Chapter III: Redemption



I was the castle library, plotting the defeat of the Rebellion for most of the day; late in the afternoon Count Dracula joined me.

"Hordak, my friend, I sense that your enemy is still alive. I will go to finish her off," he said.

"Good, I want Adora dead as soon as possible" I replied as I turned to face him.

Just then Shadow Weaver came in the room with urgent news, Bow and some other man were heading towards the castle.

"Who is the other person?" I asked she had no reply.

"VAN HELSING!" the count exclaimed, "Van Helsing is my mortal enemy, his kin have hunted me for centuries," he told us.

"Hordak can you deal with him and his ally, while I take care of the Girl?" he said as he turned into a bat and left the castle.

"Shadow Weaver," I said as she walked up beside me, eager to receive orders.

"Yes, Lord Hordak" She replied.

"Prepare our troops, order them to remove their talismans," I ordered as I removed mine. I knew that battle was eminent

"Yes my Lord" she said and went to carry of the order; the Great Rebellion will lose this battle.


APRIL 28, 1897

After I instructed Fräulein Glimmer on what to do, me und Herr Bow marched out to Castle Dracula. I could that Herr Bow was nervous, I assured him that we would be triumphant and defeat Dracula.

"My lineage has been hunting Dracula since the Inquisition" I told him, although I think that did little to calm his nerves.

The history of my family is long indeed; it was Anton Van Helsing, a Dominican Friar who first destroyed Count Vlad Dracula's undead body in 1467, just after the tyrant's death. Since then every male member of the Van Helsing family has sworn to hunt out and destroy the fiend.

We arrived at Castle Dracula early in the evening; an army of demons guarded the castle. Mein Freund, Herr Bow called them the Horde, and the king demon he called Hordak.

The fiends were unaffected by the Crucifix, luckily Herr Bow gave me his revolver and we did our best fight against the demons, as the battle raged I saw about fly across the Sky.

"Herr Bow, the fiend is escaping, if you can deal with these monsters, I'll deal with Dracula" I told him. He agreed and I set out to stop Dracula.

Ich bete zu Gott, daß ich nicht zu spät bin! (I pray to God that I am not too late!)



I did as Professor Van Helsing had ordered me to do, I watched over Adora. She looks worse than before. Her skin is as pale as sheet and her teeth looked more like fangs. I hope Professor Van Helsing and Bow can defeat Dracula.

It was early in the evening, and I was beginning to get sleepy, when I heard a voice call out my name it seemed to say "Glimmer, Glimmer remove the garlic wreaths from the room and open the window." I wanted to ignore it, but the voice was hypnotic and my willpower was already weak from me being tired.

When I had finished the deed, a strange mist filled the room and out of the mist a tall man dressed in black emerged. After that I passed out, the next thing I remember is Professor Van Helsing being in the room and yelling in that German speak he was talking in when we first met him.

I couldn't understand him, but from the tone of his voice I could tell that Adora's case was getting worse.


APRIL 28, 1897

I rushed as fast I could to the Inn where the two Fräuleins were. When I got there, I found the fiend already at work and Fräulein Glimmer unconscious. The garlic wreaths which we had place for Fräulein Adora's protection were removed, no doubt the fiend hypnotized Fräulein Glimmer und ordered her to remove the wreaths und open the window.

I went over to Fräulein Glimmer and examined her to make sure that Dracula did not harm her, dank seien zu Gott! (Thanks be to God!) Dracula did not harm her.

I then went to examine Adora; she had no pulse, Mein Gott, Mein Gott I was too late to save her, I checked her teeth only to find what I feared to discover, that her teeth had become fangs. I knew what I must do now.

I would wish that Herr Bow were here to see this, but there is no time, the deed must be done. I took out an Aspen Wood stake und my gravedigger's shovel und with one blow drove the stake through heart. The look on her face when the stake went through was ghastly, I pray to Gott that I never see such an expression on a face again, it was one of hatred, anger, und defiance.

I took the corpse out side und burned it according to tradition, Mein Gott in Himmel, is there no end to this madness.

After the body was brunt I went back inside to the Inn und got out another stake und went out find Dracula, by now the archfiend is probably resting in his coffin that would take time und time one thing that I don't have much of. Gott seien mit mir! (God be with me!)

Faster than a seraph can fly I darted across the town until I was at the gates of Castle Dracula. Herr Bow was busy fighting the demons, I wish I could tell Herr Bow about Adora now, but I knew that I had to find Dracula first; if the fiend is allowed to live one moment more that is another moment he could attack another innocent person.

