Everyone stood next to a tall Sakura tree in a park that they had all visited many times before. "It's been another year hasn't it Hikari." Taichi spoke to it, the same thing he did every year for fifteen years since their deaths. "I hope you, Takeru and Daisuke are doing well up there. We're just fine here." He continued, updating them on their lives. "Guess what, the Constitution has been reinstated. Our dream has come true." Tai stated proudly.

After the incident, Lunar Corp could not stop the rumors of rebelling peace keepers as Yamato and his team continually went out to bases to convince his kind to break free from their servitude. The people had begun to lose confidence in the security of their government. The poor were becoming restless and riots broke out once more. Lunar Corp's military power had reduced drastically due to the reduction of the peace keeper production, a measure they had taken to appease the people, but failed. With their reduced man power and loss of the cyborg research they slowly lost power over the public.

At first the regime tried to use fear tactics to destroy opposition, but as the rebels increased in power, they could only rely on the power of politics. More and more of the rich and powerful left the country for safety as the normal underprivileged workers began taking over. Finally, public opinion demanded a democratic constitution and the politicians who wanted to stay were forced to sign it.

The Sakamoto group disbanded when the CEO left for France as it became apparent that Lunar Corp would not survive the transition. Mimi had already left years before when Yamato fulfilled his promise of retrieving her. Their first child was named Takeru, after the man Yamato accredited to freeing the peace keepers from servitude.

"Ken's gone now. I know I didn't tell you, but after we killed that woman he began hunting us like no other." Everyone stared down, ashamed. "Ironic thing is that cancer got him in the end. Apparently he ignored all the signs until it was too late."

While the rebels were still underground, Ken used all his resources to track them, successfully alienating his former friends and colleagues. Most said he lost his sanity the day Miyako died; no one knew how much he loved her. He proved to be a useful asset when it came to tracking the rogue underground groups. Ruthless as they came, he tortured and killed anyone associated to that day, even getting to members of the rebel leadership.

Even after the rebels had been recognized as an actual power, and the fighting stopped, Ken still hunted the people that he held responsible for Miyako's death. Late nights, and long days went into his plan of ultimate vengeance, but the stress eventually destroyed his weary body. Before anything could be carried out the man died alone from liver failure.

"Even with all he's done, I hope he's up there with Miyako and you guys." Mimi continued, "He was truly a good man." This ended their update, and each person approached the tree and touched it in acknowledgement.

"Hikari say good bye." Sora told her daughter who began to wander off in the direction of the train station.

The seven year old girl ran back hugged and kissed the bark, "Bye bye Aunty Kari and Uncle Tk," she said before running off ahead towards her elder brother Daisuke as they journeyed back to their lives.


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