A Child of Darkness and Light

A Child of Darkness and Light

Title: A Child of Darkness and Light

Author: kazeko

Show: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Rating: R

Couples: Setsuna/Various, Setsuna/Queen Serenity, Various gods

Time: About 10,000 years before the Silver Millennium until Crystal Tokyo

Disclaimer: I don't own the Greek Gods or any characters from Sailor Moon. I do own all of the Cupids and the twins as well as all members of the Silver Millennium NOT from the show, including the Senshi's parents. Enjoy.

Chapter 4: Lonely Pluto

Years passed, crystals chose carriers, and the galaxies awoke to the dangers of Chaos. Setsuna led the young Senshi in a quest to pause Chaos's ravages, later leading them in quests to subdue their own wild planets and take their rightful places as queens. Eventually, their people began to follow the queens of the own accord, the succeeding generations never knowing that there had been a time when they were not lead by that queen, by the senshi Avatar of the Gods, and they lived in peace.

A mere three hundred years after Se first created the Senshi, her daughter Chiyoko met her in one of the hidden gardens of Olympus, dressed in a simple silver dress, Serenity following her. "Yes, Chiyoko?"

"Mother, I'm wondering if you know the extent of the powers we have been given. I have no planet, really, just the moon, and I have no people to follow me, so I have no need for an heir, but I do not choose to live my life in loneliness."

"No one does, Chiyoko. You have no people because your power is that of Order and therefore you cannot have people. The others draw their power from other sources, so they need subjects so that some day they can go to the Council of Sol and serve their queen without needing to worry about their planets."

"And I only fight Chaos. But for the past few years, our powers of Order and light here have kept the darkness away, and I have spent my time with the queens and the gods. And, to be fair, I am jealous of you gods since almost all of you have found a mate to spend eternity with."

Serenity stepped forward and took Chiyoko's hand, smiling at the pink-eyed woman. "Se, I want to ask your permission to date your daughter."

Se stared at her silver-haired, silvery-winged friend, a strange cold wave passing through her as she realized that she was losing something she had never truly owned. She felt herself nodding, somehow smiling, giving permission for her best friend to date her daughter, unable to understand the terror she felt. As the pair vanished, hands clasped, Se fell to her knees, staring out across the flowery field. She felt like she was falling apart, every part of her screaming that she was letting someone get away, but she couldn't understand what was wrong.

Tranquility found her there hours later, tears streaming from her eyes almost endlessly, and he knelt beside his best friend. "What's wrong, Se? What happened?"

"I don't know," the goddess whispered. "Something . . . I don't understand what happened, Tran. Ren came to me and asked my permission to date Chiyoko."

Tranquility sighed and nodded. "I know what's wrong. As the daughter of Hades your emotions are often in chaos, though hidden by a peaceful exterior, and you can rarely understand what you're feeling or why. Serenity . . . you two are very close, Se. Closer than sisters, closer than any two gods in the Pantheon who aren't married. You love her, Se, and you see her turning to someone else when her love is rightfully yours. She's dating your daughter instead of you, and you are only just realizing how much you care for her now that you can't have her. I feel for you, Se, and as Eros's son I know the power and the pain of love. But Chiyoko, though blessed with a long lifespan, won't live forever like you and me. She will die and Serenity will return to you."

"I don't want this! Tranquility, I don't want to wait for my daughter to die so I have the woman I love back. It's not right!"

"It's not ever right, Se, but that's how love works."

"I don't want to be in love," Se whispered.

"I know. None of us, none of the gods, ever do."

Setsuna stopped going to Senshi meetings. She stopped visiting her mortal and divine friends, preferring to spend time alone in her castle on Pluto. As the years passed with little to no contact with Setsuna, the mortals and other Senshi began to call her "the Lonely One" and they stopped noticing when she didn't show up for meetings. A hundred or more years passed and they eventually forgot about her, remembering that someone watched the Time Gate and kept Charon Castle in Hades's name, but the name Setsuna was forgotten. Her divine parents looked in on her from time to time, but eventually the gods stopped inviting her to parties, and Se disappeared from the Pantheon.

Chiyoko closed her eyes in pure ecstasy, panting as her lover increased their rhythm. She dug her fingernails into Serenity's shoulders as her climax hit, screaming into the empty lunar night as a brilliant silvery light surrounded the pair, exploding inwards and out, filling the moon and Sailor Moonlight. As the light and sensations faded, Chiyoko slowly opened her eyes. "Ren?"

"I don't know what that was. Some god-power, I imagine. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think so. That was weird. I should ask someone about it."

"Who could you possibly ask?"

"My mother. She knows about our powers more than any of us do."

"Se isn't in contact with any of us anymore, Chi. She didn't come to Kosame's wedding, she didn't come when Kazeko's twins were born, she didn't come when Mariko was sick . . . she hasn't paid any attention to any of the Senshi recently. Why would she pay any attention to you?"

"Because, no matter what she says, Setsuna birthed me and there must still be some bond between us."

"Chi, are you sure?"

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine."

Silence. Solitude. It was soothing, in a way, not to have to worry about the rest of the universe. No one bothered her anymore. She knew that her father had known this peace once, before he met her mother, and she valued the loneliness. She knew when things happened – she still watched the outside world in her time mirrors – but she no longer had any interest in participating in it. She watched marriages as the queens grew in power, watched them birth their heirs and many children past that, watched the children grow as they got closer to their mothers' powers, and watched the Senshi near death. All of them would die soon, and she knew that she would miss these first Senshi, but she would meet the ones that followed and she would be a loner to them, too. They would come from time to time to ask her opinion, needing her help, then they would return to their homes and people, leaving her in peace.


