Chapter 27

A new Pharaoh

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Avila bent forward, cupping the cool refreshing water and splashing it upon her face, loving the feel of it against her hot skin. "Why did Bakura have to leave us here! Where there is barely any shade!" Kuni complained with a frustrated sigh. Avila pushed herself back up from her kneeling position and grabbed for a towel. "Does it really matter? Malik's here…" A sly smile crossed Avila's face as Kuni blushed lightly. "Honestly Kuni… I think it's about time! I knew you guys were making goo goo eyes at each other! I'm just glad he's finally admitted his feelings for you!" Kuni rolled her eyes then began to slip out of her robes. "Come take a dip with me Avila…there's nothing else to do and it's so hot out!" as if to emphasize how hot it was she wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. Avila wrinkled her nose then shrugged. "Alright…besides, if anyone should peak they won't find anything attractive about a pregnant woman!" Kuni rolled her eyes and sighed. Avila didn't seem to understand that pregnancy didn't make you fat and ugly. It made the mother look more plump, sure, but in a good way. Avila always seemed to glow, her skin was softer to the touch and looked more golden. Her hips had indeed expanded, but only to make her curves more dazzling. For some reason Kuni was envious.

"Stop staring at my nude body you lesbian!" Avila laughed as she wadded into the cool water, giving a shiver. "Wow, surprisingly it's rather cold on such a hot day!" Avila exclaimed, covering her breasts and trudging in further. Kuni followed Avila into the water, an evil scheme playing in the back of her head. But could she really do that? Get pregnant on purpose? Would Malik kill her for it? 'Most likely. Never mind' Kuni gave a sigh and plugged her nose, ducking under the cool water. She pushed back up to the surface, sucking in air in big gulps. "You know Kuni…if I hadn't met you… I probably wouldn't have met up with Bakura…So…I guess in a way…I should thank you." Avila was staring intent at her friend, a softness in her eyes. "Oh." Kuni gave a shrug then smiled. "You don't have to thank me…The gods willed it!" With that Kuni gave a wink. Avila laughed then gave a swift movement of her arms, sending water splashing into the face of a unexpected Kuni. "Hey!" She shouted, returning the splash with another. Avila turned her back to it and began to paddle away. "Come back her!" Avila gave a shriek of delight.

"Having fun?" Kuni turned around to see Malik kneeling upon a rock over looking the pond, a smug smile crossing his face. Kuni and Avila screamed, both ducking far enough beneath the water to cover their private areas. "You perv!" Kuni scooped water into her cupped hands and tossed it into his direction. He dodged it, giving a laugh in triumph. While he was busy laughing at her failed attempt of trying to get him wet, Avila slowly paddled to the side of the rock, grabbing hold of his ankle and with a swift tug, brought him down into the chilling water.

Bakura glared down at Atemu, he had his large hand wrapped around his throat, not knowing how just to torture the poor fool. Plenty of plans ran through is mentally unstable mind, but none stuck out. Sure he could drowned him, or slice his throat. But none of those ideas caused any gitty feeling in the pit of his stomach. ((I'm sorry, but that sounded so demented! . A gitty feeling in the pit of his stomach from killing someone…Oh Ra!)) Atemu seemed to have given up all hope and just coward in fear, staring up into the fierce eyes of Bakura. "What are you going to do with me murderer?" Atemu gritted his teeth, afraid of the answer he would receive. Bakura merely shrugged, his mouth turning into a smile. Atemu shivered at how cruel it looked, wanting more then anything for his guards to arrive and rescue him from such a psychotic distraught killer.

"You know Pharaoh…you're just making this fun for me!" Bakura tossed him backwards, back into the water, holding him under for what felt to Atemu, like ages. Finally he brought him back up, Atemu thrashing around, gagging for air. Bakura couldn't help but throw his head back and laugh menacingly. The look upon the Pharaohs face only pleased him to no end. His eyes seemed glazed over in defeat and his hair was tangled and in a disarray. He didn't look like some great Pharaoh anymore.

