Hey there, me again, with yet another story.

Description: Max just broke up with his longtime girlfriend Emily, he's heartbroken and turns to booze one night, and meets a lonely girl; Miriam. When something unexpected happens between drunken old friends, will they be able to deal with the consequences?

Disclaimer: I in no way, own Beyblade..I only wish I did.

Chapter One: Do I know you?

The rain fell down hard; the sky was decorated with a thick black layer, with the bare twinkling of stars through the thick clouds. A lone figure sat hunched over, on a bench, not caring that he was getting wet. His wet blonde hair stuck to his face, his normally once bright blue eyes, looked dull, and puffy. He should be happy; he had a great job working for the BBA, a great apartment, and a great girlfriend- well had a great girlfriend.

Max's longtime girlfriend Emily, professed to him earlier that evening that there had been someone else, and she was leaving him, nothing more was said, as she walked out the door, and out of his life. Max had been devastated his body had gone numb. He loved her, and he thought that she'd loved him. It had been raining the entire day, and in Max's state of mind, he'd wandered out the door, he'd have rather been anywhere but in that apartment, the same place where so many good memories had taken place.

Which lead Max to where he was now, sitting alone, in the darkness of the park, at lord knows what hour. Max sighed, and lifted his heavy wet body, up from the park bench. 'I need a drink' he thought sourly, making his way to the only bar he'd known of, having never been to one – Kelly's Pub.

Max stopped in front of the dully-lit pub, and pushed through the open doors, and immediately smelled smoke and alcohol. People in the pub stopped, at the tables, and the pool tables, to watch the seemingly innocent young man who had just walked through the door. Max ignored them and made his way to the bar.

The waitress came over to him, the moment he sat down on one of the stools. 'She looks so familiar' Max thought, she had long green hair and bright green eyes.

"What did you want sweetheart?" the girl asked.

'Even her voice sounds familiar' Max thought looking dumbfounded. "Uh..I'm not sure, I've never..drank before" Max told her, a light blush staining his freckled cheeks.

"Well then, lets keep it something light eh?" She teased, " I'll get you a beer"

"Okay.." Max looked bug eyed, and very out of place, in the stingy pub, where most of the occupants were tattooed and drove motorcycles.

Max had seemingly forgot his hearts pain, as he practiced a new experience. But when the pretty waitress disappeared from his view, it came back, and felt as if his heart had literally been broken in two.

A different girl returned, with a beer, and placed it down in front of him, and he moved to get some money, which was most likely wet, the blonde girl put her hand up and said "It's on Miriam" the blonde pointed towards the green haired, green eyed girl. Who was obviously just getting off from work, and stepped out from behind the bar, and sat down beside Max.

"Do I know you?" Miriam asked, looking at Max quizzically.

"I don't know, but I feel like I know you too" Max answered, taking a sip of his beer, and making a face at the bitterness, but proceeded to drown it down in a few gulps.

Miriam looked at him in worry, and asked "Are you okay?"

"No" Max chocked, as he asked the blonde girl for another beer "Something stronger please" he had a pained look on his normally angelic features, as he turned to Miriam again. She was drinking a martini, and looked lonely.

"Want to tell me what's wrong?" Max asked her.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that, Mr. Alcohol?" Miriam laughed, as Max drowned down another- stronger beer.

"I don't want to talk about it" Max said bitterly.

"You've had your heartbroken" Miriam said sadly, then wrapped her arm around his shoulders "Come on, lets get wasted" then she grinned, and asked for a round of shots.

"By the way" she asked, "What's your name?"

"Max" He said simply grinning. As the two drank many a shots, and many a beers together.

It had been hours since Max had walked into the pub, and he'd never felt better. He was laughing with this girl – Miriam, and the two were completely drunk, their words slurring, and could barely stand up once the waitress told them they had to leave.

Max and Miriam staggered out the door, and Max nearly fell to the ground, and Miriam howled with laughter, then wrapped her arms around his waist and licked her lips.

"Want to come back to my place" She asked, trying to be seductive, but failing miserably.

"Oh yeah" Max said, and followed Miriam, down the street towards her apartment.

The two drunken idiots stumbled through the door, passionately kissing. Max pressed Miriam up against the wall and proceeded to take off her clothes- fumbling with everything.

Miriam led him to her bedroom, which was messy, and the two fell down on the bed and giggled as they explored each other's bodies, and made love the entire night.

End Chapter One

WELL, that was RANDOM..but yeah, I had to write it. Man, that ending sucked..I dunno if I could write a lemon. Its going to be a chaptered story..obviously..probably..about 6 or 7. PLEASEEE REVIEWWWW…I'd love you forever :D