Warning. This is my first Fruits Basket Fanfiction. I've only seen a few episodes and read the first few books. This first chapter is graphic at points and makes Akito look very evil. Kyo is a total Uke. You no like, you no read.

Licking the Wounds

Chapter 1 New Wounds

As the rain poured on the cat and the rat it occurred to both that this was not a familiar scene. Indeed, the cat running away was a common occurrence. But not after being challenged.

Kyo knew better than to turn around. Yuki had never initiated a challenge verbally before. To turn around would be to accept. And to accept would be to lose. To lose would be to wake up in the Sohma house, warm, cared for, and empty.

"I have to leave Yuki," he said brokenly. "Please."

"Turn around Kyo." said Yuki evenly. There was no discrepancy in his tone. He wasn't here because he wanted to be. He was here because when Kyo had taken off in the rain, Tohru had gotten a sad look on her face. He knew for a fact that if Yuki had left and Tohru had given him that look, he would have rushed off and retrieved the rat.

But as it was, he didn't want to go back, couldn't go back. "I can't." said Kyo. "You can't understand. There's no way."

It was true. Yuki couldn't understand. He didn't know that Akito had come to the house during the night. He didn't know of the… conversation that the Sohma house leader had had with the family monster.

"I understand Kyo, that you're a coward."

That was what it took. Kyo spun around to protest and the challenge was accepted. He slammed into a tree trunk at the force of the nezumi's hit. His previous injuries were already sore and painfully aching because of the rain, of course Yuki didn't know this. Kyo took in a hissing breath as he stumbled a bit edging towards the path.

"Kyo." said Yuki sharply. "I know you run away a lot. But what's this about? Do you know how much you're hurting Tohru?"

Kyo sunk to his knees. "I don't want to." he murmured.

Yuki's brows knitted as he tried to discern what the cat was saying. "Don't want to what? Hurt Tohru? Go back?"

"Run away," murmured Kyo.

Yuki frowned in confusion. "Then why don't you come home?"

Finally crimson met violet. "I can't."

Yuki growled in frustration. "Why not? I don't understand why you left in the first place. Unless this is some damned ploy for attention or-"

"That's not it!" interrupted Kyo, the fire back in his eyes. "Akito said-" he broke off suddenly and Yuki froze.

"What did Akito say?" he asked sharply.

"Not to tell anyone." replied Kyo evenly. He wasn't surprised to find himself pinned against a tree, but when Yuki's hand started pulling his shirt up his eyes widened and he became combative. "Stop it! What are you doing? Get off me!"

Yuki jerked Kyo's shirt off revealing bite marks and other signs of abuse. Kyo froze. Yuki's eyes were ice cold. When Yuki's hand ventured slowly towards his face he winced, closing his eyes not knowing what to expect other than the abuse he was used to receiving from the rat's hands.

When instead he received a slow caress, he whimpered, confused. "Don't run away Kyo. It'll make it worse, I promise you that," murmured Yuki.

Kyo opened confused and frightened eyes. "I have to get away," he murmured, his mouth dry.

Yuki's eyes went back to their cold façade. "Then run Kyo. Run far away, and fast. Because if you don't get away, you'll spend every day of your miserable life wishing I'd beaten you and dragged you back. And remember, if, no, when you get caught, I never found you."


Kyo's head was pounding, but still he recognized the sensation of slender fingers running through his hair in what was meant to be a soothing caress, but the scent that was attached to it ruined it. He opened his eyes slowly.

"Has anyone ever told you that you moan like a whore in your sleep?" asked Akito brightly.

Kyo's eyes widened. "No." he murmured trying to pull away.

The pale Sohma's grip proved resilient however. "Really? I'm surprised, but now you know."

"How?" murmured Kyo. "How did I get here?"

Akito's hand tightened in Kyo's hair at the nape, before traveling down and clenching tightly on the back of his neck. "Do you know what they do to stray animals Kyo? Hm? There's three options. They return them to their owners, they put them in cages where they belong, or, they do what should be done with you," he said as his hand traveled to the front of Kyo's tanned throat. "They kill them," he murmured, tightening his grasp slowly as his grin widened.

