Serenity came to me that night to grant me anything that I wanted, that was the only thing that came to mind." Minako explained, as she had been doing for the last one thousand years.

"You could've asked for a child, y'know? Ami-san and Makoto-san have two. Even Rei-san has one. So..." Natsuna mumbled, turning away to avoid the pleading look the blonde threw at her.

Minako firmly but gently turned her lover to face her again, the blonde smiling encouragingly at the other woman who had been momentarily reduced into a pouting five year old.

"I don't regret making that wish, Natsuna, because without it, I wouldn't have you here, with me..." Minako whispered almost reverently.

"Really?" Natsuna asked in a tiny, almost childlike voice.

"Yes, really." Minako answered, smiling affectionately at her love.

That just about did it for Natsuna, as she pulled the unresisting blonde into a tender kiss that spoke volumes about the love that they had for each other.

"Yo! Love birds! Get a room!" Makoto cried, interrupting what was a very romantic moment for the two.

"Mako-chan's right. We've got kids here." Ami added, covering the eyes of the children nearest her.

Natsuna blushed slightly in embarrassment as she had forgotten that they were in the presence of children. Minako huffed in annoyance at the loss of contact, glaring ever so slightly at her friends.

"You're one to talk, Mrs. Kino! We're not the ones running around the Palace everyday like newlyweds on a honeymoon, y'know!" Minako fired back, smiling smugly as both Ami and Makoto blushed profusely.

"How do you know about that, Blondie?" Makoto asked in surprise, more for being caught than anything else.

"The security cameras for one." Minako replied a-matter-of-factly, much to the chagrin of her wife.

"You... you peeping tom!"

"I am not! I just happen to be married to the head of Serenity's Security. So..." Minako drawled out, and Natsuna wished that the Earth would open up and swallow her whole.

"Natsuna-san! I can't believe you let her watch." Ami chided, the blue haired genius finally recovering from her shock.

"Well, it's kinda hard to refuse her." Natsuna explained, looking sheepishly at Ami.

"Besides, I'm not the only one who likes to take a peek." Minako added, and three pairs of eyes turned to the other likely culprit.

A moment of silence, then things happened all at once.

"Minako-chan! You promised you wouldn't tell!"

"Serenity? You, too?"

"I'm sorry Serenity, but the cat's already eaten the bag."

"What are you talking about Ami-chan? Of course she'd do something like that, too! They're 'twins' after all!"

"Out of the bag. The cat's out of the bag."

"Hey, no need for insults. I am not Serenity's 'twin'."

"Yeah! We are so not 'twins!' Hey wait a minute! What do you mean 'insults'?"

Suddenly, a voice cried out.

"Time out!"

Everyone turned to see Chibiusa, now more popularly known as Princess Usagi, shaking her head in disbelief at the scene she had just witnessed.

"I go away for a few days and this is what happens? Arguing like kids in front of kids! I swear, you're all going to be the death of me!" she cried, stomping her feet on the ground for emphasis.

All the adults present flushed in embarrassment as the Princess shook her head in defeat. Sometimes, it really was hard to distinguish the adults from the children in their family.

"Welcome back, sweetie. Would you like to join us?" Serenity offered.

"I'd love to, Mama. But I have that thing..." Usagi drifted, just catching herself before she could blurt out her mission to everyone.

"Alright. Maybe later, then. It's great to have you back. I love you, sweetheart." Serenity said, smiling fondly at her daughter in understanding.

Usagi blushed as everyone's attention turned to her. She mumbled something about 'mother's' and 'being embarrassed,' then looked back at her mother with the same intensity.

"I love you, too, Mama." Usagi said, then slowly made her way into the Palace.

Serenity watched the young Princess with great pride, the Queen thanking the heavens for her daughter's safe return from her journey into the past.

"Serenity-mama... how did the story end?"

She looked down at the young girl in her lap, the blonde almost cooing with delight at the bright blue eyes that looked back at her with curiosity.

"You really want to know? Well..."

"... sometimes I can see the images clearly, but most of the time I just get flashes." Hotaru finished, drawing a nod of understanding from Rei.

"That's what happens when you're not used to seeing the visions. I can help you control them so they don't just come out of nowhere if you like." Rei offered.

"I'd like that, Rei-san." Hotaru answered, smiling in gratitude at the raven haired Senshi.

"How about you Sachiko-chan?" Rei asked, turning to the navy blue haired girl sitting beside Hotaru.

