Sam and Tucker don't know about Danny's powers…

When the sun was setting, causing a reddish yellow to cast upon the small town of Amity, I was set out for another night full of fighting ghosts. No one knew who I was, but people saw me and a lot of times, people feared me, just as much as the ghosts I was saving them from. I didn't know why, maybe because of my eerie green eyes, or just the fact that I too was a ghost. When I snuck out of my room around 10, I ran straight downtown. By the time I had gotten down there, only the faint lights of the light posts kept the town out of complete darkness. There was no sign of any ghosts, so I was going to head home. When there was nothing going on, why bother to sit around all night.

I started walking back to my house, when I saw this dog. It wasn't just a dog though, it was huge. It wasn't even close to a dog. He was a dark color, and had deep red eyes, the color of blood. He looked at me, and then started to walk away. Yes, walk, because he wasn't a dog, he was a werewolf. I noticed it was a full moon, and I went intangible, and followed him down a dark alley. He jumped over a building at a dead end, and I noticed he was headed towards Sam's house.

Sam was not just my best friend, she was my all time crush. Her beautiful amethyst eyes were enough to make me stop dead in my tracks, and stare deep into her eyes. She didn't know I was half ghost, mainly, because I didn't want anyone to know.

Once I had come close to the wolf, I could smell a sour, horrible smell coming off of him. He let out a howl, outside of Sam's house. Around her street, there was only one street light, so I could just faintly catch the outline of the beast. He looked towards the house, and emerged towards the door. Why was he headed to her house? I went up next to him, and grabbed ahold of his greasy tail. I wanted to let go of him, since he smelt as though he was dead, and he felt slimy. His evil eyes looked at me, as I kicked him in the face. Then he turned, and jumped pin me, pinning me to the ground. He had his face right up to mine, and his breath smelt as though he had eaten rotten meat. Saliva dripped down, and landed in the middle of my face.

"You really need a bath!" I told him, as I kicked him off of him. The werewolf came charging back towards me, but I went intangible, and managed to stay safe. The beast got mad, as his eyes neared in on me. It was so dark, all you could see was his evil eyes glowing in the misty dark. I normally fought only ghosts, but when it came to keeping Sam safe, I would do anything.

I then noticed the clouds cover up the bright moon, and the werewolf was soon a person standing there. He looked like a normal guy you would see anywhere, and most likely, he was probably really nice. I flew away, back towards my house, and went up to my bedroom. I changed back to myself, and then plopped down on my bed. My room was freezing, so I quickly crawled under the covers, and shook. I rubbed my hands together, trying to get warm, and I soon fell asleep without realizing it.

When I woke up in the morning, I was immediately shivering from the cold, and realized there was snow outside. I got up, and looked out the window. The snow seemed blinding because the sun was reflecting off of it, and into my eyes. I pulled my shades down, to keep the light from coming in my room. When I walked out of my room, the news was on, and I saw the fight I had with the werewolf on the TV screen. Who was taking these videos?

"Hey, did they say who was taping that?" I asked Jazz, as I sat down in the living room on the couch. Jazz looked at me suspiciously and then replied, "They are anonymous, why?"

"Was just wondering, whoever they are, they are staying up late," I remarked, then turned and got up to go into the kitchen.

"School is closed today Danny," Jazz told me, as she flipped the TV off, and walked over by me. When I stepped onto the tile, I quickly jumped back to the carpet, because the tile was freezing.

"Cold?" She asked, as she walked over to the fridge, and grabbed out the cereal and milk for me, and set it on the table in the dinning room.

"Yeah, and thanks," I told her, as I sat down, and poured the also cold milk into a bowl where I had cereal.

"Well, what are you going to do on your day off?" Jazz asked me, as she hovered over the top of me, and watched me eat, which made me nervous.

"Well, for starters, I am going to ask you to leave me alone for two minutes. And then, I will probably go over to Sam's house or something."

"All right, I will leave you alone, if you want me to, I can take you over there."

"No, I am fine, I can walk over there." I told her, as I quickly shoved my food down my throat. I left the bowl laying on the table, knowing that someone would pick it up, and then I walked up to my room. I changed into my ghost form, and flew over to Sam's house. I was still intangible when I went up to her room, and I went to my normal self right behind her, and set a hand on her shoulder. She spun around really fast with a little scream, until she noticed it was only me.

"Danny, you scared me, how did you get up here?"

"I have my ways," I smiled at her.

"Well, whatever those ways are, you had better not do that again!" She teased, as she playfully pushed me. Her house was warm, unlike mine, which made my bare feet feel a lot better.

"You walk over here like that?" She asked, looking at me in my normal clothes and no shoes or socks on.

"Yeah, I did."

"Wow, are you cold?"

"Just a little, but I am fine," I told her as I watched her walk over to her bed, and grab a blanket off of her bed.

"Here, you don't need to freeze," she said, handing me the blanket. I wrapped myself up in the blanket that smelled like lavender.

"So, what are you doing over here?" She asked me, still looking a bit confused as to how I had gotten here.

"Just thought I would spend the day off with you," I replied to her sweetly.

"Well, I am gonna invite Tucker over too," she told me, as she went over and picked up her phone, and dialed the numbers.

"Hey you wanna come over?" she said, and then I heard a

"Ok, bye."

"So?" I asked wanting to know if he was going to show up.

"He is coming, he said he would be here any second."

It was then, that my ghost sense went off, and I started shivering up a storm.

"You Ok?" Sam asked, as she walked over to me, and placed her hands on my shoulders.

"Yeah, I am fine, I will be right back," I said, as I dropped the blanket, and ran out into her hallway, looked around, and then changed into my phantom mode. I then looked around, trying to find out where the ghost was, when I heard a scream coming from Sam's room. I ran into her room, and she looked terrified because of a ghost standing in front of her. The ghost had grabbed her, and was starting to get away with her. The ghost was green and had a long face. He had long white hair, that was covering his face, and only his glowing red eyes were seen on his face. I caught up to him fast, and saw Sam's terrified face. I hit him with an ecto-blast and he fell and released Sam from his grip. I raced down, and caught Sam before she hit the ground. She was still frightened, since she had no clue who I was, and she was most likely thinking that I was going to hurt her to.

"Are you Ok?" I asked the frightened Sam.

"Uhh, yeah…" She replied, unsure of what was going on. I flew her over to the park, and placed her on the ground.

"You are helping me?" She asked, looking at me awkwardly. Snow was once again starting to fall, and I noticed Sam shaking, since after all, she didn't have a coat or anything on.

"Are you cold?" I asked her. She just shook her head up and down, and I walked over to her, and picked her back up. I was flying really slowly, since I enjoyed holding Sam in my arms. I wished this would last forever. I looked into her eyes, and her eyes were looking in mine.

"You seem familiar," she told me, now getting comfortable being around a ghost.

"Really? Who do I seem like?"

"My friend. Your eyes, they seem a lot like his, and you actually look almost exactly like him. You have nice eyes."

"Thanks, you do to. You like this person?"

"Well, kind of. He has been acting weird lately, I should probably get back to my house, and make sure he is fine. He was shivering, and then he ran out of y room. I worry about him sometimes. The other day, he came back all beat up. I don't know what has gotten into him. I don't think you care to hear about this though," she blushed, and then turned away.

"No, it is fine, I enjoy you talking."

"Well, I don't really know you."

"You know me more than you think you do," I told her, as I carefully placed her back into her room, and then left. I then went back through, and was in her hallway.