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Peace Keeper Takeru Takaishi
Ch. 1 Journey to the Darkness

First class Sergeant Takeru Takaishi walked down to the Arikada District of Tokyo, Japan searching for any rebel camps in the area. He was with his commanding officer, Lieutenant Major Yamato Ishida, and fellow Peace Keepers Private Omura Ayanami, and Private Risa Ebisawa.

Major Ishida was not a big man, but tall and gangly with flat blond hair and blue eyes. Ayanami was the rookie; he had just been assigned to the team a week before. With black hair constantly pillowing in front of his brown eyes, he stumbled through everything he did. All the other team members hoped that it was just jitters from being out on the field for the first time for every action in battle could mean the difference between life and death. Finally there was Ebisawa, the only female. Her purple hair and blazing green eyes instilled fear to all those who didn't know her.

Each wore the standard uniforms assigned to them by the Lunar Corporation: a pair of black pants with six visible pockets and two hidden ones, black urban combat jacket, a Kevlar vest with eight pockets, a pair of clear goggles, ear comms, a basic .45 Furor semiautomatic pistol, two combat knives, one on their side and one in the standard issue boots and a MtK-68 assault rifle.

All of them took on the assignment with much reluctance, but they were the only team with in the area, for the rest had been abandoned it long ago. They walked down what used to be the main street. Everything was old crumpled and dirty; wild animals ruled the streets, and not a human soul could be spotted.

Each of the team members would face one of the four available directions. Ishida stared north and pointed his standard issue MtK-68 in front. He had bent his knees and glided across the street like the soldier he was trained to be. The others, facing the other three directions, East, South and West, were gliding in a similar way. Each of them had their backs glued together and thus moved as one group down to the old hospital that stood next to a long forgotten café.

They finally approached the door without any misfortune. Without a word they split into two's on each side of the door. Three…two…one, they counted in silence then Ishida rammed in the door and everyone quickly shuffled in with their weapons in the air. Searching the entrance for enemy hostiles, they slid across the room with surprising speed. Ishida stepped forward as a precautionary against attack. Ebisawa followed soon after, facing the right straight at the old office door. Takaishi and Ayanami both moved in similar fashions keeping their backs facing each other. There was no opening for a surprise attack.

The room reeked of ancient rot and feces. It was covered in webs and ancient furniture that was once white. Some of the furniture was strewn about the floor with bullet holes dots like chocolate sprinkles on an over aged cake. Papers were scattered all over the floor, it was probably abandoned during the Gerim Riots. Many had insignia of old terrorist groups that had long been crushed by the Lunar Empire.

They traveled as an amoeba into the office. There was nothing there. Papers were strewn about the floor; all furniture was tipped over, and an old computer with a broken screen and no keyboard was thrown into a small corner.

"Clear" confirmed Ebisawa.

Once again the amoeba walked outside. They then began to walk down the hall further into the wrecked building. Ishida was naturally first to step forward into the hallway. The others followed closely behind watching for any signs of life, or preferably, none. The hall was no better than the open entrance room, except for the vast amounts of spider webs that have obviously been disturbed very recently. It was then that the four soldiers came up to a three way fork in their path.

Although unwilling, Ishida ordered his group to separate. Flicking his hands, he motioned Takaishi to the left, Ebisawa to the right, and Ayanami to stay as backup. Ishida went straight forward into the dark abyss of the hallway. Takaishi and Ebisawa both went their separate ways and Ayanami stayed, feeling a little indignant; however, his orders were orders and they were obeyed.

Takaishi's trip was anything but pleasurable. He walked through what seemed to be thousands of spider webs and endured the smell of rotting rat flesh that seemed to permeate even through his armor. Holding his weapon up with the utmost caution, he slowly moved up to each room and rushed in to surprise any possible residence within the compartment.

"Clear" he confirmed with his earpiece after he scanned a room. CRASH went something to the South East of the room. Whipping his gun up, Takaishi pointed the flashlight at the end of his gun at a small child hiding in the corner. Apparently the small thing had managed to blend with some ragged curtains and an old hospital bed. It seemed deathly pale and skinny. It was as if the child had no sustenance for many days. It was debatable on whether or not this child was alive. However, the sudden jerky movements in attempt to run did confirm the living status of the adolescent.

Takaishi grabbed the kid by the shirt.

"Halt," he shouted.

It merely stared at him with wide eyes of pure fear. The child was a young boy no more than seven years of age.

He raised his left hand up to his ear and pressed down slightly until a small beep was heard, "Sir, I found a child, most likely an orphan," He stated "Request permission to return him to Ayanami's post."