"I get flashes most of the time, too, Hino-sensei. But they happen so fast that I nearly blackout every time." Sachiko Kino admitted, twirling her shoulder length hair in her fingers.

"And you Chihiro-chan?" the priestess turned to the last of the girls, ignoring the honorific.

"Nope. Haven't had any flashes or visions at all." Chihiro Kino replied, clasping her hands behind her head as she leaned back on the window sill, the gentle breeze blowing at her short auburn hair.

Rei paused for a moment, her hand under her chin as she tried to think of a possible explanation. Neither of their parents exhibited any psychic abilities so it was definitely not hereditary.

"Well, I can't really say why Chihiro-chan doesn't have it and why you do, Sachiko-chan. If you want a more scientific explanation, I guess you could ask your mother about it." Rei answered.

"Yeah. Ami-mama would love to give you a thorough explanation." Chihiro added, earning her a smile from her younger twin.

"The best I can do for you is maybe help you control it. You and Hotaru-chan can practice together." the priestess added, a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Good idea!" Hotaru cheered.

"I appreciate the offer. Thank you very much for inviting me to join you, Hotaru-sama, Hino-sensei!" Sachiko exclaimed, bowing towards the two of them.

"Sachiko-chan, we've known each other for almost a thousand years. Couldn't you call me something less formal?" Rei asked.

"I'm sorry, Hino-sama." Sachiko blurted in response, her cheeks burning in embarrassment.

Chihiro laughed heartily at her sister's predicament, the elder Kino enjoying the scene before her. She received an admonishing look from the raven haired priestess for that.

"C'mon Sachiko-chan, surely you can do better. Your sister doesn't even address me by my name sometimes." Rei said encouragingly, settling herself on the seat that Chihiro had just vacated.

"That's because Chihiro-nee-chan doesn't know how to respect her elders." Sachiko mumbled, scowling at her slightly older sister.

"Hey, you! I too know how to show respect." Chihiro spat back, the twins engaging in a staring match as Rei just shook her head in defeat.

Hotaru smiled in amusement at the display of immaturity by the two Kinos. Chihiro had just succeeded in baiting her quieter, more refined sister into a heated argument that was more the slightly older Kino's territory.

A knock on the door pulled her from her musings, the Senshi of Death and Rebirth turning in anticipation. Her cheeks flushed pink as the Princess of Crystal Tokyo stepped into the room.

The pink haired girl barely had time to get out a greeting before a blur of purple glomped onto her. Usagi had to take a step back to steady herself and Hotaru who was now nestled in her arms.

"Welcome back, love." Hotaru breathed, barely containing her excitement.

"It's nice to be back. Although, maybe we could put this off a little later. Y'know, somewhere a little less public." Usagi whispered, motioning to the audience watching their display.

Hotaru pulled back slightly, the Senshi of Saturn remembering her manners. That did not save the two of them, however, as the twins began teasing them, Chihiro a little more boisterous than her younger sister.

Usagi left Hotaru to deal with the two Kinos as she walked past them and stepped towards Rei. She studied the older woman for a moment, then enveloped her in a loving hug.

Rei leaned her head on Usagi's, the Fire Senshi relishing the warm embrace. She pulled back slightly to lay a kiss on the girl's forehead, before letting the young Princess up.

"Now go on, shoo! Have fun at the concert, just don't stay out all night, OK? A delegation from Kinmoku is arriving early tomorrow morning and everyone has to be present."

"Even us?" Chihiro asked, the beginnings of a frown on her face.

"Yes, even you, Chihiro-chan." Rei said in a long-suffering way, resulting in a disgruntled sigh from the auburn haired girl.

"Take Sachiko-chan with you to the concert, too."

"Aww, but Sachiko-chan's just going to end up reading her books there!" Chihiro complained, starting off another round of arguments between the siblings.

"We'll be back by midnight, Rei-san. And we'll take care of the twins, too." Hotaru answered quickly, ushering the twins out of the room before Rei's legendary temper got the better of her.

Hotaru winked at her lover on her way out, the Senshi of Saturn receiving a tender smile for her efforts. Usagi was about to follow her out when she heard Rei call her by her nickname.



"I love you, sweetheart." Rei said affectionately.

"I love you, too, Kaa-chan." Usagi answered, smiling lovingly at her other mother as she walked out of the room.

Rei continued to smile even after the door had closed behind her daughter. She thanked the gods for giving her such a wonderful child, then realized that she should actually be thanking her wife instead.

Soon after Mamoru broke off their engagement and Usagi and Rei finally admitted that they did indeed love each other, questions arose among the Senshi as to how said events would affect the future.

