Author: Beka Rhade

Editor: Laura Viar

Disclaimer: Nope, none of it's mine, takes place sometime in the fifth season.

Rating: PG
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Summary: Beka and Rhade get closer but Beka keeps trying to tell herself that she doesn't like him. I wrote this in Algebra hope you like it. Please R&R
A/N: Everything in Italics is what Beka's thinking.

Beka sat on her bed in the Maru trying to decide what to do next. Wonder if Dylan needs something done? Even Harper's more interesting then this. Suddenly footsteps sounded in the hall out side her door. She stood up drawing her gun as she stepped forward to open the door only to see Rhade standing there holding up his hands as if he were surrendering. "Didn't anyone ever tell you to knock?" She asked throwing her gun down on the bed.

"You just did," he said leaning against the door frame.

I have to fix the environmental controls. It's to hot in here. She thought. It certainly can't be him. "What can I do for you?"

"Just came to talk."

"About what?"

"Stuff," Rhade shrugged.

Nice muscles, no I don't care about him. Beka thought, "such as?"

"Um," for the first time since she'd known him Rhade started to fidget.

He's nervous, she though watching as he shifted from foot to foot. His face was as blank as always but it looked like he didn't know what to do with his hands. Look's kind of like Harper when he's about to get caught. Beka couldn't help but smile. "Sit down," she said gesturing to her bed. Bad idea, it's to damn close in here. She thought as the door slid shut behind him.

She began to notice how his muscles moved under his shirt, how his hair fell over his face. She began to wonder, no, I don't care about him. He's just like Tyr.

"Look Beka," Rhade started looking at the floor his breathing hard and fast. Beka shifted back wishing that they were outside. "I…" he trailed off looking up.

To close, it's burning up in here. "Look Rhade," bad idea. She thought as feelings of want began to rise inside of her. His breath came hot and fast on her face. So close, they where almost touching. No, I don't care about him, not like this. Then for some reason she leaned forward. Their lips pressed together.

Then Rhade's arms where around her pulling her close. Beka pulled back needing air. I won't do this, not with him. She tried to push away but his arms held.

"Beka," Rhade whispered looking her in the eyes. Beka gasped at the want in longing in them that mirrored her own feelings inside. He kissed her again, "Beka please."

No, I won't do this. His arms surrounded her pulling her closer, he kissed her again. "Rhade, no," she whispered weakly.

Rhade pulled back placing one hand on the back of her neck forcing her to look him in the eyes. "Beka," he whispered gently, "I'm not like Tyr, I don't want to hurt you."

Beka felt tears well up in her eyes as Rhade kissed her again. "Tel…"

Rhade pressed a finger to her lips before she could say any more. "Beka, I love you."

No, he's just like Tyr. Beka thought but she knew she was lying. She'd never felt this way around anyone Tyr. She'd never wanted Tyr like this, never seen that look in his or anyone else's eyes. Rhade cared. He didn't just want to use her.

"Beka," he whispered again stepping back so that only his hands rested on her hips. His expression held something Beka couldn't figure out, fear, confession, want, and hurt all mixed together.

"Rhade," Beka stepped forward leaning into him, pressing her lips to his. Letting him pull her close not caring what happened next.

Beka woke up some time later to feel Rhade's arms arond her. So it wasn't all a dream. She though as he began to kiss her neck. This could be intresting.