This is part of A series of scripts I wrote, labelled; Can I Trust You. The are all taken from I Dream episodes which I felt weren't completely completed! They are about Felix and Amy, so it's full of fluff! This one takes place near the end of episode 10, Jay's Pirate Video. Hope you enjoy and please tell me what you think!

Trust Me

"Go on, let rip. There's nobody here but us!"


When Felix spotted Amy, sitting on that rock, the first thought that ran through his head was, 'what the hell is she doing there?' Unfortunately, his over-imaginative mind then came up with heaps of possible answers in the short amount of time it took Ollie to come up with the idea of him rescuing them. He feared the worst. What if she was badly injured? How long had she been out here? How did Jay find her? Why were they together? Why do they look so 'close'? Each thought made him more and more worried, not to mention jealous! He quickly clambered over the rocks until he approached where they were sitting.

"Are you alright Amy?" He asked. "Jay?" he added quickly.

"I'm fine" answered Jay.

"Good. What about Amy, is she ok?" He asked, still thinking she'd lost her voice.

"She is fine" replied Amy.

"That's great…I was…" he stopped as he realised she had spoken. "Hey! You've got your voice back!" he laughed. She giggled looking at his expression. "I'm glad you have" he added sincerely. "And I am sorry about everything I said, I didn't really mean…"

"Yes you did" she cut in. "But it doesn't matter. You were right. I wasn't listening to everyone."

"So why are you here then?" asked Felix, wondering if he was going to like the answer.

"Amy fell down here and hurt her ankle, she can't walk" replied Jay.

"What! Are you alright? Are you hurt?" asked Felix going completely OTT!

"Yes! I'm fine, I just can't put weight on it" Amy cut in. To be honest, she was quite touched that he cared, although she wouldn't let him know that!

"However" inserted Jay. "It means we can't leave"

"Says who?" asked Felix. "I've got an idea."

"What?" asked Amy and Jay simultaneously?

"Right. Jay, you'll go down in front of me, if I start slipping, push me onto my back"

"Why your back?" asked Jay looking puzzled.

"Because that way I won't hurt Amy" stated Felix.

"And where am I gonna be?" asked Amy, slightly nervous.

"With Me" answered Felix. He wasn't sure Amy was gonna like his plan…

"Has anyone every told you that you can explain things so clearly…that it's about as clear as MUD" smirked Amy sarcastically. Felix smiled, he loved it when she was sarcastic, of course, he'd never let her know that. He quickly covered his smile with a puzzled frown.

"You mean I can't explain things properly?" he quivered. Amy just rolled her eyes before smiling. 'He looks so cute when he does that' she thought before shaking her head. 'What am I thinking?' she scolded herself.

"Do you want to elaborate Felix? How are you going to get Amy down with her ankle?" asked Jay interrupting them. Felix decided to stop avoiding it.

"I'm going to carry her" He said quietly.