Dealing With The Consequences: Chapter Four.

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Last time: Max could tell that she was trying to obscure his view of something, so he shifted slightly, and his eyes widened as he saw exactly what she was hiding.

A pregnancy test.

On to chapter four..

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Max stared in shock, and Miriam noticed what he was looking at, and blushed. They both paid for their things, and out in the parking lot, Miriam was walking away from him hurriedly.

Max stood still gaping for a few moments until he found his voice. To ask the question he'd been dying to ask, he placed his bags down and told her to stop, she turned around nervously.

"What's was that pregnancy test for?" Max asked Miriam timidly. Miriam looked at him as if he had three eyes.

"To see if I'm going to have a baby" Miriam told him sarcastically.

Max had a sharp intake of breath to calm himself down so he could think rationally, then said the first thing that came to mind, even if it were dumb. "So, who've you been having sex with?" he tried to ask casually.

Miriam closed her eyes, and sighed deeply, looking into his eyes she said "You're the only person I've had sex with in years, my period is two weeks late."

Max nodded his head slightly, before everything went black, and he fainted. Miriam stood shocked at the body fallen at her feet, and beckoned a bag boy to help get Max into her car. Thankfully the bag boy didn't ask many questions, and together they got Max, and his groceries into her small, run down, nearly un-runable car.

When Miriam got to her run-down apartment building, she struggled to carry Max's heavy body up the flight of stairs to her apartment, and after she had him situated on her couch, in her slightly messy apartment, she traveled back down to the car, to get her things.

When Max finally opened his eyes, everything felt groggy, and he could barely piece together what had happened in his head. When he re-opened his eyes, he was unsure of where he was. 'Not again' Max thought irritably. He sat up abruptly but immediately regretted it, and grabbed his head, due to the searing pain in his skull.

When Max finally sat up fully, he looked around the apartment and recognized it as Miriam's, and knew that she must have brought him here when he'd fainted. Almost immediately afterwards, Max wondered where Miriam was, and if she'd taken the test yet.

Max got up from the uncomfortable couch, and began investigating Miriam's whereabouts.

As Max approached the bathroom, he heard slight banging noises from inside, and cautiously, he opened the door, and saw Miriam sitting on the floor, knocking her head back against the wall, holding a pregnancy stick in her hand. When she saw Max come in, she handed him the stick, and he took it, looked at it for a few moments, as she looked up at him, when finally, he looked at her. "I have no idea what that meant"

Miriam giggled slightly, then sobered "I'm pregnant, and you do know your holding the part that I peed on"

"Gah!" Max yelled, and threw the stick on the floor, just as the message started to kick in, he began feeling faint again.

"Don't you dare faint on me again" Miriam warned him. "I think you should leave"

Max stared at her incredulously and threw his hands up in the air. "I'm not leaving until we have this sorted out"

"Have what sorted out? That we had SEX, and I got pregnant, there's nothing for you to deal with, your not the one who's pregnant" Miriam began "Aside from the fact that you're still heartbroken. You don't need to have anything to do with this; I don't want your money" Miriam finished, whilst getting up from the bathroom floor.

Max stood in shock for a moment before walking after her.

"I think I have everything to do with it, if it was my sperm and your egg that made this baby. MY baby. I can't just leave!" Max yelled at her.

"Why?" Miriam asked quietly, standing in the small kitchen.

"Because" Max began "As heartbroken as I am, I could never just walk away from something like this"

Miriam stared into his eyes, as tears started to well in hers. "I'm sorry"

Max looked confused as he asked "Why"

"For letting this happen," She told him.

"It was as much my fault as it is yours" Max said to her "Did we even use protection?"

Miriam simply shrugged her shoulders "I don't remember"

Max sighed and plopped himself down onto her couch, and rested his head in his hands, something he seemed to be doing often lately.

"So what are we going to do?" Miriam's voice sounded from behind Max after nearly ten minutes of silence.

Max kept his silence for a few more minutes then said, "Move in with me"

End Chapter Four.

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