A Child of Darkness and Light

Title: A Child of Darkness and Light
Author: kazeko
Show: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Rating: R
Couples: Setsuna/Various, Setsuna/Queen Serenity, Various gods
Time: About 10,000 years before the Silver Millennium until Crystal Tokyo
Disclaimer: I don't own the Greek Gods or any characters from Sailor Moon. I do own all of the Cupids and the twins as well as all members of the Silver Millennium NOT from the show, including the Senshi's parents. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Golden Gates
The gods had all gathered for the Great Festival, their finery more impressive than anything seen on Earth or the other minor planets. They drank the finest liquors and tasted of ambrosia, commenting that the honey had never been so fine as it was that year. Some of them boasted of their children's fame, their kingdoms, their followers, but one god in particular was unusually silent.

Hades, though the mortals feared his emotionless calm and unwavering discipline, was a very lively man, his dark colors used to scare mortals into obeisance and souls into silence. At the Great Festival, he wore a dark blue hemmed in garnets and chains of black opals, his favorite stones. His staff was long and silver, black with an opalescent shimmer when power ran through it, a deep red garnet gem sparkling from the top. In normal gatherings, the ringing of his black boots filled the halls as he passed from reveler to reveler, but today he sat in a corner to the side of his brother and sister's magnificent golden thrones, unable to smile, unwilling to move. The God of Death and Time was troubled.

"Hades? There you are!" Zeus, shrunk to manageable mortal proportions, his golden hair rivaling his gemmed crown for color and brilliance, stopped by his brother's chair, blue eyes worried. "Hades, why are you not enjoying the party? The mortal Queen of the Silver Millennium and her attendant Lesser Queens will be here soon. They expect to see your smiling face."

"I do not feel like smiling, brother." Hades briefly marked Zeus's easy nature—today he and Hera were not fighting. Lately, it was not a strange occurrence for the queen and king to exchange smiles instead of blows. They were finally getting along as they had in the beginning of Zeus's eternal reign.

"Why is that?"

"Persephone is ill, and I fear that it may be the atmosphere of the Underworld that sickens her. She could not attend but insisted that I make an appearance for us. She's in bed, Zeus, and has not moved in days. I fear that I may have to bring her back to Olympus for good. Maybe it would have been better if I never stole her away, but I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it."

Zeus rested a hand on Hades's shoulder, moved by his brother's selflessness. "Hades, I hope she gets better. None of my children have ever had problems living in the Underworld or the Mortal Lands. It's strange that Persephone should be ill now. I know what lengths you went to for her, and I know that she loves you now for all her initial reluctance to stay with you in the Underworld. Everything will be alright. The luckiest man in the world is he who finds true love, and I can tell that you have in Persephone. You will not lose her, Hades."

A sudden commotion at the golden gates caught the gods' attention, and the pair of them headed for the entrance to Olympus. Aphrodite, Hera, and a few other goddesses were blocking the view, exclaiming over the visitor. Hades pushed forward, determined to see what caused the ruckus, and stopped dead at the sight of his wife, a cloth-wrapped bundle in her arms. Persephone's long, curly brown hair was held back by intricate golden combs, her dress adorned by flowers, and her green eyes were sparkling. Silence fell as the pair met. "Hello, Hades."

"I thought you were sick, Persephone," Hades murmured, unable to keep his garnet eyes off the bundle. It moved, and he stepped closer. "Are you feeling better?"

"Much, my love. I want to show you something." She pulled back the edge of the white cloth covered in red filigree to reveal a tiny pink face, striking garnet eyes clear and curious, a tiny dusting of dark green hair on her head. A baby.

"Baby," Hades managed, ignoring the amused chuckles of his brothers and sisters. "A baby . . . you . . . you had a baby?"

"Your baby, Hades. Your daughter."

"Daughter. I didn't know . . . I thought that my power over death prevented me from having children."

Demeter stepped forward, eyeing her brother with eyes a darker green than her daughter's. "It is not just your power, you know. My daughter has the power of the living world inside her, and nature has a tendency to want to give birth. She's a beautiful girl."

"Indeed! Such an unusual coloration," Aphrodite pointed out. "She'll be a heart-breaker when she grows up!"

"I think she deserves a name," Hera murmured, smiling at her brother. "Give your daughter a name, Hades."