Wanting to ease everyone's worries, the Senshi of Time explained that nothing really is set in stone and that even futures proclaimed to be destined can be changed.

She also told them not to lose faith in themselves, in Usagi and most especially in the Legendary Silver Crystal as it will play an integral part in their lives, as it always has.

Despite the fact that she was forbidden to speak about the future in detail, she again broke the rules and revealed to them that a certain pink haired Princess will be alive and well.

A flurry of questions followed after this revelation, but the Senshi of Revolution only shook her head in response even as she slowly lost all consciousness.

Smiling ruefully at how quick the cosmic powers were at enforcing her punishment, she looked over to see the happy and grateful smiles on Usagi and Hotaru's faces and thought that those smiles were very much worth it.

And though she would again be rendered helpless when the next battle came, stuck watching from her station as the Guardian of the Gates of Time, she remained confident that she had done the right thing.

When Setsuna woke up minutes later complaining about the headache from hell and saying that she could not remember anything about the past couple of days, they all concluded that it was probably her future incarnation that they had been talking to. Rei's conversation with her the previous day also helped in establishing this fact.

Some years and a few more epic battles later, including the penultimate one that resulted in Eternal Sailor Moon's ascension to Neo-Queen Serenity, they all found themselves at the threshold of history.

Gathering around their newly ascended ruler, the eight Senshi, all of whom having achieved their respective Eternal incarnations, combined their powers with that of the Legendary Silver Crystal, amassing energy the likes of which none of them had seen or experienced before.

And when the dust finally cleared, they found themselves at the center of what is now known as Crystal Tokyo. Neo-Queen Serenity's dream has finally been realized.

Of course, the story did not end there.

Fresh from the devastation of the final battle and what is now more commonly referred to as the Sailor Wars, the people of Japan and the world in general had differing views regarding the creation of a monarchy powered by seemingly immortal beings that could, if they wanted, wipeout the rest of the world in a single act.

While some welcomed and embraced them, the greater majority felt threatened and overwhelmed by their inadvertent display of power. It would take years, countless arguments and a few failed assassination attempts at Serenity's life, all of which she responded with just a sad smile to the utter dismay of her Senshi, before the rest of the world finally believed that they were not out to conquer, that they just wanted to live happily and peacefully.

Many years after, at the request and pleading of the entire Japanese nation, Serenity finally accepted the role of Ruler of Japan, with Crystal Tokyo as her kingdom's capital.

It was also on this night that Serenity prayed upon the Legendary Silver Crystal to grant each of her Senshi their heart's greatest desire. She considered it her gift of thanks for their undying devotion.

She explained to them that there was no assurance when their wishes would be granted, if they were to be granted at all, but that it could come down to how much they really wanted their respective wishes to come true.

Needless to say, none of the Senshi doubted their Queen, the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal and their own hearts. They did, as they always have, believe.

Because science, no matter how advanced, could not give them what they really wanted, Ami and Makoto both wished for children to complete their family. Nine months later, Ami miraculously gave birth to twin girls.

Having found the love of her eternal life in Natsuna, Minako wished for the other woman to become near-immortals like themselves, allowing the two of them to love and cherish each other without fear of time and circumstance separating them yet again.

When Natsuna celebrated her 50th birthday still looking and feeling less than half her supposed age, Minako thanked the heavens for granting her wish, then proceeded to buy Serenity every form of candy in existence.

Haruka and Michiru, surprisingly, both chose not to ask for anything, stating that they already had everything they have ever wanted. Serenity was persistent, however, and decided to defer their wishes until they choose to use them.

Setsuna was suspiciously absent during the celebration and to this day, has yet to make her wish as well. Speculation as to what it is she would have wished for varied depending on which Senshi you asked, but it was her surrogate daughter, Hotaru, who gave the most accurate answer.

Simply put, because one of the limitations of the Legendary Silver Crystal was that it could probably only bring back the dead at the expense of the bearer's life, Setsuna saw no use for her wish.

When asked who it was that Hotaru thought her surrogate mother yearned to resurrect, the Senshi of Rebirth answered enigmatically, saying that no matter how much Setsuna loved that person, she would never sacrifice the daughter for her mother.

That effectively ended that discussion.

As for her own wish, Hotaru stayed true to what her and Chibiusa desired for the Queen. The dark violet eyed Senshi wished that Serenity be granted the happiness she deserved, no matter what form it may be in.