"Yes Takaishi, then after that return to clearing the building. Be wary, there is a possibility that the child is neither an orphan nor alone," the rattled static returned.

The child began screaming as Takaishi made moves to lift it into the air. Lowering his rifle and he gagged the loud dreadful noise with some old rags from the ground, Takaishi then scooped the fifty pound weight into his arms and proceeded to move toward the direction in which he came. The small thing in his arms realized the knot on the gag was too hard to undo, had began to attack the armor on Takaishi's shoulder. Ignoring the wriggling mass on his shoulder, he merely walked further down the hallway.

After twenty yards, he noticed the height of the spider webs disposition. A click sounded behind him. Takaishi then flipped around and shot a door. Soon a body fell out of it and three people with automatic rifles jumped out to attack him. Utilizing all the training of Lunar Corp, Takaishi ran off with inhuman speed before his attackers could raise their weapons.

"Sir, I am under attack by three unknown hostiles, most likely part of the rebel group. They are armed with American M-16's. Heading towards Ayanami's location now." His voice was calm; it was not unusual for him to be in danger.

The child, who seemed to get free of the temporary gag, was now wailing in his arms thanks to the sound of the gunfire. The rebels seemed to have no fear of harming it, and the bullets whizzed by like flies. They swarmed towards the young soldier attempting to catch up to his superior speed. Even with the child in his arms weighting him down, Takaishi still had the genetic superiority in speed and ran faster than the three.

Takaishi freed his right arm and lifted his rifle and returned some shots. The hall seemed to last an eternity during this time of action, but he was closing in on Ayanami's position.

"Ayanami, I am approaching you position, be prepared for attack." He ordered through his comm.

"Acknowledged," came the conditioned reply.

"Takaishi, you will lead them to where Ayanami was posted and make sure they enter the area. Then we will surround them on all sides and take them out." ordered Ishida.

So Takaishi ran through the small room where the path split and flipped around just as he passed it. His pursuers ran right into it like a flock of sheep. Ebisawa, who had been standing in the direction of where they came, moved into the hall behind the rebels, blocking off any escape path. Each one of them was in a separate hall facing toward the center.

Takaishi's attackers soon realized what happened, and one twisted toward Ayanami's direction. Before he pulled the trigger, the team had already fired. Each one of the rebels fell to the ground with a thump. One, a female, reached toward the child in Takaishi's arms as if making some sort of last request before dieing. The boy, who had watched the entire thing, began wailing even louder and screamed for his mother. The team watched with apathy.

Suddenly, rifle fire rang through the room. Ebisawa fell to the ground, landing on the puddle of rebel blood. The rest had lifted their rifles and fired toward the origin of the bullets. This time, there was far more than three; this was definitely a rebel camp ground. Ishida motioned for retreat to the entrance of the building. So they ran as fast as they were able to and zoomed toward the exit.

Takaishi was last, for the child had slowed him down a great deal. He was also somewhat tired from the previous run. He had not gotten far when a sharp pain went up his left leg, and he slammed into an old chair. The child flew threw the air; where it landed, Takaishi did not know.

Using the wall, he stood up and faced his attackers, who were now close enough for him to see the color of their eyes. Lifting his rifle, he lunged at one of them and slammed the butt of it into its face. Another came and shot his other leg. Searing pain went through Takaishi's body, and yet he ignored it and flipped around to shoot back. Before he could, someone had managed to butt him in the head, successfully sending him into a black oblivion.

He awoke to the feeling of pain in his legs, shoulders and head. His hands were tied above him; he was hanging off a hook barely touching the ground with the tips of his toes. A series of thoughts ran through his head. Perhaps this was the so called after-life that so many believed in, or maybe Lunar Corp had managed to get him back and decided to debrief him the hard way, because he had failed his mission. None-the-less he was somewhere he had not been before.

The room reeked of fecal matter and other rotting wastes. It was white all around him, and there was only one entrance and no window. If this was hell then the many believers would be destined to be disappointed for the lack of fire and demons.

Takaishi's shoulders screamed in pain as the gravity bore down on them in this awkward position. It reminded him of his early years, among the many exercises, there was the dreaded tolerance drill; as implied by the name, and the drill tested a subject's pain tolerance and attempted to increase its level.

The door opened. A man with black, spiked hair, dark eyes and a diagonal scar on his cheek advanced. Behind him were three others, two men and a young woman. The girl was about medium height and had short brown hair. She wore a torn green jacket over a small pink tank top. She was not incredibly beautiful, but she could be considered "cute." One man carried a small laptop with him; it was dark with age and scratched with overuse. His red hair was spiked, like the first man, except it was slightly shorter; he seemed younger than the first as well. The last was a man with unusually blue hair, he brought in a black bag with what seemed to be a Red Cross patch on it. He lugged it up next to Takaishi and dropped it with a thud next to the young blonde's foot.