"Why didn't you just end it there!" Atemu shouted, staring up at Bakura in disbelief. Bakura just ignored his whine and trudged towards the steps that would lead him out of the large bath. Once out of the water Bakura flung Atemu to the floor with a loud thump. "I haven't thought of a good idea yet…Just seeing you struggle under water was enough to tickle my humor." Atemu coward beneath Bakura's gaze, wanting more then anything for his guards to rush in. "You wont get away with this. If I die, Seth will take my place and he will hunt you down!" Atemu tried his best to hold some threat in his voice, but it wavered once Bakura began to laugh. "Seth is smart. He wouldn't try to hunt me down after your death. He would most likely make a deal with me to make his rule easier and more comforting. Your cousin is no fool. Not like you, Pharaoh." Bakura took a step towards Atemu, a glimmer in his brown eyes. "I think I've thought of a way to kill you…"

Atemu shivered at this disturbing news. "What are you going to do with me?" Bakura didn't answer him, he lifted his blade and brought it down. Atemu squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for the blow. But instead of hearing the blade rip through his skin, it tore through his golden strands of hair, causing them to float to the floor. "Pharaoh, I'm going to make you suffer. So much that you'd wish that you were dead." With that said he grabbed a raggedy robe and tossed it to Atemu, then after Atemu dressed, he grabbed his wrist and dragged him out of the palace bath house, to what he had planned for his victim.

Avila curled into the warmth of her blanket and sighed. It had been four days and so far there was no Bakura. No sign of Adonis, and Malik and Kuni were going at it like jack rabbits. Of course they went somewhere else, but still, the idea drove her crazy. Avila felt almost depressed, seeing them together. They seemed so happy. And here she was, waiting for some man to return that had been giving her the cold shoulder for two months. A kick from her child broke her thoughts and she let out a little gasp. "Little boy…It's alright…Daddy will be home soon…" Avila paused then broke into laughter. It seemed so strange to her, calling Bakura Daddy. That fierce rugged man being called father? She couldn't imagine it.

The babe gave another kick, harder this time, causing Avila to stop laughing and stop for breath. "That was a rough one, son! Don't hurt your mother!" Avila had to resist a laugh, because once again, she couldn't imagine herself being a mother. Once the babe stopped kicking, she leaned back, staring up at the star lit sky. If only she could find out what was wrong with Bakura. She would right it in a heart beat. She clenched her fist close to her chest, vowing silently to herself that she would fix what ever malfunction he had.

"Avila…can't sleep?" Kuni whispered from her small pallet beside Malik. Avila lifted her head up to see Kuni staring up at her. "I'm fine Kuni…go back to sleep…please?" It was as if Avila was pleading with her to go to sleep. Kuni wrinkled her brow in though then decided to listen and flopped back down beside Malik. "What ever you say Avy…" She whispered before closing her eyes.

Avila placed a hand to her stomach and sighed, giving it a little rub subconsciously. What if Bakura didn't return? For real this time? She never got to say just how much she loved him. Sure she had said it before, but she never said it in all the words and actions she should have. She should have wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him close to her face, whispering all the things she loved about him. But then again, Avila wasn't the type to do such a thing. And neither was Bakura. But if he didn't return, would she be able to cope? Sure, the first time she thought he wasn't coming back she nearly died. But a second time? And for sure this time? She couldn't help but feel a little doubt. Where exactly had he gone? Avila rolled onto her side, ignoring the nagging voice in the back of her head. He would return. And when he did, she would never let him leave again. Promise.

Bakura climbed onto his horse then kicked it into a trot. Five days had passed and for some reason he couldn't be away any longer. Something was nagging at him in the back of his head. He shouldn't have left with Avila all upset. Anything could have happened during his time of absence. Andyou know that saying, youshould never leave the ones you love mad.

At least he knew he didn't have to worry about the Pharaoh anymore. His plan was simple. Make him suffer. So he sold him to a slave ship bound for Rome. There, he was sure to live a terrible life. He would learn to make a living like everyone else. He wouldn't be the stuck up Pharaoh he once was. And what was best, was that no one would recognize him with his chopped up hair and broken ego. Now that was torture. At least it was to Bakura.

