As soon as they arrived back at Avalon Heights, Felix made his way to Professor Toone's office. He got Amy to knock on the door and open it on their way in. Toone, who was sitting at his desk, didn't look all that surprised when he saw Felix carry Amy in.

"Set her down in the chair" he ordered Felix. Felix did as instructed and gently placed Amy in the chair before standing behind her.

"Amy, what a pleasant surprise. What happened?" he asked sincerely, figuring she'd probably recovered her voice by now, only to be confirmed when she answered him.

"I stumbled and fell down a cliff. I landed awkwardly on my foot and now I can't place any weight on it" a small smile crossed his face.

"So, I take it Felix rescued you then." He smiled.

"I suppose you could say that" agreed Amy.

"What's it like being a hero Felix?" he smiled as Felix blushed.

"Anyone would have done the same" he admitted modestly. Amy was impressed. 'Since when was Felix so modest!' she wondered.

"Amy, can you take your shoe and sock off so I can inspect your foot?" directed Toone kindly.She complied, and he began to examine her foot.

"It's not broken" he stated. "Just badly sprained. You won't be able to put any weight on it for at least a week. I shall inform Analie that you won't be attending dance lessons."

"Great" muttered Amy sarcastically.

"Look on the bright side" smiled Felix. "At least you can still play the piano. And talk" he added, making her laugh despite herself, as he continued. "And you won't have to walk around all day!" It worked. Amy started laughing and forgot all about being gloomy.

"You'll just have to carry me then, wont you!" she giggled. Toone just smiled watching the scene unfold before bringing them back to earth.

"About that" he smiled. "It'll get rather awkward if Felix carries you everywhere, so I shall make it my duty to get you some crutches. As kind as the gesture is Felix, you could seriously damage your back, and what happens if she wakes up in the middle of the night? Meet me back down here in the morning, and I'll see what I can do" he smiled. "But for now, I suggest you get some rest. You've had a very traumatic day today and I don't want you putting any weight on that foot. OK?"

"Ok" agreed Amy. She allowed Felix to pick her back up. "Oh, and Professor" she called. "You were right about the traffic. Thanks" she smiled before Felix whisked her out of the room.

"Ah, young love" mused Toone. "What a pair they make!"