Chapter 1:

It was Wednesday. Kagome Higurashi walked along the sidewalk to her house from school. Even though it was still the afternoon, it was getting dim outside. But Kagome didn't care. It wasn't like she was scared of the dark or anything. Being in the darkness actually made her feel better. So she just continued to walked along the sidewalk, until she heard foot steps following her.

Kagome listened carefully, but she didn't turn around to see who it was or anything, she just kept walking as if she didn't hear whoever was behind her. The foot steps got louder, and Kagome still acted like she didn't hear them as she walked down the side walk. Then she felt someone grab her shoulder and Kagome spun around to see Koga. "Why won't you ever go out with me?" Koga asked.

Then Kagome leaned closer to Koga, as if about to kiss him, but then brought her hand up and slapped him. "Because you're an overly persistant asshole." Kagome said as she watched Koga touch the cheek that Kagome had slapped. Then Koga grabbed her wrist and looked her in the eyes. Kagome tried to pulled away, but now Koga had a grip on her. "Get the hell off me Koga!" Kagome yelled.

"Answer my question!" Koga told her.

"I did you basturd! Now get off me!" Kagome yelled as she struggled to get her wrist out of Koga's grasp, but was still unable to free herself from him.

"I want a real answer." Koga told her in a voice that sounded a bit like he was ready to seduce her at any second.

Kagome stopped struggling and looked at Koga, glaring daggers at him and showing no signs of fear. "I'm warning you Koga. I don't want to hurt you, and I have a problem with people touching me when I don't wanna be touched." Kagome warned Koga. "Now let go, and save yourself the pain."

"You? Pain?" Koga laughed.

Kagome's eyes narrowed as she formed a fist with her hand. She was about to bring the fist up to punch Koga in the face, when she saw someone come up behind Koga and twirl him around and holding Koga by the collar of his shirt. "I think the lady said to leave her alone." The person said.

Kagome looked at who was defending her in shock. INUYASHA! Kagome thought. Kagome only saw Inuyasha as an enemy. He was a jock at the school, the star football player. Kagome didn't like any of the jocks, and most certainly didn't like the idea of being defended by one either. It felt so...wrong!

"Now get out of here and leave her alone." Inuyasha told Koga.

"Sure. Yeah. I was just folling around." Koga laughed as Inuyasha let him go, then Koga took of running.

That's when Inuyasha turned to Kagome. "Are you OK?" He asked her.

"Yeah, whatever." Kagome said as she walked straight past Inuyasha, continuing her walk to her house. But then Inuyasha follwed her and started walking net to her. Kagome started to really get annoyed by this. "What do you want?"

"Nothing." Inuyasha said. "My house is this way too." He said.

Kagome let out a heavy sigh. Then she quickened her pace, leaving Inuyashaa few feet behind her. Inuyasha stopped and looked at her curiously. "What's your problem?" Inuyasha asked.

"You." Kagome said, not bothering to look at Inuyasha, but still walking.

"What did I do?" Inuyasha asked.

"You were born." Kagome replied as she continued to walk, and Inuyasha was still following her. Now Kagome was getting really annoyed. "Look! What the hell do you want!" Kagome yelled. "Thank you for getting rid of Koga! But I can handle myself! Now go!"

Inuyasha only smiled at Kagome with a confident smirk.

"What the hell are you smiling about?" Kagome asked.

"You." Inuyasha replied. "You're so on your guard about everything." Inuyasha said with a bit of laughter in his voice.

"Whatever." Kagome said, completely blowing Inuyasha off as she walked up the driveway that led to her house, leaving Inuyasha out on the side walk.

AN- OK. This would be my second story. Hope you like it so far. It's kinda weird beginning, I know. But you;ll see how the title works out later on in the story. Plz R&R. Thankee!