The Queen Of thieves by: Yunie

Note: Set in Egypt

Chapter 1

The catch:

The crowds had been filling the streets since before dawn. Children dodged in and out of the throng, chasing each other, collapsing in squabbling heaps. Men and woman fought for spots around the town square. Family's had traveled from other villages for the entertainment.

It promised to be a spectacle worth paying for, the execution of the famous thief king, Bakura.

Avila knew it was the perfect time for her work. She slowly picked through the crowd and snatched bags of gold. Her fingers moved like lightning as they cut the cords holding them. She paused a moment when she got near the stage. The block was ready along with the executioner. Avila sighed; someday she would be lead up there. She rubbed at her neck that began to ach just from the thought of it. She slipped between men and woman unnoticed, moving with ease and skill.

Bakura smiled to himself as he saw the crowd gathering around for his execution. A small chuckle escaped his lips. To bad they wouldn't be getting what they paid for. He wore a long brown cloak covering his snowy white hair and he stood in back of the crowd, waiting for their shocked looks when they would notice he was missing. Something brushed against him and he felt fluttering against his waist. He smiled to himself, knowing what would be missing. He didn't even have to check. He turned on his heel and followed the small cloaked figure that ran down the alley way. Bakura chuckled to himself as he saw the figure disappear into darkness.

Avila sighed to herself as she walked blindly down the dark alley way. She looked down at the trinket in her hand. It was a necklace of some sort. All Avila knew was that it was made of gold and was worth something of value. She thought she heard a noise behind her, and halted for a moment. If she was being followed she didn't want to lead them to her hide away. She began to walk faster down the alley way, keeping her ears on the alert. She felt as if someone was right behind her. She turned around sharply and studied the darkness around her. That's when the shadow jumped on her. She let out a sharp cry as she fell backwards.

"I believe little boy, that you have something of mine." The figure said above her. Avila pushed at the body and tried to roll away. Bakura just laughed.

"I suggest you hand it over before I deicide to take it back by force." Avila gasped as she noticed the snowy white hair and dark brown orbs staring down at her.

"Bakura!" she shouted in alarm. 'But how could he be?'

Bakura peered down at the form. The "boy" beneath him wore a simple brown tunic and slacks and had short cropped black hair. Emerald eyes stared back at him with fright.

But he wasn't fooled. He could feel the soft mounds of flesh beneath his chest, and could feel the curves pressed into his body.

"So…little thief… will you be handing me my trinket?"

Avila slowly shifted under his body and he gave a groan as he felt her chest rub against his.

"Let me up." She said in a deep determined voice. Bakura smiled down at her.

"Not just yet." He said with a hint of laughter in his voice.

He studied the tan oval face underneath him with her dark green emerald eyes, set beneath a smooth, broad brow. Long brown lashes fluttered wildly up at him and her small delicate mouth was set in a stubborn line. She didn't look the type to light finger her way through a crowd.

She wiggled again with serious purpose. "Hand it over." Bakura said growing inpatient.

Avila tried once again to push him away, but she was no match for him. He pushed more into her body making it hard for her to move. She gave a soft gasp as she felt his hard muscled body push into hers.

He lowered his head and brought it to her ear. "My trinket?" he asked in a light menacing whisper. Avila felt the ring rub against her thigh as it sat in her pouch.

"I can not give it to you, your sitting on me…" she said through gritted teeth. Bakura watched her as he slowly pulled himself off of her. She crawled to her feet then dashed away down the alley way. Bakura smiled a little and dashed after her. He liked a good chase.

Avila ran as fast as her legs would let her. She felt the small pouch strapped around her thigh and gave a sigh. There was enough in the pouch to pay rent, buy her brothers medicine and put good food on the table for a month. And if she lost it now, those heart-stopping, nauseating moments of terror that had accompanied every artful brush of her fingertips would have been for nothing. Large arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her back, before she could reach the end of the alley way,

"You like to do everything the hard way don't you?" Bakura said while drawing her back into his chest. He pulled out his dagger and placed it at her throat. "Now…will you hand me my necklace?" he asked with a smile.

