Chapter One – Prologue: Evil Awakening
By rainbowraindeer

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Gohan's foot taped impatiently against the cold ground. It had already been fifteen minutes, and the new opponent Dabura had promised them still hadn't shown his or her self. "What do you think is taking so long, dad?" He asked, turning around to look at his father.

"Sorry, I have no idea," He walked over to the boy, and placed a strong hand on his shoulder, "But I'm sure you'll do just fine this time around."

Gohan sighed, "I'm really sorry, dad." His arms crossed insecurely over his chest, "Maybe you or Vegeta should take the next guy…" He nervously laughed, but he knew there was no place for it. "I've kind of been neglecting my training," His feet shuffled from under him, "I'm not as strong as I was when I fought Cell…"

"Don't worry so much about it!" Goku smiled, giving his son a strong pat on the back, "When we beat this next guy," He momentarily stared at the door in front of them before continuing, "I'll spend some of the day training with you," He nudged the boy, "You know, just for fun!"

Gohan smiled. It wasn't his favourite way to spend the day with his father, but it was a way they would both enjoy. "That'd be great dad. I've missed you."

"I've missed you too son," Goku paused, soaking in the moment. He had really missed Gohan these past few years, but sacrifices had to be made to keep the earth safe. "So…" He began, thoughts of Goten, the son he never even knew, swam through his mind, "What's Goten like? I know it must be hard growing up without a father…"

I know what you mean. "He's a great kid, dad." It was Gohan's turn to nudge Goku; "It looks like he's taken a real shine to you!"

Goku laughed, "Yeah, and he's strong too!" Goku's hands came to his hips, "I mean, a super saiyan already! Wow!"

Gohan smiled, he really missed talking to his father. "I was surprised myself when I found out. The weird thing is, it comes so naturally to him!"

The older saiyan raised an eyebrow, "Oh?"

One of Gohan's hands began to scratch the back of his neck, "Yeah, he actually became a super saiyan before he could even fly, and flying is probably one of the easiest ki based techniques there is!" Gohan chuckled, "I called him a super pedestrian at the time…"

Goku couldn't help but laugh at that joke, "I probably would have said the same thing!"



Dabura frowned, staring coldly into the crystal ball sitting in front of him. It showed three powerful warriors, all waiting for the new opponent he himself had promised them, "Are you sure, master?" He questioned. "Wouldn't it just be better – and easier – to manipulate the mind of this…" His eyes slipped over to the shortest saiyan, the one he had recommended, "…Vegeta?"

Babidi snarled at the demon king. Why is he questioning my decision? His mind growled angrily. He smirked; Dabura would be dealt with soon enough, "Perhaps…" His arms crossed behind his back, and one large, green pupil rolled to look at the minion. "But this young man should be more… fun."

Dabura raised an eyebrow, confused at Babidi's choice of words, "Fun, master?"

The little wizard chuckled, "He will be a challenge!" His eyes narrowed, and his face retained its usual smirk, "I like a challenge!"

The demon king sighed, he hated to question his master, but this situation called for it, "How do you know if it's even possible to manipulate him?" Dabura just couldn't see any evil in the boy, especially from first impressions.

Babidi shook his head, "Dabura, Dabura, Dabura…" His scaly yellow hands rose to rub the crystal ball possessively, it was now focused on 'his' face. "That boy is a lot more than just a naïve smile," He erupted in laughter, clapping his hands like an excited schoolgirl. Babidi soon calmed down, and went back to talking to Dabura. "He is truly troubled, nothing like I've ever seen before."

Dabura looked into the crystal ball, the boy had a cheerful smile on his face. There was no way be could possibly be troubled, "Troubled, master?"

"Oh, yes!" He turned to Dabura; "His parents have such high expectations for him! Being the protector of the planet and becoming a successful scholar, I almost feel sorry for him." The wizard smiled a devious smile; one Dabura was quite used to by now, "Almost, that is."


A soft wind drifted through the small fighting area, causing the felling that something was wrong to intensify inside the Supreme Kai's being. He was filled with unwavering doubt. The fact was…

…They couldn't possibly have a fighter stronger than Dabura.

His usually soft eyes, so neutral and mysterious, widened in panic. Could the warrior Dabura had been talking about be among them? But that couldn't be possible… the warriors around him were pure of heart. That had been the point in dragging them into the whole Buu ordeal; they let nothing get in the way of world peace.

But it was still possible. Babidi was an amazing wizard when he put his mind to it. Just one lapse in your emotions and he could easily convert your heart into a dark and twisted organ, something you could never do on your own, no matter how hard you tried.

It didn't matter how easy it would be for Babidi, the real concern was who would that demented little wizard choose. He had to warn them, so he started to search for the most likely candidate.

