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Vegas was an experience. Anya refused to do anything until her and Xander were properly wed. So our first stop was an all-night wedding chapel. She was thrilled when she learned that Elvis would be presiding over the ceremony. Xander tried explaining that he wasn't the real Elvis but Anya wouldn't hear of it. "He was a very well connected man. He arranged his death and has since lived as an impersonator."

"An, they found his body!" Xander said with quiet emotion. He looked around nervously, hoping no one was listening. His face flushed when he realized everyone was paying close attention.

"They found a fake." Anya said simply. The fact that she wasn't getting emotional lead me to believe her. When she was sure of something she was remarkably calm. I casually looked over at Elvis, who aside from being old, was quite convincing."

"That's ridiculous. Even if he faked his death, why would he live a life pretending to be himself!" Xander said, not caring who heard him anymore. "He'd be off living on a private island. The guy was loaded Anya."

"And he never would have let Lisa Marie marry Micheal Jackson," Willow offered in support. Seems she was taking Xander's side in this.

"What's the matter soldier-boy, haven't you ever heard of hiding in plain sight?" Anya said with a smirk, ignoring Willow's opinion. Faith failed to hold back her snicker this time and soon we were all laughing. Xander looked defeated and moved to pay the cashier.

Soon I found myself standing at the alter with Elvis and couldn't help thinking that Anya had to be right. The guy had the voice down and there was just something about him. I looked at the bride and groom and couldn't help a soft chuckle. Anya had such a smug look on her face while Xander looked more than annoyed.

Luckily, once they turned to say their vows there was only love on their faces. More that a couple of us soon had tears in our eyes. The rings were exchanged and Elvis told Xander to kiss his bride. I'd never seen Xander's face light up brighter as he leaned over and kissed her softly. Then he took her hand and lead her out of the chapel to Elvis singing "Love Me Tender."

Simon soon surprised us and immediately became an invaluable member of the Scooby gang. His uncle owns one of the casinos in town and managed to get Xander and Anya the honeymoon suite, and the rest of us a suite, for the night. We arrived at the hotel and Anya stopped short, her eyes closing as she raised her head and inhaled slowly. "Ahh... the money!"

Xander grabbed her hand and leaned over, whispering in her ear. Anya smiled and patted him on the back. "No Xander, I didn't forget. Orgasms then money. I was just appreciating."

Xander continued to blush until Simon came from the desk with our keys. Soon the couple disappeared up an elevator. I supposed that would be the last we'd see of them till morning. We all go up a different elevator to our suite. It's got a few rooms and plenty of beds so no one has to share. Guess Simon's uncle does pretty well. We all crawl into bed, tired after the days adventure.

I awake to find myself alone. A note from Willow tells me that Dawn and Simon are out doing the tourist thing. Willow and Tara are off exploring the casino. There is no mention of Faith so she either left after them or didn't share where she was going. I called Xander's room but no one answered so I got ready for a day by myself.

I tried a few slot machines but quickly got bored when I didn't win. I wandered out to the lobby and looked at the advertisements, trying to find something interesting. One caught my eye and I took it up to the counter. "Hi, my friend said anything could be charged to my room. Does that include these trips?" I showed him the booklet.

"Certainly, today's tour leaves in 20 minutes."

"Great, thanks." I smiled at the guy behind the desk. I ran upstairs and changed into a pair of cut-off shorts, a tight white tank-top and pulled my hair into a ponytail, wearing a ball cap and tennis shoes. I grabbed my camera, leaving a note so no one would worry, I dashed back downstairs. Just as the hummers drove up to the doors Faith came out of the hotel, dressed remarkably like me.

"Hey B, great minds think alike I see." She said with a smirk as she pulled her sunglasses down over her eyes. I got the feeling her eyes gave me a once over before she looked at the vehicles. "Wicked, always wanted to tool around in one of these."

She'd traded her leather for black jeans with a red tank top. Her hair was loosely pulled back, strands of it falling along the side of her face. As my eyes traveled back up her body I noticed a big camera hanging from her neck. I could've sworn I hadn't seen that on my way down. "That's a big toy." Yeah, that's all I could think of to say.

"Don't worry B, I know how to use it." She said, climbing into the hummer. I followed, along with a couple other people and soon we're on our way. She kept quiet, looking out the window. I took a page from her book and stared out the other. Aside from sitting next to each other, the first two hours are spent in total silence. You'd think we didn't know each other.

Then, as we were walking around Lizard Eye Ridge, I heard her behind me. "Pretty amazing ain't it?" I turned around and before I realized it I heard the shutter on her camera click and she lowered it. "That's a keeper."