"Yes…" she said with a slight stutter. She pushed the knife away with her hand and gave a slight yelp when she felt the sharp steel press into her fingertips.

"I'm not letting you go again." He said into her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

"I need to reach it…it's down my pants." Bakura's eyes lit up. "You put my necklace down your pants?" he asked in a roar of laughter. Avila tried once again to push away from him but stopped as she felt the dagger press into her flesh once again.

"Will you please let me go…If you want your trinket back, I need to retrieve it." Bakura released one of her hands but held tightly on the other.

"I'm sure you can grab it with one hand." He said with a smile still on his face. Avila glared at him as she pulled the cord holding her pants up. They fell in a wave down her body and landed at her feet. The tunic hung past her knees, shielding her body from his eyes. Long tan slender legs were all that he could see. Around her left thigh sat a small pouch that looked filled with gold. He saw dangling from the pouch his millennium ring and snatched it before she could say anything. He brought it up and around his head, then slipping it under his tunic. "Now, that wasn't so hard now was it?" he asked the baffled thief. Avila stared up at him then bent over to grab her pants.

"Now that you have your necklace back, I shall be leaving." She said. She held her head up high as she retied the cord around her waist.

"I'm sure we'll meet again young thief."

Avila slipped into the small clay house before anyone noticed. She gave a sigh as she leaned against the wooden door.

"Avy?" a soft voice called out. Avila's face softened as she heard her brother's voice call out.

"Yes Maku, It is me…" she called back to reassure him. Avila walked to the wooden table that sat near the hallway and placed her pouch on it. It fell to the table with a clatter. Avila slowly walked to the one bedroom and opened the door. Maku lay on his pallet, staring up at her with deathly ill brown eyes. Avila kneeled down by his side and rubbed his forehead. "Maku…I have the money, you can get better now. We'll have the medicine before you know it."

The small boy gave a weak smile then closed his eyes.

"Thank you sister." He whispered in a weak voice. Avila stroked the boys small tan oval face then pulled away. Tears filled her eyes as she heard his labored breathing. "I will save you brother, I promise." She whispered into the deathly still room.

Bakura leaned against the clay wall as he watched the guards pass his hiding spot. They had been searching for him all day. Bakura smiled at the thought of their shock when they had found him missing. Bakura pushed away from the wall and slowly began to make his way down the dark alley way. His brown cloak fell over his body in a wave, flapping around his body as he walked. His dark brown eyes studied the darkness as he made his way towards the village gates. He would just move to another village and plunder their tombs, then leave and do the same again. He passed by many clay house's that looked worn out and ready to crumble to the floor. His mind drifted for a moment, he pictured the little thief staring at him with those large green eyes and halted a moment. He pulled the ring out from under his cloak and stared at it.

"Hey you!" a voice yelled. Bakura turned sharply to witness the very girl he had been thinking of, make off like lightning.

Avila clutched the medicine to her chest. She had offered money but once again the doctor had raised the price. She couldn't afford to spend all the money she had robbed. So stealing the medicine was the only way. She weaved in and out of the crowd as she tried to reach a dark alley. But none seemed to be in sight.

"Guards! Thief! Thief!" the doctor yelled far behind her. Avila turned her head to glimpse behind her and gave a sigh of relief. He had stopped chasing her. She turned back around then gave a sharp cry.

"Well, what do we have here?" Avila turned on her heel and tried to dash away from the large guardsmen standing in front of her.

"Looks like we've caught a street rat!" he said with a chuckle as he gripped her cloak and pulled her back. She fell to the floor with a thump.

"You know what we do to thieves…" the guardsmen said with a small evil grin. Her eyes grew wide as he drew his blade. He raised it above his head ready to strike. Avila squeezed her eyes shut and gave a quick prayer to Ra.

A loud clashing noise filled her ears, like two boulders ramming into each other. Her eyes popped open and stared up above her.

"I'm sorry boys; I can't let you hurt her." Bakura said with a smile.

His blade was drawn and was held up to meet the guards own. Avila then realized that the noise had been Bakura's blade meeting the guards.

Bakura glanced down at Avila and smiled. "This is where you run."

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