First, he spotted Goku and Gohan, talking to each other. They seemed so carefree; unaware of the danger they could very well be in. But really, there was no way Babidi would choose one of them, and even if he did, there would be no possible way for him to succeed.

So that left… Vegeta. Supreme Kai froze, eyes landing on the stubborn saiyan prince. He had his back turned to them, standing in a stance that would make him seem unapproachable, and perhaps he was.

"Oh no…" The Supreme Kai was talking to himself, but he didn't care, "…He's the one!" He ran forward, hoping to reach the saiyan before it would be too late, but he tripped, and fell flat on his face. Not too graceful for the ruler of the universe.

He didn't let this nervous clumsiness get in his way, however, as he yelled at the top of his lungs, "Vegeta! No!"

Vegeta's head whipped around, and he sent a strong death glare at the Supreme Kai, "What is it Kai?" He scowled, arms crossing angrily over his chest, "I'm not in the mood to listen to anyone!" His teeth grinded together, this caused the sound of chalk against a blackboard to fill the room. "Not after Gohan's pitiful performance." He growled, hitting a sensitive nerve in Gohan's system.

"But Vegeta!" The Kai pleaded, quickly getting to his feet, "I fear that Babidi may try to take control of one of you three. And the possibility is, it may very well be you."

Vegeta hid a grin; he had truly hoped that would be the case…


Babidi's hands circled the crystal ball, causing it to focus on the boy's face. This would truly be a brilliant moment. He knew every element he would throw at the boy, everything that would convince him he had no place on their side.

Deep down, he knew the boy would be hard to convert, but nothing was impossible. Babidi was the son of Bibidi, greatest wizard to ever exist! Creator of Buu! He could do anything.

With a gleeful smirk, Babidi yelled the one magical word that would change the lives of the Z sensei forever…



Gohan twitched. He felt something softly poke at his mind. He wasn't sure what it was, but he was sure of one thing, it just didn't feel natural.

Suddenly, his eyes widened, and the truth hit him, it was Babidi. He fell to one knee, withering in pain. This couldn't be possible, why was Babidi after him?

"No!" His sharp cry tore through the air, causing three heads to turn to him, "It's Babidi!" He informed them, panting heavily, sweat slipping down his brow.

"No…" Supreme Kai yelled in disbelief, "It's impossible!" He quickly regained himself and sprinted over to Gohan.

"What's wrong with him?" Goku asked, joining Supreme Kai at Gohan's side. "Is Babidi trying to kill him?"

"No, it's worse." The Kai replied.

Goku was confused, what could be worse than dying, "How worse?"

Before he could answer, a strong wind, surging with golden energy, picked them both up, and threw them harshly against the stony white walls. They both impacted at the same time, and slid slowly down to the ground. Goku slowly got to his knees, rubbing his butt.

"Ow…" He mumbled, pouting slightly. But the comical moment was broken as a screech erupted from Gohan's throat. He quickly turned back around to see what was happening to his son.

He watched as Gohan turned super saiyan, and collapsed to the ground. "Get out of my head!" Came a tortured cry, causing Goku to wince.

"Babidi is trying to summon the evil inside Gohan…" The two saiyan's looked at the Kai in surprise. The Supreme Kai frowned, "If he finds what he's looking for, there may be no hope for your son, Goku."

Goku's eyes widened, "No!" He yelled, welling with concern for his eldest son, "He can't do that!"

"But he is, and there may be nothing we can do about it." The purple guardian sighed, he had been sure Gohan was pure of heart.

They all heard Gohan stifle a cry as Babidi managed to break the barriers in his mind. A harsh cackling, no doubt belonging to Babidi, echoed through Gohan's conscious. He shut his eyes tight, grinded his teeth together, and tried to drown out the twisted laughing. But no matter what he tried, he could still hear it loud and clear.

Finally, after a minute of mindless cackling, Babidi spoke to the boy, "Hello, Gohan." Those two words echoed through his entire form. Gohan loathed the way his name sounded coming out of the wizard's mouth.

"What do you want?" Gohan hissed, managing to lift himself to his hands and knees. His hands grasped the white ground, causing his knuckles to turn white.

"Oh Gohan…" He could just picture that controlling smirk on the wizard's face, "I think you know exactly what I want."

"No," Gohan snarled, cracking his eyes open, "I don't." His tone was harsh, menacing. Babidi knew the transformation from good to evil was taking effect. It was quite beautiful – in a sick and twisted sort of way.

Babidi chuckled, "You're a smart boy, Gohan. You can figure it out."

