"We can't take this any further" Don told his brother one morning. "To us it was clearly an accident."

"No, I don't think so" Charlie gave Don a look.

"I know you don't wanna think so…."

"Hans' car was sabotaged!" Charlie insisted. Before the argument could continue, Don's cell phone rang and he left Charlie's office.

After spending some time brooding, he remembered reading about a brilliant P.I named Adrian Monk, in the newspaper, when he was in San Francisco to do a presentation. The sleuth had solved a rather difficult case involving mail bombings, and a suspect in a coma.


"Larry, could you take over some my classes?" Charlie asked his colleague over lunch. "I need to go to San Francisco."

"Why?" Larry knew that there were not to be any conferences in that city any time soon.

"To see a private investigator."

"Why?" Larry wondered why Charlie would hire a private investigator.

"To look into Hans' death." Charlie replied. He had been a colleague who had been killed in a car crash. Charlie believed that the car had been sabotaged.


After short plane trip(he had a friend in San Francisco look up the address in the yellow pages), he went straight to the man's house. Monk's assistant, Natalie, a woman with short, blonde hair answered the door.

"Hi!" Charlie began. "I'd like to see Adrian Monk?"

"Sure. Come in!" she told him. Then she led the mathematician to an immaculate living room. There were pictures on the wall of a crime scene involving a bombing. The sleuth busily vacuumed his ceiling. He stood on a ladder and made left to right motions with the vacuum attachment.

"Mr Monk? We've got a client." Natalie gently announced.

"I'm Charles Eppes." The mathematician introduced himself then continued despite Monk's lack of response . "A colleague of mine was murdered because his car was sabotaged" Charlie wondered why anyone would bother vacuuming their ceiling.

"What makes you say that?" the sleuth asked as he stopped his vacuuming. He was now interested.

"Could I have a pencil and paper?" Charlie requested.

"Coming right up!" Natalie quickly went to get the items. Monk went off the ladder, put away the vacuum, and joined Charlie in the living room. Already the latter had filled a piece of paper with equations.

" If a car is going….." the mathematician began.

Monk straightened the paper. Then, with a wipe, he got the pencil from the genius and started to erase them.

"What are you doing?" the idea of anyone, especially a nonmathematician erasing his work shocked and angered him. He would not be tolerant of Larry, his good friend, doing this.

"Your equations are crooked." Monk explained as he fastidiously erased in straight right to live motions.

"Why don't you show Mr. Monk the newspaper you've got?" Natalie suggested as she had seen Charlie put it on the coffee table. She figured that it was related to the case.

"Well, it's got pictures of the accident" Charlie growled and gave him the newspaper. The sleuth carefully studied them.

"The angle of that car isn't right." Monk commented

"That's what I was trying to show you!" Charlie exclaimed. It amazed him that Monk could see that the angle was wrong just by looking at the pictures and without math

"Was he working on anything worth a lot of money?"

"Nothing that would generate interest outside the math community."

The next day, they all left San Francisco for Los Angeles. Charlie went by plane, Monk and his assistant went by car.