"So here are my demons," Takaishi thought to himself. He eyed the black bag, expecting sharp instruments to be extracted from it.

The black haired one then begun to speak, "So, what's your rank and serial number soldier?"

"Who cares, I say we should kill it!" the woman glared at Takaishi with an unparallel amount of hatred.

Laptop man turned to the women and calmly stated, "We've been over this Hikari, and he could have beneficial information, not to mention it would be murder, after all he is human." Takaishi was shocked, though it remained hidden from his captors. He had never been classified as an equal to a person.

"Yeah right, Koushiro, this is a creature that would kill another with out a second thought, it doesn't know regret, or pain. That is not human!" Hikari screamed back, pointing in Takaishi's direction.

As if on cue, the unusual blue hair man stepped in, "Hikari stop it, I have to treat my patient, and we have instructions interrogate him, if you can't handle it then leave." The man took off an old bandage from Takaishi's leg. Takaishi merely stared down, noticing for the first time that his leg wounds were covered in gauze.

"Fine then Jyou, if this thing escapes and runs rampant and kills everyone, I am not responsible. And you," she turned to the scarred man, "don't you ever forget Taichi, that you are a Kamiya." With that, she stormed out, disappearing when the door slammed.

Fire brewed in Taichi's eyes. He coldly turned his body to face Takaishi and glared at him. "Rank and Serial Number" he demanded once more. Receiving no immediate answer, Taichi became aggravated and grabbed the younger man by the collar. Takaishi winced in pain by the sudden jolt in the shoulders and legs.

Taichi ignored the man's twinge and looked fiercely at Takaishi's eyes. "Answer me, or you'll regret it," he threatened in a low, hoarse voice. Again, no sound came from the hanging man's lips. So Taichi positioned himself to punch Takaishi.

Jyou then stepped up and stood in front of his patient. "Sorry Taichi, he's still my patient, and I will treat him. But I can't do that if you threaten to pulverize him, so I must ask you to leave." Taichi growled a little at him, then turned his head to go.

Koushiro then approached Takaishi, "Hmm, appears like you made great friends with the Kamiya's," he looked at the door where Taichi left, "You must understand, Peace Keepers like you were the ones that killed Taichi and Hikari's parents. I don't really like you too much either, many of my friends died at the hands of Lunar Corp's Hell Spawns." He looked at Takaishi, then at Jyou who was bandaging the leg below. It was as if he expected a reaction from the depressing story. "So, you feel like talking now?"

Takaishi merely stared at him with empty eyes. The boy had no clue what to say or what they wanted; to Koushiro, however, Takaishi was being difficult.

"Alright, have it your way." He left through the door everyone else used.

As if announcing his own presence once more, Jyou shouted, "Done" with an interesting hint of glee. He turned to Takaishi and attempted to interrogate him a different way. "It would be nice to know your name; would you be kind enough to tell me?"

"First class Sergeant number 33914023, Battalion number 223 team 59." He uttered.

Surprised at his unexpected success Jyou managed to smile a little. "Now, that wasn't so hard was it?" he grinned at Takaishi and left the room, but not before adding in a little comment, "I think you'll be fine, your leg is healing quickly thanks to your genetic enhancements."

Takaishi was confused with himself. He could not conceive why he had said so much about who he was. It was frightening; there seemed to be no cause. However, he ignored the pending fear and slept; he needed to reserve his strength.

When he woke up, there was the female called Hikari standing before him. Takaishi was no fool, this woman hated him and nothing was going to stop her. She did not appear to be as agreeable as the others. For a moment, they stared into each other's eyes. Her brown eyes seemed to turn to a dark burning red as she lifted a Berretta .45 and placed it between his eyes.

Her hand began shaking uncontrollably. Her mind screamed for control, but the rest of her would not respond. She had killed before, but only in self defense. Cold blooded murder was new to her, and the longer she stared into Takaishi's eyes, the more she could bring herself to kill him.

Takaishi was taken aback at his executioner's loss of control. These things did not happen everyday. If their roles had been switched, he would have pulled the trigger without a second thought.

Her hand squeezed at the handle, and slowly pulled back the trigger.

"Hikari!" Taichi lunged into the room. "What are you doing Hikari?" Taichi yelled, "You know we're supposed to keep him alive!"