Gohan growled, he didn't need this crap. He silently gasped; he was loosing it. "I… have… to… fight it!" He gasped out; causing small sparks of golden energy to flicker around him. His hair stood up higher as he ascended to Super Saiyan Two.

"You don't really." He heard Babidi say, "They don't respect you like I do, boy. I can put your power to good use."

The boy snarled, "No you don't! No you can't! Now leave me alone!"

"Moody are we?" The wizard asked, a mocking tone easily noted in his voice, "Look, there's no reason for you to try and fight it anymore. You know as much as I do…" He could almost see Babidi deviously smile, that cunning smirk of his was truly sickening, "…I've already won."

Gohan's eyes flashed an angry shade of turquoise green, "No you haven't!" He slowly got to his feet, feeling newfound confidence flowing through him, "I am the son of Son Goku! And I'm not beaten that easily!"

"Ah yes, that father of yours!" Babidi erupted in energized laughter, "Do you honestly think I believe you respect that man?"

Gohan's eyes widened, and he dropped to his knees. "No… you can't use that against me!" He felt tears well up in his eyes "He was right to do what he did! He needed to keep the planet safe!"

"Oh, really?" Babidi asked, "Are you sure he didn't just want to get away from you?" Babidi smirked, he was pushing all the right buttons now, "You truly were a horrible son. Such a coward! And you even killed him at one stage."

A fist crashed into the ground, rattling the room. A dent was left with his punch, but was soon filled with a mixture of sweat and tears. "That's not true! It's just not true!"

"Don't kid yourself, boy!" Babidi hissed.

Gohan lost his balance, and fell flat on his face. The small pool he created jumped out of its hiding place and splashed all over him. "It's all true…" He mumbled, "He hates me."

"So you finally get it. He doesn't want you! He doesn't need you!"

"And you do?" Gohan asked, starting to believe Babidi would be the only way to go.

"Of course I do, Gohan!" Babidi's voice now seemed softer, but still rather commanding, "Now come on, there's no going back now!"

Gohan rolled onto his back, feeling a new power flow through his veins. It was nothing he had ever felt before. But strangely enough, he enjoyed it. He breath came out in harsh gasps as he accustomed to it, and he slowly got to his feet.

As if moving in slow motion, his hand lifted to his forehead, where he felt a small symbol dug into his forehead. He traced his fingers along it, and soon came to the realization that it was a perfectly crafted 'M', a sign of the Majin. "Yes, Master Babidi." His cold, obedient voice said.


"Yes, Master Babidi." Those three words seemed to echo off the walls. A dark smile passed Babidi's lips. It was all over; Gohan was his to command now. It felt so great to have that kind of power, and the feeling only intensified when he gained himself a new recruit.

Babidi's dark attitude broke as the small wizard leaped into the air in glee, "This is just too good!" He laughed happily, turning to Dabura in the process, "Didn't I tell you he would be better than Vegeta?"

Reluctantly, Dabura nodded, but he still wasn't quite sure that Babidi had made the right decision.

The short wizard heard Dabura's doubt through their link of minds, but he paid no mind to it. He was too focused on his new minion. "Oh! But we can't have poor Gohan fight in such a small area, where do you think we should take them?" He asked, but didn't really expect an answer from the demon king.

A light bulb flickered on above his head, he suddenly knew exactly where. "Oh won't those wretched humans get a big surprise!" He chuckled for the millionth time; everything was going so perfectly.

He raised his hands to the crystal ball, and concentrated on where he wanted to take them. It wouldn't be long before the spell would take effect.


All eyes couldn't leave his figure. It was just so amazing, but one of their own, a fellow hero, was a majin, and there was nothing they could do about it. Gohan had chosen his side, and unluckily, it hadn't been there's.

"Please, Gohan…" Goku took a step towards his son, "What have I missed in the last seven years that has made you like this. You're pure of heart!"

Gohan's cold, turquoise eyes shifted over to him. The boy's answer surprised Goku, "Everything." He said coldly, raising his power level to blow the man anyway.

Goku collided with the wall. He coughed, but it didn't take much to get back to his feet, "Everything…" He repeated to himself. What does that mean? His mind asked, Gohan didn't hear this question – for obvious reasons.

Vegeta gasped as Gohan raised his power level even more, "Incredible!" His eyes widened, "His power level is like nothing I have ever felt before!"

Goku nodded, but his mind was half on what Vegeta was saying, half on Gohan's meaning of the word, everything.

"But still, it is nothing compared to Buu's." Supreme Kai admitted.


Suddenly. To everyone's amazement, the room started to spin. A clash of dark rainbow colours surrounded them, before the whole scene changed. They had once been standing in a semi-circular room, now they were standing in…

…a martial arts arena?

To be continued…

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