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Grissom frantically looked around, not knowing what to do. He held a limp body in his hands, the front door was open, and he was, inevitably, a male. Quickly and carefully, Grissom put Sara's body on the couch and rushed to close the door. Having locked it, he leaned back for support. What was he supposed to do? He hurriedly ran into the kitchen and in a state of panic filled up the first cup that he found. Rushing over to the couch, one hand underneath the cup to collect the spilling water, Grissom threw the contents over Sara's face. He stood back, waiting for something to happen. Anything. At all.

"Great." he muttered as he bent over Sara's face and gently wiped off the water, "Drown her why don't you." He placed the cup onto a coffee table and wrung his hands together. "Well, I am a scientist. A pretty damn good one. I can figure this out." He re-positioned Sara's body, trying to make her as comfortable as possible before letting out a pent up breath. "So..." Grissom got down on his knees and slowly leaned over Sara's body. "Still breathing. Good."

His mind was going a mile a minute, his hands were beginning to shake, and beads of sweat popped up on his forehead. "Saaaara. Wake up." His voice pitch went down a notch, "Please?" He whined like a little child, hoping this humiliation will somehow force her to regain consciousness. "Oh for goodness's sakes!" He cried out, getting to his feet. "Wake up woman! I mean it!" He let out an exasperating sigh and dropped back down to his knees again. He tenderly hovered over her face. "Sara?" He whispered, "Can you hear me?" He leapt back with a little yelp when he saw her eye lid flicker, then laughed at his rash reaction. Sara's eyes were probably just acting up on their own

He crept over her once more, and again whispered her name, "Sar?" He taped her cheek with the tips of his fingers. Sara didn't move. Grissom could never slap her cheek as they did in the movies, and this was the next best thing. Squeezing his eyes shut, Grissom looked away and once more touched her cheek with his fingertips. Looking back at her with one eye squinting open he let out another sigh. He leaned in even closer now, "Sara?" he whispered. As her eyelid flickered again Grissom leaned on his knee, looking at the kitchen, and thought what a good improvement he'd made between jumping back and not moving at all when Sara had made an involuntary movement. He let out a chuckle and recovered his gaze back to Sara. Grissom jumped back with a gasp, knocking the coffee table over in his haste, when he found Sara's eyes intently staring back into his own. "Sara!" He picked himself off the floor and put the table into an upright position. "You're awake. Good God!" Sara's eyes followed his every movement yet she did not make a sound. "Uh, sorry about that," he motioned back to the table, and hurriedly scooped up the fallen cup from the floor, placing it upon the wooden surface of the table. "Just you know, a little...jumpy. You had me scared for a second there, I didn't know..."

"Griss." Sara uttered his name so softly he almost didn't hear it over his own babbling.

"Yes, Sara?"

"Come here," she deftly motioned with her hand, "please." Grissom did as he was told and went to stand over Sara's horizontal form. "Come here," she motioned with her finger and Grissom leaned in a little closer to her face. He stopped when her incessant finger ceased wiggling; when he was inches away from her face. "Griss?"

"Hmm hm." He responded just before their lips met. One kiss turned into two, and then into three, and four. Sara scooted over on the couch and Grissom thankfully got on top of it. He positioned himself over Sara so that his elbows propped him up and that Sara remained squished-free. After the first necessity of both persons was fulfilled Sara looked up into Grissom's face.

"Griss?" She questioned, smirking a little.

"Yeah?" He answered a little warily.

"What are you doing?" She let out a small giggle but received a raised eyebrow in response. Had he gone too far? "I mean, what are you doing? You look really uncomfortable." She scanned over his position: it looked like he was doing a push up and she had gotten in between himself and the couch.

"Well, I just didn't want to hurt you." He stumbled a little over his words. Upon hearing her laugh, he slowly eased up off his elbows and covered Sara's body with his own. It was nice to feel his body along hers, top to bottom. The feeling of being 'grounded' was a nice one; one that she had no desire to loose.

"Much better." She whispered and with a quirky smile initiated a second round of kisses.

TBC...well, her hand is still bloody.