Bakura kicked the horse harder, wanting it to move faster. He wanted to get back to Avila, and make sure Adonis hadn't touched what was his. His heart began to race at the thought of him touching her smooth tan skin, rubbing her soft locks between his fingers. He gritted his teeth, and cursed himself for leaving her alone with that man. But, maybe she had wanted it that way. I mean, she hadn't told him about the night he had kissed her. She had though that Bakura was asleep, but he had heard everything. He cursed himself under his breath for not confronting her about it, for not asking her about the problem. It would have given him a good reason to rid himself of the annoying blonde Roman, but no, she kept it to herself, lying to him saying it was nothing of importance. Another man was touching his woman, and she thought there was nothing wrong with that!

As Bakura trotted through the desert he spotted a figure ahead of him, going in the direction he was coming from. He pulled back on his reins to get a good look at the man who was calmly walking through the desert, as if it was just some trip to him. As Bakura got closer, he noticed the blue eyes and blonde hair immediately. "Adonis…" he whispered to himself. He couldn't make himself pull the horse to a stop, he just couldn't. Something prevented him from doing so. So he glided right pass Adonis, not uttering a single word. How could he? What would he say? "Hey, Adonis, sleep with my girl yet!" hell no. So he just kicked his horse back into a trot, heading back to the campsite that held his woman and unborn child.

Once he reached the oasis, his hair was filled with sand, and his whole body stuck with sweat. He had been riding day and night, just to reach the oasis by day break. Avila was curled up in a little ball near the camp fire which was now nothing but a few burning coals now. Bakura briskly strutted over to where she lay, kneeling down watching her breath in and out. Bakura let out a deep breath then leaned forward, pulling her into his arms. Avila woke with a gasp, not expecting such a surprise. "Bakura!" She exclaimed, tossing her arms around his neck. Bakura didn't say a word, he just began to plant kisses along her jaw boneand cheeks. He suddenly becameso fierce with his kisses that he ended up pushing Avila onto her back. Avila gave a snort and pushed at his chest. "What's all this about. Just five days ago you were being a jerk! You were mad at me for no reason." Bakura still didn't say anything, just tried to plant more kisses upon her face. Avila covered his mouth with her hand and pushed him backwards. "Bakura. Why are you so…happy? Or are you just horny?"

Bakura pulled away from her and sighed. He didn't know where to begin. With him missing her, or with him running into Adonis, or the fact that he was pissed that she had with held a secret from him. He didn't know how to explain anything. He had never had to in the past, so why now? A long silence followed her question, causing Avila to sigh and shake her head. "Fine, be that way. I don't need to know then. Did you at least get me something?" Avila broke into a playful smile, only to have it vanish once Bakura jumped to his feet and began to run into the desert. "Bakura! Where are you going! Why won't you say anything to me!"

Bakura fell to his knees where he had tossed the necklace, digging into the sand frantically. Bakura felt sweat bead at his forehead, wanting badly to find the trinket he had tossed in anger. Suddenly arms wrapped around his back. "Bakura. What are you looking for." Avila whispered into the nape of his neck. Bakura stopped and turned his head side ways to glance at her. Her eyes were closed and her head was buried in his locks of white hair. "I tossed your gift. I was mad at you and Adonis that I lost my temper and threw it into the sand." Bakura bowed his head in defeat then stood up. "I'll get you something else." It was a statement, not a question. Avila stood up and just smiled. "You know Bakura…For a thief and a killer, you sure are soft when it comes to me." With that said she pulled him down into a long deep kiss.

"Is he dead?" Seth asked, looking from one guard to the other. They bowed their heads and gave a sad shake. "We tried to save him, but we failed sir." Isis gave a roll of her eyes, not believing a word they said. Because, duh, she had the millennium necklace. "It looks, Seth, that you will be the next to rule Egypt. Do you think you are ready for such a responsibility?" Seth shook his head and then placed his hands to his temples. "First, I want to make sure my cousin truly is dead. I will not take the throne until I know for sure." Isis rolled her eyes once again. Egypt won't be able to stand for that. They need a ruler now. These guards men claim he is dead. Shouldn't their word be enough?" Seth gave a weary look at the guards before turning to Isis. "Fine. I shall take the throne. But if Atemu should return at any time, I will resign." Isis gave a small shake of her head. "He wont be coming back Seth. Don't you worry about it."