"Se," he whispered. "Can we name her Se?"

"Of course, my husband."

"And I was hoping to make a scene, too!"

All eyes turned at the petulant voice as a very familiar winged god landed beside his mother, purple-eyed wife by his side. Psyche also possessed a pair of white wings, mostly so she could live in her husband's floating palace, her silvery blue hair pulled back by strings of turquoise and aquamarine. She carried something in her arms, also, which she covered with her wings as Eros bowed to his family, red-gold tunic a match for Aphrodite's pink and gold dress. "What now, Eros?"

"Nothing, mother, except what you have been bugging me for since I brought Psyche here in the first place. Psyche and I, like Hades and Persephone, are parents."

A great cheer went up from the gods, even from the Lord of Death, who had already wrapped his arms around his wife in congratulations. Eros grinned and held out his arms, accepting the large bundle from his wife. His smile never wavered as he pulled aside a corner of the blanket to reveal two tiny faces. A wave of shock spread through the assembled gods. Goddesses had not birthed twins in a very long time. All twins were special, even among the gods, and Zeus stepped forward, eyes wide.

"Twins," he rumbled. "I . . . there haven't been twins in a very long time. Psyche, Eros; you know that these children are special. Do they have names yet?"

Eros nodded, his face serious at last. "We named the boy Tranquility and the girl Serenity. He is golden and she silver-white, like Artemis and Apollo."

The twins of the Sun and Moon stepped forward at the announcement, matching bows on each strong back, a staff in each right hand, identical save for their coloring and gender. Apollo leaned forward first and touch the blonde boy's head, smiling as the baby's pale blue eyes focused on the God of the Sun. "He has the spark of greatness, Eros. Watch him well. He will be independent and prone to rash decisions, but the world will benefit from his wisdom when he finally settles down."

Artemis closed her eyes and touched the girl, feeling her soft, silver hair, touching her pale cheek, letting Serenity's fingers curl around her own. "This baby will be more important to the Earth and the kingdoms of the Silver Millennium than even I can see. She will know the greatest joy and the greatest pain and she will save the humans from their own stupidity. Eros, brother, let me take her as my apprentice. I can teach her power and purity, love and hope, strength and fearlessness. She will need them."

"When I first saw her, I knew that she was destined to be a Moon Goddess Child," Psyche whispered. "Apollo, we need you to teach our son everything, because he will be a lot like you and bring light to the world."

Apollo nodded as Aphrodite joined Hades and Persephone, her sudden motion catching the attention of every God. She touched her brother's arm and moved the blanket to show Se's face once more. "Hades, Persephone, I know your fear. You think that your girl is a child of darkness, cursed to never know the light."

"She's the daughter of Death," Hades whispered. "The children of Love and Hope will be great Gods, save the world, bring light to mortals, but Se is doomed to be sad, alone, in the dark, forever."

"She will know love, true love, one day. For now, we all will teach her. She will learn everything that can be learned on Olympus and in the Underworld until she is ready to find her own place. I will teach her of love and kindness."

"I will teach her how to be a good friend and leader," Hera added.

"I will teach her how to cook and clean and keep herself happy," Hestia piped up.

"I will teach her how to plant and grow all that she needs and wants," Demeter added, smiling at the challenge of a pupil.

"I will teach her of the Moon and wilderness," Artemis announced, glancing at Serenity. "I will teach them both."

"I will teach her humor and fleetness of foot," Hermes grinned, amused at the prospect.

"I will show her all of the wisdom I possess," Athena declared.

"I will show my daughter the wonders of this world and teach her how to be a mother," Persephone whispered.

"I will show her the beauties of the Underworld and teach her to control time and walk its myriad paths without effort," Hades smiled, amazed at how much he wanted to teach his little girl.

"I will teach her how to fight and be the deadliest warrior she can be," Ares determined, twirling a staff in one hand, sure of his prowess.

"We will all teach her," Zeus announced, touching his niece's face. "We will all teach the trio of them. They will grow up together and be the closest of friends for sure, and that strength will carry them through the separation sure to come for such very special Children of the Gods. Se, Serenity, Tranquility; welcome to Olympus."

"We all love you," Hades whispered, taking his daughter. His heir.