She would later be asked why she did not simply wish for the pink haired Princess to be born into this world. She would reply that she had not wanted to be selfish and that had Chibiusa been in her stead, she would have asked for the same thing even at the expense of her own life.

In the end, there was no need for her to be selfish because it was Rei herself that wished for Chibiusa. The newly appointed High Priestess of Crystal Tokyo knew just how much the young Princess meant to Serenity and had it not been for the Queen's desire to create Crystal Tokyo for the betterment of the world, the blonde would have probably wished to have her daughter with her.

Minako would jokingly ask Rei later on if Chibiusa really was her heart's greatest desire. The raven haired girl would only smirk, then answer that her heart's greatest desire was for Serenity to be happy; and since she made the love of her life happy every night, sometimes after lunch, or whenever and wherever the blonde would like to be made happy, she figured she would give her what normally comes when people make each other happy that much, a baby.

That answer caused the Senshi of Love to swallow whatever smart-ass retort she had. She would later be blamed for giving the rest of the Senshi some very vivid imagery of their Queen and her High Priestess engaged in romantic acts.

Even now, Chibiusa would frown and make gagging actions whenever she was reminded of this, especially since the running joke is that the reason she has pink hair is because she was conceived in what is widely considered as Serenity's favorite room in the Palace, the Candy Depot.

Rei allowed herself a chuckle at that piece of gossip.

Laughter reached her ears moments later and the priestess found herself going down towards the picnic. Walking onto the garden, she found that it was now Minako who was entertaining the children.

She studied her friends one by one, from Ami and Makoto's happy and contented laughter, to Minako's childlike antics and Natsuna's indulgent smiles.

Her gaze finally landed on her wife who, much to her surprise, was sitting by herself amidst the sea of children laughing around her. Serenity usually had at least one child perched on her lap during her picnics, and though there was nothing wrong with being alone, it was something Rei had not quite expected.

So deep was she in her thoughts that raven haired girl did not notice Serenity looking at her until a few moments later. Her loving, amethyst orbs gazed back at her wife's gentle, sapphire eyes.

She walked towards the blonde, laying a gentle kiss on her cheek as she settled herself beside her. Serenity leaned her head on the other girl's shoulder, relishing her proximity.

"I love you." Serenity whispered, pulling her head back slightly to smile tenderly at her.

"I love you, too." Rei replied, a matching smile on her face.

On the opposite side of the garden, Minako could not help but smile at the scene. After years of loneliness and separation, it was nice to see them sitting there, enjoying the moment, happily in love.

"Hey kids! Remember when Serenity-mama said that they chose love?" she asked, drawing everyone's attention.

"Yeah! Serenity-mama said that they chose love." a young girl with said, her eyes twinkling with delight.

"That's right. Is there anyone here who wants to know what true love is like?" Minako offered, causing the kids to raise their hands in excitement.

Sitting amongst the children, Ami, Makoto and Natsuna all looked at each other in confusion. After a series of shaken heads and shrugged shoulders, they all turned back to Minako, wondering what she was up to.

The blonde began waving all the children to come to her and gather in front. She then had all of them looking at the other side of the garden, the three adults included.

"Look over there."

They all found themselves gazing at the Queen of Crystal Tokyo and her High Priestess, two women who battled both destiny and fate for a love that was truly worth fighting for.

The End

Author's Notes:

1. Read Chapter 6's Author's Notes #9 and #10 for an explanation on everything related to flights, airports and the like. Please forgive me for being lazy and tired. :)

2. About Setsuna being punished for breaking the rules...

In the Sailor Moon S anime, Sailor Pluto saved Sailor Uranus and Neptune from impending death by using her powers. Since she had inadvertently changed the future because of what she did - she broke the rules - she was removed from the present (if I understood the explanation correctly) and was not allowed to participate in the battle with Pharaoh 90. Chibiusa almost lost her life in that battle and in the succeeding one with the Dead Moon Circus while all Setsuna could do was watch helplessly from the Gates of Time.

I took this to mean that every time she "broke the rules", her all-knowing form (that part of her that knows about the past, the present and the future or Eternal Sailor Pluto as I like to call her) gets removed from the current reality and is sent back to the Gates of Time, leaving the current Setsuna without knowledge of anything that will happen in the near future. This doesn't mean that the current Setsuna cannot use her powers to fight and protect, rather, this just renders her unable to see what is going to happen which I'm sure is a discombobulating feeling for her. Sorta renders her blind in a way when she knows that she shouldn't be and that her not knowing anything could cause the deaths of the people she loves.