"Ah- Aki-" gasped Kyo as his hands grasped at those of the other boy. But his limbs were heavy and a pressure was already building behind his eyes.

"There you go again, moaning like a whore. You should know by now not to tempt me." with that his mouth descended on Kyo's in a rough passionate kiss. The chastity of Kyo's mouth was invaded easily because he was already gasping for air and when Akito did release his throat his hands were busy trying to push the older boy away.

"Not again! Please!" he murmured, tears rolling down his tanned cheeks.

"Stop it." said Akito sharply, shoving Kyo down on to the bed. "You've been a burden long enough. It's about time you make yourself useful neko."

"Why?" murmured Kyo, tears running down his cheeks.

Akito smiled simply. "Because, you're a dirty monster, and you need to be shown your place."

The tears ran freely down Kyo's cheeks along with sobs escaping his lips as he found his hands bound to the bed post and Akito behind him, once again violating him without the slightest bit of care with lubrication or stretching.

Indeed, Akito simply shoved inside of Kyo roughly moaning at the sensation of the cat's warmth around him as Kyo let out a pained cry. He jerked at his restraints, but he was already weakened and injured. His strength didn't help him here.

It was when Akito started to move that he let out a scream of pain as his insides were torn once again releasing blood for lubrication. As Akito moved he sped up placing bites and scratches down Kyo's back. He moaned as he eventually came to his release.

Not having noticed that the cat had gone limp long ago.


This is how Hatori found him, beaten and bloody. With a sigh, he began to treat the boy. True, he'd never really liked Kyo, but he'd never ever hated him, or even disliked him enough to wish something like this on the poor boy.

Once again Akito had found a fascination, a victim. But unlike Yuki, Hatori wasn't sure Kyo's mind could take the abuse.


Shigure shook as he stood before the calm Akito. After living with the boy, it was impossible for him not to become fond of the cat. That's why when he'd gotten word of Akito's new fascination he'd headed immediately to the head Sohma's house.

"I've come to take Kyo back with me." he said flatly.

Akito simply smiled. "Why? Kyo clearly is only doing damage to your house, he isn't doing that well in school, and I fail to see a reason for Kyo's being there. It's advantageous to no one."
"I want him back!" snapped Yuki standing up, fists clenched, body shaking. "I need him back," he murmured.

Surprised at the raised voice of his favored rat, Akito's brow rose before he smiled coolly. "Why is that? Dear nezumi? What has Kyo done to gain your favor? You two fight like animals, I can't see where he'd be of any use to you…unless…you two are?" he raised a brow, amused at the mere suggestion of Yuki and Kyo being paramours.

When Yuki closed his eyes and didn't deny it Akito's face reddened in fury. Those violet eyes focused on the depthless black ones. "I want Kyo back."

Akito's eyes narrowed and he glared to Shigure, hoping to see a denial of this fact, when he received none he turned back to Yuki with a malicious smile. "Fine. You can have your lover back. But you'd do well to remain lovers. Because the moment Kyo loses his reason for staying there, he's coming back."

Yuki's eyes widened in surprise, but joy sparked in his eyes. "Thank you!" he murmured. "Thank you!"


With the knowledge that Kyo was to be coming home, also came the knowledge that Akito wished Hatsuharu to move in. "After all, now that it's no secret that Kyo-kun and Yuki-kun are lovers, they can share a room, and Kyo's room will become available."

It was clearly a way to make the two boys uncomfortable, Shigure was sure that Akito was trying to catch them in their lie. But Yuki, true to form, did not complain but immediately acquiesced. Kyo however, was very much unconscious after having been treated by Hatori.

Hatori suggested that Kyo not be stressed for a while, and be under constant watch.

He told them that when he awoke he should be well fed, and well treated, that meant no spars with Yuki- or any other physical activities the boys might want to do. This made Yuki blush but once again he nodded. He'd come this far for Kyo, and he intended to keep the neko safe from his fate.