Bakura grabbed hold of Kuni's wrist and dragged her to his awaiting horse. "Where the hell are you taking me Bakura!" She tried to shake loose, but he held firmly. "You're going to the market place with me…You're going to help me look for something." Kuni didn't have time to reply, she was suddenly tossed onto the back of the horse. Bakura jumped upon it as well then kicked it into a gallop.

Once they reached the nearest Market, Bakura pushed Kuni off the horse, causing her to fall onto her butt, cursing Bakura under her breath. "now, look for something that would fit Avila." He waved his hand at the many jewelry vendors who were shouting out prices and deals. Kuni suddenly broke into a grin. "I see Bakura…Trying to win Avila's affection once again!" She jumped to her feet and began to slowly circle the market place, shaking her head at all the trinkets and jewels people shoved into her face.

What fitted Avila? Emeralds would be the first thing that Kuni would think, but wouldn't Avila get tired of those? Kuni knew she would. So she vowed then that she would find something that had nothing to do with green. Bakura too was searching the many stales, not knowing what to look for. He didn't know what woman liked. And the necklace had seemed the best gift, until he tossed it into the sand. He sighed as he watched Kuni glance at every stall she passed. Finally they met in the middle of the market and she shrugged. "Bakura, I mostly see gold and crappy cheap jewels. I don't think you'll find anything here worth buying." Bakura shook his head then pointed to his horse. "We're still looking!"

As you can imagine, Bakura was determined. They went from town to town, looking at their marketplaces to see if they had any jewelry worth buying. Kuni began to get so fed up that she would pick up any piece of jewelry and toss it at Bakura. "Come on. You know Avila wont care!" She gave a whine when he shook his head and continued to search. "This is useless!" She grabbed at her hair and tugged on it, hoping the pain would wake her from this terrible nightmare. And they say us woman shop too much? Kuni slowly circled the fifth market place that day and was about ready to just grab anything, when she spotted something buried beneath a bunch of gold bracelets. She shoved everything out of the way and gasped in delight. "Bakura! Get this!" She held it up for him to see and could tell he approved. It was a simple silver ring with a turquoise gem set in the middle. Silver was so rare in Egypt that it made it all the more precious. "Well get it. Let's go." Bakura grabbed it from Kuni and shoved it into his pocket. The vendor hadn't noticed at all, he was too busy selling some useless rug to some poor sucker.

When they arrived back at the camp Bakura shoved Kuni off the horse, once again, then briskly walked over to Avila where she slept. Bakura kneeled down and gently brushed his hand against her cheek.

Avila opened her eyes, then gave a groan when she saw who it was. "Go away! I'm sleeping! Your child just went to sleep…He was kicking all day…." She gave another groan when Bakura shook her awake. "What is it!" She sighed, sitting up and looking at him with tired eyes. "I have something for you." Avila rolled her eyes as he dug into his pocket. "I don't need anything…I have enough. You, my baby, Kuni …Malik… I'm fine." She wrinkled her nose as he brought out a small black pouch, suddenly wondering what would be in it. "Oh shush Avila, you better accept this, because Bakura dragged me all over to find it!" Kuni leaned forward, waiting to see the look on Avila's face. When he pulled out the silver ring she gave a soft gasp. "It's gorgeous! Hand it over!" She ripped it from his hands and fawned over it, slipping it onto her finger and admiring the look. "It's a little too big…But…for a man, you got pretty close." Avila laughed as she jumped into him, hugging him close, or as close as her belly would allow. Kuni glanced over at Malik who was watching from the other side of the campfire. "Ahem. Where's mine!"

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news…but I'm coming close to the end…If you can't tell…I would say there are maybe two more chapters….maybe more…but most likely not…I hope you enjoyed Avila and Bakura's love story along with Malik and Kuni. Although Malik and Kuni didn't have that big of a story. I was going to make a second story just about them, but I don't think that would work. And besides I have other stories I need to work on. Anyways, two more to go!