3. On the Sailor Wars and the ascension of the Senshi...

I made this all up and didn't really follow any existing and actual Sailor Moon storylines (fanfics not included, so if there's a similar premise, I apologize but there was no infringement intended). I just figured that there needed to be a HUGE battle that would destroy majority of the world, one that would force Eternal Sailor Moon's powers to grow and allow her to ascend to her Neo - Queen Serenity status (along with the rest of her Senshi).

I also needed to have a reason for her to create Crystal Tokyo after the War. I mean, she ascended, yeah, but she didn't automatically need to create Crystal Tokyo. Suffice to say, she felt a bit guilty that all those battles with fellow Senshi from other galaxies caused great destruction on Earth. In an effort to make amends, she created Crystal Tokyo to serve as a sanctuary if you will, a place where those who lost everything but their lives can take refuge and start over.

4. About the wishes...

In case it wasn't clear the way I wrote it, Neo - Queen Serenity's wish for herself is the creation of Crystal Tokyo. Truthfully? I don't know if the Silver Crystal can grant wishes like that. Simple ones maybe, or conditional ones like temporarily turning Luna into a human in the Sailor Moon S movie, but nothing of the sort that I mentioned in my story. I plead 'Creative License' (or a bit of insanity).

5. In chapter 3, Chibiusa traveled back in time to change the past which ultimately lead to a slightly different future for all of them. When she succeeded in her mission, she was then pulled back into the future where she slowly merged with the new Chibiusa (the one that Rei wished for).

Therein lies a paradox as Chibiusa, along with Setsuna and Neo - Queen Serenity, of course, retained knowledge of both the original future and the one that was created as a result of her journey into the past. Furthermore, because of Rei's heightened abilities as a priestess and her connection with Neo - Queen Serenity, she also possesses knowledge about everything that has happened in both timelines.

Should I decide to pursue this story further, though I most probably wouldn't, I would have Chibiusa, Rei and Neo - Queen Serenity eventually lose their memories of the original future to remove the paradox. Only 30th Century Setsuna a.k.a. Eternal Sailor Pluto, who disappeared to also return to the past and speak with Rei in chapter 6 will be able to keep her memories. I don't think she could get rid of them even if she wanted to since it's her job to 'record' everything anyway.

6. Both Sachiko and Chihiro are daughters of Ami and Makoto. Chihiro has short hair like Ami's, only auburn colored like Makoto's. Sachiko's hair is shoulder length and is navy blue hued. If you're still wondering, Ami carried the both of them, that's why they're twins. The reason their surname is Kino is because Ami married Makoto sometime earlier, changing her name to Ami Kino (hence, the Mrs. Kino comment by Minako).

7. Hotaru was slightly OOC with the glomping, I know. But you should try to understand how a lovesick girl must feel when she finally sees her girlfriend after being separated for quite a long time, not to mention the circumstances that lead to said separation. I think the glomping is somewhat excusable.

8. I just realized this now, but upon re-reading this and Chapter 6, I believe I've written all I can about dramatic airport scenes to last me a lifetime. Tsk, tsk. Again, I plead insanity.

9. To those who have read my Ranma 1/2 Fanfic "Can't Cry Hard Enough" (that means you chibi :p), please forgive the reuse of a scene here. I don't think there was too much harm done. Besides, without that, I probably wouldn't have written this epilogue at all, leaving everyone with the cliffhanger-ish ending of Chapter 6. Hehe. ;)

One final note. I put it here because I just realized that not everyone reads the messages and announcements that I leave in my profile page. I'm not a snob. : (
I just don't like putting messages and announcements as part of my chapters unless they're actual notes about the story.

Wow. It's done. After 3 something years, it's finally done. And what a great 3 something years they were.

As always, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you for reading this, for jumpstarting me whenever I got stuck, for praying that I get all the vacation I could to be able to continue writing and for never giving up on me even with the nearly year long delays between updates. Thank you very much.

I have no idea what I'm going to be posting next but I do have a number of work-in-progress stories in my hard drive. Only one of those is Sailor Moon, though, and will most probably feature canon couples. Sorry Rei and Usagi fans.

As for writing something in the same universe as this one... maybe the Sailor Wars bit or even a sequel about their lives (specifically their love lives) or maybe even a Natsuna/Minako spin-off... I can't really say for certain. All I'm sure of is that I won't start a new fic until I finish all the unfinished ones I have on my drive (that could take a long, long time).

Again, thank you very much for reading. It truly has been a pleasure.

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