She whipped around angrily, dropping her gun to her side. "I said that I would take care of it if you didn't," she firmly stated. She glared at the floor, and her fist tightened around the gun.

"All right then, you can take care of him," said Taichi.

"What!" Hikari flipped her head up, and stared into the man's eyes. Did her brother finally understand?

"Yes, that's right, you get to feed him and change his bandages, and so forth," Taichi smirked, "and if I find out that you killed him, then I'll have no choice but to arrest you."

"What?" she screamed at him, "No way, not a chance in hell. I'd rather die." She then punched him in the nose.

"Oww, shit Kari." Taichi held his now bloody nose in his hands, bending over to avoid having blood on his clothes. "Well, then my condolences for your premature death, cuz your doing it." He laughed. He was covered in blood, but the irony was too much. Suddenly he snapped into a stoic form. This was not a time to mock his sister, but to educate her.

Hikari slightly growled at her brother. However, she accepted the task, Taichi was her brother after all. In all of his pig headedness, he did have an unusual amount of intelligence under that dense helmet he had for hair. She stared at the ground and conceded her defeat.

Taichi took this as his cue to talk, "Alright then, moving on, we have to get him down. We can't have a prisoner who is so used to pain that torture won't get anything out of him." He motioned Koushiro and another dark haired young man to move forward and let Takaishi down. The man appeared to be about the same age as Hikari. He actually appeared to be a younger version of Taichi. They appeared to be siblings.

Takaishi groaned that young man was not very gentle. In fact, he was down right ruthless. "Daisuke Motimoya, you could be a little more careful, dropping the man's wounded legs on the ground is border line torture," Koushiro chastised the younger man. Daisuke merely grunted a slight response. He did not appear to like Lunar Corp Peace Keepers either.

They chained him to the wall, although his limbs were free to move, somewhat. Leaving him there, the bleeding Taichi and his subordinates left Takaishi in the dark room with no light for comfort. Takaishi merely stared into the darkness. It seemed like years passed since his capture by the enemy. The pain in his legs merely made it seem longer. Sitting in the darkness gave him time to contemplate his life of seventeen years. It was nothing much; a rifle, a pair of slacks, his commander/brother, and the eyes of a mother begging for the life of her child.

That image was stuck in his head for a long time; she was barely twenty and living off the rubble of what used to be Okinawa with her two year old son. His team had orders to exterminate whatever was residing in the place; it was an initiation test for loyalty to the company. He had located the women hiding between some large piles of rubble and underneath a box. When he flipped the box up, the woman screamed, "Run!" A small bundle of clothes came storming out from underneath the box. When Takaishi aimed his gun at it, the women slammed herself at him. Naturally she did not stand a chance against his abilities, but she was able to deter his weapon from hitting the target.

When he regained control, she was on her knees begging him to spare her son. The tears poured freely from her brown eyes. For a moment, he hesitated to shoot the child, who was about twenty feet away and running as fast as his little legs could move. The women continued to plead, but Takaishi had his orders, and he shot the little bundle and watched it crash onto the ground covered in red. The woman stared at the direction Takaishi shot and ran straight at her son screaming out his name. By the time she reached finally accepted, the child was dead, she screamed out in agony. She stared at Takaishi, not with eyes of hate, but with eyes of pity and sadness. That look was frozen in his memories forever. Finally, he raised his rifle and shot her in between the eyes, so she could die without much pain.

After that day, they were initiated to being a permanent Peace Keepers for Lunar Corp. During the naming ceremony, he made one request. It was to have the name Takeru Takaishi, the name of the very child he murdered.

An eternity later, the door of his cell opened once more and the lights were turned on. It was Hikari with what appeared to be a tray of food. It made Takaishi realize just how hungry he was. She walked up to him and spit in the tray. Then she shoved it at him saying, "Eat it, cuz that's all you're getting." Takaishi took the tray out of her hands and proceeded to eat. The fact that someone spit it in it did not affect him at all.

His indifference annoyed her. "It's not fair, can nothing faze this man," she thought to herself. Then she bent down to check on his bandages. It had been about four hours since they were put on and they were beginning to have an odor. She put her hand on the wounded section where the gauze began. Takaishi flinched with pain. Hikari noticed and as much as she wished to cause more pain, she held back. She didn't know why she couldn't bring herself to torture him; perhaps it was those blue eyes that seemed so ready to die a few hours before.