I ran to the door, only to find, that was locked, so I thrust mein weight into the door until broke. I then began to search the castle.

Room after room I searched until I came to last room in the castle, there I found Dracula. My mission had reached its apex; the destruction of Dracula was at hand.

"Van Helsing" the devil-spawn sneered, "How long I have waited to have my revenge on you"

"Graf Dracula" I replied, knowing full well that I must fight Dracula.

He lunged at me, but before he could seize me I flashed my crucifix at him, he backed down. Thinking that I was safe I went to put the Crucifix in my pocket that's when Dracula attacked me, "You fool, Anton couldn't defeat me, what makes think you can!" he taunted.

As I was thinking, I removed a small vial of holy water from my jacket, "simple" I replied as removed the stopper from the vial, "THIS" I splashed the demon with the sacred liquid.

It burned the unholy fiend, he ran to the corner of the room and removed a board from the floor and vanished, no doubt he was going to his coffin. I waited for a moment, to make sure he wouldn't spring an attack, once I was confident he wasn't setting a trap for me I went to his the place where I had last seen him.

I removed the board and found the casket, upon removing the lid, I found his foul body, I got out the stake und shovel and proceeded to carry out the traditional way to destroy the vampire.

To purify this unholy place, I set fire to the castle and ran out as fast I could. When I made out I saw that Herr Bow had vanquished the demons. I went over to him and told him about Adora, he did not take well Gott geben ihm Kraft! (God give him strength!)

We went back to the Inn, I tried to console him but to no avail. Why is it that evil makes all God's madmen?

Later on, after they had packed their belongings we had a supper, Bow und Glimmer just had some soup, while I had some roasted chicken. After Dinner they were ready to leave, I insisted on seeing them on their way. I paid for their room and meals und we headed out the door.

At first they were worried that they no way of getting home, but then something dawned on Herr Bow, he held up Adora's walking stick, which had transformed into sword und said "For the Honor of Grayskull, Take us home"

Later that night, I returned to the castle to consecrate the ruins of the Castle to Gott. I blessed the land with holy water, said the Rite of Exorcism; und planted a sliver crucifix in the ground.



While Van Helsing took care of Dracula, I dealt with the Horde, Hordak put up a god fight, but the Horde was no match for an Etherian Honor Guard. About twenty minutes into the battle Van Helsing returned, he looked sad but did not tell me why. I did not care at the moment, all wanted to do was kill Hordak for what he had done to Adora!

During the battle, I saw the castle become engulfed in flames, I thought this was my chance to destroy Hordak but he leaped off the castle wall and into a portal, his men soon followed.

Professor Van Helsing came out shortly after that, he out his hand on my shoulder "Mein Freund, ich haben einige schlechten Nachrichten (my friend I have some bad news)."

"What is it" I asked with lump building in my throat, I knew something had happened to Adora, the question was did I want to know what happened.

"I went back to check on Adora, Dracula had claimed her as his, I had to put her to rest. " I explained to him.

"You mean you had to bury her I asked thinking that's what he meant.

"Nein, I had to destroy her body, I drove a stake into her heart, and destroy the corpse as legend prescribes" he said calmly

I did not reply, in anger and sadness I broke my bow and throw it to the ground. I wanted to kill Van Helsing for even doing such a thing, but I knew he probably had good intentions for doing so.

"Mein Freund. Ich fühle Sie schmerzen aber jetzt, daß ihr Körper zerstört wurde, kann ihre Seele in Frieden für Ewigkeit leben. (My friend, I can feel you pain, but now that her body was destroyed, her soul can be at peace for eternity)" he said. He does not know the pain I feel for her loss.

We went back to the Inn, Glimmer was asleep on a chair, we let her sleep for a while. After about an hour she woke up.

"What happened?" she asked, neither myself nor Van Helsing answered. Later that night we packed our belongings and had a small supper with the professor and after that we set out for home. Van Helsing insisted on seeing us leave.

There was one problem how can go home we have no way of opening a portal, just then I heard a voice in my head tell me to hold Adora's sword in the air and say 'For the Honor of Grayskull, lead us home!' I did just that and a portal opened up and we left for home.

We arrived at Castle Brightmoon, where Queen Angella was waiting for us, we told her all about what happened. She was saddened to hear of Adora's death, but somehow she knew that Adora was now at peace.

She told us to go home and get some rest; needless to say we slept for the rest day.



After having been defeated at Castle Dracula, I opened a portal and left for home. When I got back Catra was there mocking me for my failure. I taught her a lesson she won't forget!

I went to my throne room why I sat pondering my next plan, mark my words rebels, the battle may have been yours, but the war will be mine!

The End