Two hours after the final transmission from Japan had come over the speaker Mustapha Mond hung up from a videoconference with the rest of the World Leaders. His voice had been stern and his persuading excellent. When these two factors mix, there is a unanimous vote. It had only been done once before but that didn't matter to Mustapha Mond.

"All that matters now," Mustapha Mond had said in the conference, "Is that this enemy is destroyed. We know what they are capable of because of the transmitter I planted on Mr. Watson. Unbeknown to him the entire plan came to us. As Controllers we have an obligation to keep our citizens happy, our citizens are happy with their way of life, and this new development threatens that very way of living."

Precisely 7 hours and 28 seconds later, 14 nuclear missiles hit Japan, devastating it's population for a second time in history. Mustapha knew that to end the threat of a pest, you must end the whole hive.

To the common man, history may be bunk, but to any leader, it is the only thing they can learn from.