I hope you guys enjoy this somewhat.

Sara stared intently into a hand-held mirror, grimacing at her own reflection. 'No wonder he turns away, not even looking at me.' And in a moment of fury, she hurtled the mirror at a wall watching it spread its diamond losses onto a carpet with a certain satisfaction. She sighed deeply, and let her legs collapse sending her onto a nicely positioned couch situated inches away. Sara buried her face in her hands, slowly shaking her head. 'What is there left to do? Leave?' No, she thought, she couldn't do that. Never. To be apart from that man would be instantaneous death, but then again, watching him turn away from her was promising to be the exact same thing.

She slowly leaned back, and carelessly let her body fall onto the sofa. Sara let her eyes close, wishing to be taken away to that safe haven, where no one could hurt her. But she forgot one thing as her senses were numbed and she succumbed to the gentle tugging of slumber. She forgot that the safe haven was stripped away from her the moment he said, "No." to her dinner invitation. The man who led her on and then shattered her heart multiple times now haunted her even there. Even in her dreams. Sara couldn't find peace anywhere. And what else was there to be done except carry around the burden till she finally broke down?

As his face floated in front of hers, Sara felt inclined to talk to him, make him understand, even in her sleep. But as soon as she took a step forward he started repeating in such a cold voice, "No. No, Sara. I don't want to have dinner with you. No. No!" She felt her eyes tear up and tried very hard to control them. She was unsuccessful though, and woke up with a great sob and a torrent of tears. She just did not know what to do anymore. Flirting was so easy back then, back before she started to follow his hints which all led up to nothing. Yes, that time was easy. But, now, at least she knew what love was all about: sleepless nights, numberless hours wasted crying, self doubts, broken mirrors.'

Shakily, she stood from the couch, and on unbalanced legs crept up against a wall.

"Why me? Why me?" She sobbed to no one in particular. "Damn it, why me?" She cried out loud and half heartedly beat upon the wall with a fist. "All I ever did was love him. All I ever did..." she whispered the last sentence, and back against the wall, she slid down to the floor. As Sara sat staring into space, she fingered the small shards of glass that were scattered about her. The icy feel of it exhilarated her, and she couldn't take her hand away. The glass comforted her, sending frigid chills followed by a hot sting up and down her palm.

"Hmm?" Sara, distracted, looked down upon her bleeding hand. The glass had dug itself into the smooth flesh of her fingers, tearing away at the skin. As the blood trickled around the grooves in her palm and onto the floor, tears of fury welled up in her eyes. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair. As if her heart wasn't cut up enough already. As if that wasn't enough. She made a fist once more, ignoring the burning in her hand, and firmly tapped upon the wall in dying anger. Her beating became harder, and harder, and harder. Until finally she yelled out, "What do you WANT from me Gil?" She paid no heed to the bloody spatters on her wall as tears overtook her once more.

Sara almost jumped out of her skin when she head a knock at her door. "Who is it?" She called out in such a false, strong voice that it surprised ever her, the queen of masquerades.

"Sara, it's me." A voice answered from behind the door. 'Damn it!' Sara though, and hurriedly helped herself off the floor. She gingerly held her bleeding hand while making her way to look into the peephole. Her ears had not betrayed her. It was indeed him. The man who was the reason of her present being. Her pain was rooted down in his own presence. "Sara?" He voiced aloud his concern after the treacherous sounds from behind the wooden barrier quieted. "I know you're in there, Sar. Please, open up." Sara leaned forward, placing her forehead against the coolness of the door. Squeezing her eyes shut so hard that start popped into her vision, she still could not prevent the tears from coming. Another loud knock brought the despairing woman to her senses and she jumped back a little with momentary fright.

As in slow motion, her hand slowly crept up to the door knob, unlocking the joint locks, Sara eased the door open.