Se felt herself jarred from her meditations, garnet eyes slowly opening as she turned her powerful gaze on her visitors. Her servants whispered in the corner, watching the two silvery women enter the great palace, wondering if they should try to rid the palace of the visitors and leave the great dark queen in peace. "Yes, Chiyoko?"

"Serenity and I need to speak to you alone, Mother. Please speak to us."

Setsuna stood slowly, her great dark robes falling to the floor as she inclined her head. She lifted her staff, knowing that the garnet in her crown glowed as she touched the Time Key, her dark eyes filled with an emotion her daughter and friend could not name. "Follow me, then. And know that this visit will be brief. I am searching for something."

"What are you searching for, Mother?" Chiyoko followed her mother closely, still wondering why the daughter of Hades was being so cold. Setsuna did not answer until they reached the great balcony overlooking her small planet, staring out across Pluto's surface as Serenity and Chiyoko waited patiently.

"Four hundred and some mortal years ago we released Chaos in order to free the crystals of the planets and give the Senshi the power to rule. Their kingdoms are growing in wealth and power daily, they advance in technology, art, and medicine by the hour, but they are not the one great kingdom we were hoping for. There is no Princess and I cannot find her. There is no crystal for this sun, and I wonder if she is too young a star. I wonder if she can create a crystal of her own. I wonder if she will fall to the darkness for lack of her own strength."

"None of us can control the stars, Se. Sol has not created a crystal because she does not need a crystal."

"And where is our princess, Serenity? The woman we tried so hard to bring into being, the only woman who can unite the many planets into one great kingdom, has not been born. We have no idea if she will ever be born."

"Mother, something happened last night when Serenity and I were together. We need you to look in your Time Gate to see what it was and where it will lead."

Setsuna sighed and wrapped her fingers tightly around her Time Key, eyes locked on the deep garnet of her orb as she reached out her free hand. Chiyoko reached to take the long fingers in hers, glancing at Serenity as the silvery goddess wrapped her wings around her lover. As Chiyoko's pale fingers touched Se's darker ones, a supernova of garnet and silver light exploded from the orb on top of the Time Key, followed instantly by Se's anguished scream. Hades and Persephone appeared in a dark thunderclap, reaching for their daughter, crumpled on the floor. Her Time Key rested against the balcony, safe, and Chiyoko stood back, wrapped in her lover's wings as they watched the great God of Death lift his limp daughter.

"What happened?"

"I'm not sure," Chiyoko whispered, averting her eyes from the god's demanding gaze. Hades held Se close as Persephone touched her forehead, whispering a chant her mother had taught her. Se's eyes slowly opened, looking first at her mother and then at her father to determine what had happened. Then her eyes rested on Chiyoko and she slipped out of her father's arms.

"I cannot read two at once, especially not a god and demi-god. I saw a great darkness countered by a greater light, a golden light to rival Apollo's chariot, but there was great death between them. When I touched you I Saw Sailor Sol, the chosen of the sun, but I know that the star is too young and too weak to make her own crystal and call her own Avatar. I saw the Princess who can unite the kingdoms, but she will carry the burden of unimaginable sorrow her entire life. That sorrow will never fully leave her line until the last Queen of the Silver Millennium sacrifices herself to save her daughter's future. That is all I Saw when I touched you, and even I do not know what it means."

Chiyoko felt a chill pass through her at her mother's words, and she saw a flash of her future, a winged woman crying, alone on the moon. The flash faded and Chiyoko sighed, taking her mate's hand. "I'm pregnant, aren't I?"

"Gods are not constrained by mortal delineations of male and female, mother and father. Serenity fathered the twins in your womb."

"Twins?" Serenity froze, her father's words on the importance of twins in the Pantheon ringing through her mind. "Are you sure?"

"The power of Time never gives false results," Hades replied, his voice dark and deep. "That is why you came to her. Se has the unique power of seeing a person's future by the touch of a hand. She is never wrong, though the future she sees is not always clear. You have your answer, Sailor Moonlight Chiyoko, whether it was the answer you wanted or not. Go now and leave my daughter in peace. I am not interested in this happening ever again. Do not tax my daughter's strength with your questions."

"Hades," Serenity whispered, wondering at the bite in the god's tone. She had never seen him so angry with a demi-god.

She started when his voice sounded in her head. "Se's power is not under her control. Touching both of you at once could well have injured her. I am not interested in that happening again. Please keep your mate away from Pluto and away from Olympus until those twins are born."

Serenity bowed at the mental command. "I understand, Hades. Forgive me." She touched Chiyoko's hand and they both vanished, leaving Pluto alone with her parents.

Persephone hugged her daughter and kissed the red symbol on her forehead. "Se, do not tax yourself so much. You did not become Sailor Pluto to live alone in your castle. You do not have to shut the other Senshi and your divine family away."

"I will try to return from my isolation more often," Se whispered. "It was not easy, seeing them together, knowing that my daughter is with Her child. It is not easy when I know that I should have recognized my feelings for her hundreds of years ago."

"It was not easy for me, either," Hades whispered. "One day, Se, you will have the woman you love by your side."

"I hope so."