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Chapter 32: Epilogue

Set at the same time as the prologue (June something or other)

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Hermione walked over to the balcony railing. She stared out at the night sky, remembering her first night with Sirius. She pulled the letter out of her robe pocket where she kept it handy for nights like tonight.

Dearest Hermione,

You were wrong. I did remember you. I remembered everything about you. I remembered how you are ticklish right behind your ear. How you have to have everything perfect. How you like to have some chocolate when you're depressed. How you have different smiles for when you are really happy, joking, embarrassed. Or when your trying to cover up your anger. I remember every detail of your body. How you shiver when I touch your belly or break out in goosebumps when I kiss your neck. I remember all of this while you didn't remember any of it. I watched as you matured and grew into a woman. I watched as you struggled and as you triumphed. And through all of this, I loved you just as much as I did the day you left, maybe even more. I thought of you every moment of every day. I love you Hermione. Remember that my angel, my love. Remember that I remembered you and loved you every moment since we met in your third year. You are my heart and soul. You are everything to me. Throughout time: my love will be yours. Remember me Hermione, remember our time together, remember that I love you. Never forget.

Forever Yours,


Gently she folded the letter back up and placed it back in her pocket. She pulled her robe tighter around her, needing it's comfort. The city was asleep now, but soon would awaken with the promise of a new day, a fresh start.

But to her, every day was the same as the last, filled with pain and memories. She just tried to get through the day.

She blocked out the memories of all her yesterdays and looked towards her tomorrows. The past brought back memories too painful to bare anymore. Memories that needed to be kept close the her heart but not locked up nice and tight. Only with sharing her pain would some of the heavy burden be lifted.

She took the other letter out of her pocket, the one she had received from Harry just yesterday. She unfolded and read the urgent words.

Dear Hermione,

We miss you so much! We want to see you again, we need to know that you are alright. Please come and visit us soon. Ginny, Lupin, and I are all staying at the Black House. There's a surprise here for you! I won't tell you what it is but I can tell you this: you will really REALLY love it!

You have to come visit. We're not taking no for an answer. Either you come and visit us on your own free will or we will come and get you. That is a promise. You have two weeks to get your butt over here!

We love you Hermione. We can help you if you let us. Please come as soon as possible. You have to see your surprise.



She folded the letter back up and realized what she had to do. She had to go back. She knew that now. She needed to be near her friends. She needed their love and support. But most importantly, she needed someone to confide in and share the burden.

She walked slowly back into her flat and walked into the tiny room next to hers. She walked over to the little cot and gazed down at the little sleeping figure. She was so much like Sirius. She already had a head full of dark black hair. And her eyes! The warm blue color was exactly like Sirius'.

Reaching down, Hermione stroked her daughter's head. "I love you honey and I'm sure your father does too. He's watching over you right now."

Kissing her baby's forehead, Hermione walked to the door. "Goodnight my little Sirina. We're going home."

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Amaya's and Spirit's day out TRUE STORY

One warm Saturday not to long ago, Spirit and I were at my house while our parents were at the funeral of our Great Aunt. We decide we were very bored and got my four wheeler out to ride. Well…the seat was hot so we put towels on it to sit on.

We rode down in to my meadow and parked. We had decided to walk down the path to see if it was clear or not.

"Hey," I said to Spirit, "we don't want to get ticks so let's wrap the towels over our head."

"Okay," Spirit agreed.

So we wrapped the towels around our head (yes, we looked dumb) and headed off down in the woods. We get halfway down in there and start heading into this smaller meadow way down in there.

"Hey Spirit," I said pointing towards the ground, "those are some really white sticks."

"Yeah Amaya," she agreed, "those are…wait, those aren't sticks."

"CRAP!" I exclaimed. "Those are bones! COYOTES! Run!"

I had momentarily forgot that our county's smart DNR program decided to introduce Coyotes to our part of West Virginia. Let's just say, my neighbors aren't taking to kindly to them since they are killing all the baby calves. Now they want to put wolves in.

We go taking off up the steep hill back to the four wheeler.

"Fat kids can't run!" I exclaim as I try to trudge my way up the hill. Maybe I should explain, I didn't even run in gym. I'm lazy.

Spirit picks up a stick that is really long but not thick. "I'll save ya!"

I pick up a branch, yes a branch. About 8" thick and long. "That's okay, I can save myself."

We both run into the meadow.

"Whew," Spirit said. "We're safe. We're in the clearing."

"Wait!" I exclaim. "This is exactly how Bambi's mother died!"

We run at full speed to the four wheeler and leap on. I gassed it and made it back up my hill in record time. And that concludes Amaya's and Spirit's day out. I hope you guys like that. IT IS A TRUE STORY!