By: General Stingrad

(Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, Dracula is in the public domain and She-Ra belongs to Mattel and Filmation)

Chapter I: Going into Transylvania



Today started like all others, I led my troops in an attack to capture Brightmoon. The forces with me included General Mantenna, Lady Catra, her son Prince Zed, and 50,000 Horde Troopers. We were stooped midway by that accursed She-Ra; somehow she managed to defeat us all. I was left only with my core group all 50,000 Horde Troops were totaled.

When I got back to the Fright Zone, my High Priestess, Shadow Weaver, informed me that while I was on my way to Brightmoon, my father, Horde Prime had contacted me. It is rare when we receive transmissions from Horde World, that is not say that Etheria is a planet of little importance to Horde Prime, it was this very planet that he sought to conquer millennia ago, but the distances between Horde World and Etheria are so great that communication on regular basis is impossible and is therefore limited to special occasions, which lead me to think, what happened that warranted Horde Prime contacting me...there was only on way to find out.



Today was the usual day of stopping Hordak. Queen Angella sent me, along with Bow and Sweet Bee to stop Hordak from invading Brightmoon. When Hordak set out he had 50,004 men at his command for this attack, when it was over he had only four himself, Mantenna, Catra, and Zed. As always Hordak left with his usual 'Curse you She-Ra, Brightmoon will be mine' taunt. When he does return I will be ready for him.

When we got back to Castle Brightmoon, an Honor Guard was waiting for us; he told us that Queen Angella had some urgent news to discuss. Fearing the worse we followed him to Angella's throne room. As we were walking we were wondering what had happed that was so urgent that our presence was requested.

After about ten minutes, we arrived at Angella's throne room. Besides Bow, Sweet Bee and me Castaspella, Kowl, and Glimmer were present. When the guard announced our arrival to the queen, she looked up and began to speak:

"My friends, I have called you here to discuss an urgent matter. According to our sources, we believe Hordak is leaving Etheria on a scouting mission for Horde Prime..."

She looked down on the controls of her throne and played back a transmission for us. Everyone in the room jumped back when we saw who sent the message, Horde Prime himself.

The message was an order for Hordak to go to some place called Transylvania to recruit a being known only as the "Prince of Darkness." The rest of the message was a conversation between Hordak and Horde Prime as to who should accompany him on this mission. When the transmission was over, Queen Angella continued her speech:

"We must stop Hordak, if he recruits this being, there's no telling what could happen, Princess Adora, you, Bow, and Glimmer must go to this Transylvania and stop Hordak at all costs" she told us. We did not where this Transylvania was located or how long we would be, but we knew one thing: Hordak must be stopped at all costs.

"Castaspella will open a portal to take you there" Queen Angella said pointing to the sorceress.

Casta stepped forward and waved her arms and soon a vortex opened up, before Queen Angella gave us her 'Angellian Blessing' an ancient poem/prayer that traces Etheria's rulers from the Gnostics to the Angellians.

"Farewell, and may Light Hope protect you on this journey" Angella told us as we walked through the portal and into a new world.



The message from Horde Prime was an order for me to go on a scouting mission, according to Horde World in a place known as Transylvania there lives a being called the "Prince of Darkness" my father, Horde Prime, believes he could be the ticket to defeating She-Ra.

I asked him about traveling companions, he said that was a decision up to me. I chose Shadow Weaver and the Shadow Priests for their loyalty; Mantenna, Leech, and Grizzlor for their unique powers along with 10,000 troops.

I had ordered those whom I selected to meet me at the gates of the Fright Zone in twenty minutes. Like always, they were late, but eventually showed up. I told them about the mission and why I selected them to come with me.

After briefing them, I gave Shadow Weaver the coordinates and instructed her to open a portal. She did and we walked through the portal to Transylvania.

We emerged by a lake near Transylvania; we noticed that our appearances had changed so not as to attract attention to ourselves, apparently Horde Prime had thought ahead.

My appearance was changed to that of a human with black hair and green eyes, my armor was changed to a black robe. I laughed when I saw myself; the face that hid my own vampiric countenance resembled that of mine when I was called Ralabad the Wise, although I was the only person who knew it.

Shadow Weaver's appearance was also changed, her robe usually red was changed to black, and a false face hid her hideous visage. She had lost the ability to levitate a change that irritated her slightly, but soon got use to it.

My loyal Shadow Priests were changed similarly, their robes were changed to a simple black, and they had lost the ability to levitate as well. Like Weaver, a false face hid their glowing eyes.

Mantenna, Leech, and Grizzlor were all changed into humans. Mantenna was now thin lanky human, his powers were transferred to a pair of binoculars he carried on his belt. Grizzlor was now a muscular human with blue eyes; all traces of his true nature were hidden. Leech was also changed into a muscular human with pale green eyes, like Mantenna his power was transferred to an item, a harpoon that could siphon his opponents' energy.

The Horde Troops were changed into humans wearing the uniforms of the dominant army in the world at that time, a red jacket with a white shirt. Like Grizzlor, all traces of their true nature were hidden.

The common features we possessed were swords that we carried on our belts and a gold Horde Talisman around our necks. The talisman had our names inscribed on the back. A telepathic message sent by Horde Prime informed me that the talisman is the source of our disguise and once removed our true nature would be revealed.

After we got our bearings, I received another message telling us to go into the town and look for Castle Dracula. I ordered Mantenna to see how far away we are from the town. He replied that we were quite a distance away. I soon found out why, the four legged buffoon had looked into the wrong end of the binoculars,. I wanted to remove my talisman find a hidden spot and blast Mantenna into dust, but upon realizing that would jeopardize the mission, I did not harm the idiot and corrected him to which he then replied that we were 'a few meters' from the town. So we left for our goal, Castle Dracula.



We arrived at Transylvania sometime in the late afternoon. The magic of Light Hope had indeed watched over us for we had noticed our clothing had changed into something more befitting the period.

Both Glimmer and me wore the simple clothes of the people. The Sword of Protection was transformed into a walking stick so as not to attract attention to it. My clothes were red and white like my battle suit I wear and Glimmer's were blue and purple like her battle suit.

Bow was wearing a military officer's uniform, his bow and arrows still in the quiver on his back. A sword hung from his belt along with a small projectile shooter. The color of his uniform was blue and white. He also had a small pouch filled with money of the realm called Lei.

After getting our bearings together, Bow decided that we better make camp and rest up before starting out journey. We walked into a forest and made camp near a stream. Bow caught some fish and we cooked them for dinner, to drink we had some wine that Bow found in his knapsack that Light Hope had provided him. It was a common wine of the land; it had somewhat of a sour taste to it that made me pucker when I tasted it, not like the sweet Angellian nectar that Queen Angella serves in her court.

After dinner Bow pitched our tents for us, we stayed up until about two hours after sunset and retired to our tents for a good nights sleep.