Alita/Yoko muses on what separates her from humans.

Disclaimer: Alita/Yoko isn't mine.

What is human?

It is what I am not.

But what am I then?

I am an android.

What is the difference?

I am metal, they are flesh.

But I have a brain like them,

And I think and feel like them,

So in a way I am like them,

But I am different,

And I always will be,

Because alloys and circuits separate them from me,

Because flesh and blood separate them from me.

Am I less? Am I more?

Why does it matter.

In a way, it truely does not,

For contrary to the myths of old,

We feel with our brain, and not with our heart.

Why does it matter,

Why do they care?

Why does my body make me someone different?

Why am I on the outside looking in?

I really don't understand why it matters so much to them,

But what's more, I wonder why it matters to me,

Why do I care?

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