She carefully unwrapped the bandage around his left leg. They did not talk as she slowly removed and replaced the bandage. Takaishi merely observed her working although it did not stop his eating. Her fingers moved gracefully and gently around his wound.. It was just then he noticed just how incredibly amazing she looked, "perhaps the correct word is beautiful," he thought. But her eyes diverted his attention. They glazed over with a dull brown as she worked; this was not her first time bandaging gun wounds. But it was more than just her being in a routine; it was as if someone had stolen the light out of her eyes. For a moment he was lost in them and could see nothing but those brown pools of misery.

"What are you looking at?" she demanded.

A strange feeling came over Takaishi; blood rushed up to his cheeks. This was the first time in his life that he has ever felt like that, and he could not comprehend it. It was an interesting new sensation, but it was not pleasant.

"N..n..nothing," he managed to utter.

Hikari returned her attention to her work. Whatever he was doing, it was nothing of concern to her. Then she moved to re-bandage his right leg. Like before, she noticed his wounds had healed at an amazing rate. She felt slightly jealous for his genetic advantages. Then Taichi walked in with his usual followers plus one; they were prepared to question Takaishi further.

Takaishi looked up at the goggled man. "Well, well, looks like your wounds are healing nicely which means that we can continue questioning you," Taichi nonchalantly stated, "Sis, when are you going to be done with him?"

"Just start," she replied coldly.

A little unnerved by her tone of voice, Taichi approached Takaishi with caution. Daisuke, Koushiro, Jyou and another woman walked up behind him. "Sora!" Kari greeted jumping up and hugging her in the middle of her work, "Your back from Okinawa." Takaishi frowned; the place brought back unpleasant memories. Hikari returned to her work, growling a little when she looked at Takaishi.

"Yes," Sora replied. She had light auburn hair with tanned skin and a long jagged scar ran down her left arm. She wore a yellow tank top and a light blue cap, her blue jeans were torn and covered in white patches. Taichi stepped aside while she approached Takaishi and stared down at him. "So, you are one of Lunar Corp's butchers. What's your rank and serial number?"

For a moment, Takaishi merely stared and blinked. "First class Sergeant number 33914023, Battalion number 223 team 59," he rehearsed.

"What were you doing at the old hospital?" She questioned further. He said nothing. "Tell me what you were doing at the old hospital," she patiently ordered. Takaishi shifted his gaze to Hikari's hands that were bandaging his leg. Sora grew slightly frustrated; "Answer me soldier," she demanded. He made no response once more. Now Sora's eye brows furrowed, "Answer me or we'll be forced to hurt you." It was not that he did not want to tell, but his team would be executed if he did tell and they found out.

Daisuke seized his opportunity, grabbed Takaishi and slammed him up against the wall. "Answer the lady you bastard." Takaishi stared straight at Daisuke's eyes for a moment then looked at Taichi, then chose a spot on the wall. Daisuke grabbed at Takaishi's not entirely bandaged, wounded leg. Takaishi yelped in pain, and grimaced at the young man in front of him. It did not matter to Takaishi; he did not plan to live past the age of twenty-five anyway.

Daisuke grew frustrated at the lack of answers; he was about to continue with his "interrogation" technique except Taichi forced him to stop. "Sorry kid, but that will get you no where."

"This boy knows too much of pain to be swayed by it," Koushiro added. The older ones all nodded their head in agreement. Daisuke was slightly disappointed, but nonetheless dropped Takaishi onto the ground. He turned around to his comrades, "Alright, then what are we supposed to do with him? There is no point in keeping him if he won't talk."

"Your too impatient Daisuke," said Jyou, "he will come around soon enough, give him a little time." Hikari finished up bandaging, stood up and left. Everyone else stood there for a little staring at Takaishi as if they were expecting him to say something. They soon seemed to give up and left him in the dark once more.

The next day Hikari returned with fresh bandages and some gruel. She gave him his food and began changing the bandages on his legs. Once again, they endured each other in silence. Before she finished, the others had walked in and patiently waited their turn for the prisoner. They questioned him for two hours, using every technique they could think of without permanently damaging him further. Yet Takaishi said nothing. At the end, they finally gave up.

The next day happened exactly the same way. Hikari would come in with food and bandages. Halfway through bandaging his legs, Taichi, Daisuke and Koushiro entered to question him for a couple of hours and he, of course, never said anything besides his rank and serial number. Soon this became an everyday pattern, until he was in there for about a month.

Hikari came in as usual and handed him a tray of food and began bandaging his wounds. Takaishi had a question that had been burning away at his soul and could no longer with hold it in his heart. "Why…?" he asked her, his voice was soft and hoarse for he had not spoken in some time. She flipped her eyes up from her work, completely surprised at the noise coming from the usually catatonic man.

He stared at her blankly, then opened his mouth, "Why do you even bother?"

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