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Chapter 37: Fluff endings & New Beginnings

Two hours had past since the Chrome Zephyr's, Lightning Swords, Blitzkrieg Boys, F Dynasty, Miguel and Matilda left Japan on planes and now it was nightfall.

At Tyson house, Ray and Kai were training and preparing themselves for newer challenges and next years World Tournament while Mariah watched them. Daichi was sleeping after a whole day of Training, Kenny was at his house gathering data and Tyson and Hilary were walking around the street.

"Daichi's sleeping and Max is at the Hobby Shop huh?" Ray asked

"Yep, now that the Bladebreakers have won again; there's a lot of new talent coming to battle; so we'd better watch ourselves." Kai explained

"With all this going on it's never gonna end? Even when anyone's messed with us in the past might come back." Mariah stated

As Ray went to comfort her someone entered the shrine and quickly all three Beyblader's pointed their launchers at the intruder who turned out to be Kane and Asia.

"Hold it, put your launchers down! I come in piece with my beautiful girlfriend who has an announcement." Kane explained

"Kane and I are engaged to be married" She announced

Mariah was really excited but Ray wasn't and Kai just didn't care.

"Oh that's wonderful!" Mariah cheered

"Hmpf, no surprise there" Kai and Ray arrogantly said in unison

"Oh come on guys? This could be great for them and all of our friends could be invited!" Mariah pleaded

"I know but there are a lot of things that have to be taken care of first." Ray suggested

So Kai, Ray, Mariah went inside and discussed what was going to happen involving the engagement and other things.

Over at the Saint Shields hideout, Ozuma, Dunga and Joseph were talking about Dragoon's power as well as another Bitbeast.

"Hey Ozuma, what's the word on Dragoon?" Dunga asked

"Well Tyson's getting stronger by the minute but I'm not sure if he knows it." Ozuma replied

"Yeah, he may have beaten Zeo, Kai, Garland, Brooklyn and even Tripp to retain his status but has slowly learned from the defeats he's gotten." Joseph explained

"Yeah even Alpha Dragoon's growing more powerful as well but Dark Dragoon is destroyed, But there's one that's still out there! And that's the sister Bit…Ryukashin." Dunga explained

"Well word is that Ryukashin's owner is a guy who knew Tyson from childhood but wherever he is, he'll show up some time and that will be when he battle's Tyson." Ozuma said as he stood up looking towards the ceiling

So Dunga and Joseph got back to practicing while Ozuma sat on the couch eating an apple from the bowl as he watched TV.

Meanwhile at the Hobby Shop Max and Mariam were upstairs in his room watching T.V while Mr Tate was downstairs tidying up the shop.

"So Max, what are you thinking?" Mariam asked

"Nothing; even though we won the title and all but why would Kane go through all this trouble just to have kids?" Max replied

"I don't know, but I had a baby off you at 16 then I wouldn't be living in my home Village anymore." She said as she looked a bit sad

Max then put his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him into a warm hug but Mariam started to blush as she smiled knowing that he loved her very much.

"Maybe my dad could help but I'm not sure if my mom would want to be a grandparent but since Kane's mom is, she doing her best to help out." Max explained

"I know; but my team wouldn't allow it but Joseph is the only one who cares and is willing to help at any cost." She said

Soon after the two teens looked into each others eyes which led to their lips almost making contact but Max let her know that he'd be there for her.

"Don't worry, I love you Mariam; and I'll always protect you." He whispered

"Aw, I love you too; although I could see you as a great daddy to our baby once we're older." Mariam giggled

"And you would be a good mother as well." Max replied

They were lost in each others grasp as they were rubbing each other softly as they removed each others clothes and from then on their love turned into passion.

Later at Hilary's house she and Tyson were talking about Kane's life now that it's changed also their marriage engagement.

"I think it wonderful that Kane and Asia want to get married soon." Hilary exclaimed

"Yeah, yeah, yeah; but their going to miss out on all the fun of being a teenager now that they've got three kids and besides they'll never go to nightclubs or hang out with us." Tyson stated

"Yes they will have fun and go to those places once they hire a babysitter, you'll still hang out too. If we have a baby, we should take good care of it." She stated

"Hill, I've had about enough of babies that I could take for a long time." Tyson pouted

"Ok but still, I wonder who might be the next world champion." She wondered

"Maybe Kai, Max, Ray, Tripp, Hunter? Who knows, probably someone new might be able to become champ but I'll be waiting to see who." He said

"Tyson, you may not be the best guy but you're my guy, and I love you." Hilary quoted

And with that she pulled him into a deep long kiss and he accepted, she through his baseball cap and jacket on her desk and they continued to enhance their romantic moment together throughout the night.


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