"Why did you do that?"

"Thought you might like a picture of yourself to go with all the ones you're taking." Faith said, looking confused as to why I sounded angry.

"Oh," I said simply. I turned back and slowly started walking around. She fell in step with me. "Still, you gotta agree it's amazing out here."

"It's pretty." I said. The heat was starting to get to me and I didn't know how she could stand walking around in those jeans. It was a nice place to see but I was starting to miss air-conditioning and just wanted to get to the Hoover Damn. That's where I really wanted to go but thought driving around in the hummers sounded fun.

"Pretty, hell it's amazing B!" She said with a shove, causing me to loose my footing. "All this untouched, open space. Just like it's always been. Nothing but land as far as the eye can see!"

"Faith, no matter where you are, except at sea, you can always see land everywhere." I said, heading back to the cars as the guide gave the signal.

Faith followed but stayed just one step behind. "That's property B, this is land. This is the way it was meant to be, before people turned it into what they wanted."

I took in her words and paused. She brushed my shoulder as she walked past, climbing in first. I got the feeling she let something slip there. It gave me plenty to think of as we continued the tour.

Once again we went our separate ways as we arrived at the Hoover Dam, eventually. I was so excited that I was darting around quickly. I found a good spot for a picture and as I raised my hand, the camera slipped from my grip and fell down into the water. That put me in a funk, I had taken some really nice shots. I cursed the dam, and spent the rest of the time just walking around aimlessly. During the ride back, Faith asked where my camera was but I just crossed my arms and looked out the window. I don't know what she thought, but she left me alone.

By the time we got back to the hotel, everyone was packed and ready to go. We had a quick dinner then piled back into the limo, which we kept for the trip back. Everyone was in their own world. Tara and Willow wouldn't stop talking. Dawn, Simon, and Faith were all sleeping. Anya and Xander cuddled together the entire time. I just alternated from staring at them to looking out the window. I knew things had to change if I wanted my life to get better. The last few days were reminding me of what my life was missing. I just had to figure out where to start.

So, I began taking Dawn on patrol with me once a week. She took to it pretty well, seems she'd been observing us better than I thought. She's almost better than Xander already. Not that that's saying much.

Willow and Tara dropped by today for a quick visit, just to let us know they're back together. They were so cute together. They couldn't keep their hands... and other things, to themselves. It gives me hope to see my friends doing so well. First Xander and Anya, the newlyweds who we still barely see, and now Tara and Willow.

Maybe someday I'll have that again too. Spike's actually not a problem anymore. I told him that I was using him, and it was killing me. Since then he's actually kept his distance. My curiosity got the best of me and I stopped by his crypt only to find him gone. Clem said he took a trip and didn't know when he'd be back. I still looked around, wondering when I'd finally bump into him again.

The other night I didn't bump into him, but I bumped into some old pals. The nerds seemed up to their own tricks, robbing an armored car. I was surprised by Warren's strength. He was really kicking my ass. I was aching all over and he seemed as energized as ever. If Jonathan hadn't told me to break his orbs I don't know what would have happened. Even still he got away. On the plus side, Jonathan and Andrew got clinked. That took a couple worries off my mind. Hopefully, now alone, Warren would be off his game.

Then today I was in the kitchen, washing the dishes when I saw the bushes rustling outside. I looked closer and saw Warren slinking around the house. He had a gun in his hand. I picked up the phone, called the police and reported an armed prowler on my property. As he made his way to the side door I ducked down the hall and into the living room. He soon followed the same path, passing right by me in the closet. I snuck up behind him and whacked him on the back of his skull. He passed out, the gun falling out of his hand and sliding down the hall.

Dawn came running down the stairs after hearing Warren's body hit the ground. "Buffy! What was that?"

"Warren..." I said as Willow and Tara came up from the basement. I smirked at the two of them, who were obviously busy trying to fix their clothing. "You two seem to be having some fun down there."

They blushed and I quickly filled the three of them in on what happened. The police arrived soon after. They took Warren into custody, charging him with a list of crimes, after I fingered him as the third member of the trio. Dawn soon realized the time and dashed upstairs to get ready for the big championship game this afternoon.

Xander and Anya arrived a few minutes later and drove us all to the park. Dawn rushed onto the field, immediately getting into coach-mode. We all sat under a tree, in the shade, and watched the game. Anya sat between Xander's legs, his arms around her. Willow had her head on Tara's lap, Tara's playing with her hair. I looked from them to Dawn and Faith out on the field. They're urging one of the kids to run to home. It finally just hits me, that being alive really isn't that bad. I want to share these times with my friends. Luckily I realized this before anything truly bad happened.