Title: The Gravity of it All

Author: P.L.S. PG for the most part

Pairings: Harry/ Jack O'Neill, Jack/ Sarah O'Neill, hints of several Harry/OC, Jack/OC, and whatever else comes up.

Summery: Sick of trying to survive as Harry Potter in a post-Voldemort world, a young wizard takes a new path in the past that leads to the stars.

Crossovers: Harry Potter & Stargate (movie & tv show), with hints of Artimus Fowl, Gravitation, and lots of toying with history to suit my purposes.

Warnings: m/m pre-slash, maybe language warnings (but I'll keep those in non-English), m/m established relationship, and probably violence and torture.

Disclaimers: I do not own Harry Potter, Stargate/Stargate SG1/Stargate Atlantis, the songs that I might use as background music, the other fandoms that will pop up, or anything other than the ideas of putting them all together in this casserole. After all, that is what a crossover is, the literary equivalent of a six-layer casserole. I'll try to keep it from becoming a seven-layer one though.

A/N: If ya got comments or corrections on the fact side of this all, please tell me. My major is not history of any type, it is social welfare. I just happen to be okay with a keyboard and quick with the ideas. If you have ideas, tell me. I give credit freely and love feedback. Even flamers. On some days, especially flamers. Maybe that's why Borg hasn't visited, or maybe I just don't get enough readers. I'm also not posting this header ever again, it takes up about a page or two of space and no one reads them every blasted time.

Been a long road to follow,

Been there and gone tomorrow,

Without saying goodbye to yesterday.

Are the memories I hold still valid?

Or have the tears deluded them?

Maybe this time tomorrow,

The rain will cease to follow,

And the mist will fade into one more today.

Something somewhere out there keeps calling.

Am I going home?

Will I hear someone singing solace to the silent moon?

Zero gravity what's it like?

Am I alone?

Is somebody there beyond these heavy aching feet,

Still the road keeps on telling me to go on,

Something is pulling me.

I feel the gravity of it all.

Gravity- Ending Theme for Wolf's Rain. Lyrics from www. animelyrics. com.

Prologue: Welcoming the Futures.

"I'll be next to you whenever you need,

So you are not alone anymore,

When you get lost, I'll walk for a few steps forward."

(True Blue by ZONE)

Harry smiled as he read the latest news from his best friend. The tales of Jackson, Carter, and 'Murray' were a constant amusement as he finished what needed to be done to ensure that he was in the right place at the right time to take on the assignment he wanted. Not that anyone else in the United Kingdom had a clue. Technically Jack committed an act of treason in telling him about the Stargate, but really it was supposed to be a death bed confession of sorts. Jack wrote the letter just before going on what was supposed to be a suicide mission after being reactivated after the death of his only son.

Harry and Jack both knew that his indiscretion would be forgiven, mostly because when it came down to the secrets they shared regardless of national security, when found out their CO's had always nodded and agreed that they did what was in the best interests of their countries. Waiting for paperwork to go through that said you could talk shop to your best friend and counterpart was a waste of time when the countries were the US and UK.

Right now, Jack was telling him about becoming a General, not officially mind you. No, Jack wouldn't give up field work unless given no other option and because his second was promoted he had to get pushed up as well. Both Harry and Jack knew that he was pushing it though. Sooner or later someone would look at his age and medical reports and figure out that he was getting too old for combat. Hopefully it wouldn't happen until Jack was in a position to take command of the SGC and thus still do what he loved even if he couldn't physically go head to head with the goa'ulds.

Harry shook his head at Jack's commentary on the people he met off-world. The man was as irreverent and diplomatic as he ever was. Harry laughed at loud at how Jack played dumb to most things, about half the time his mangling of names and such were his way of bringing things to an approachable level for both his team and himself. After all, why fear something that your CO doesn't care enough about to pronounce properly? Besides, from what Harry read it drove Jackson up a wall, and Jack always did like winding up academics.

Jack did some of his course work at Cambridge and the University of London with him as they both worked on their military history masters as subtle covers for Jack's social psychology doctorate and Harry's global political science doctorate. The multiple degrees were almost footnotes in both of their files and achieved between various missions and during medical leaves. Now Harry was planning on breaking that habit of cloaking his knowledge by getting a few post-doctorates in political science and making sure that his latest papers on the subject while he taught at Edinburgh were on subjects that were bound to come up as the Prime Minister and the MoD considered the problems and advantages of the stargate, the SGC, and working with the Americans.

Harry clicked on a window that held his current paper on the political and historical backgrounds of the current alliances of NATO and the European Union and how they impact British domestic politics as well as the politics of the US, France, and Germany. It was really an abstract for his next book which was at the publishing house's editors' for the typical check over. But Harry was sure it would hit the nail on the head when everything came to light.

He did a quick grammar and spelling check then copied and pasted the article onto his next e-mail to Jack. The poor man needed something nice and domestic after the latest debacle he got himself tangled up in.

It wasn't long after that was sent off that Harry had to get to the lecture hall. His salt and pepper curls, glasses, and mixing of suits with his casual civilian clothes gave off that feel of slightly eccentric but lovable teacher and it was no surprise that this lecture, like many before it, was well attended by not only his regular students, but also by their friends, his colleagues, and other unknown faces. Today he was going to talk about his suppositions on the future of politics with special attention on media, mixing of domestic and foreign policies, and the loops that history tended to make. It was nothing unusual, the only odd part of his lectures happened to be the audience participation he instigated to give the cold hall a very lively and awake feel by the end of the hour or two talk.

As he started, he realized something. It wasn't amazing or something Earth shattering. It was just a realization of his thoughts and desires.

'I just wish Jack was here to see this.'

He figured out that he no longer cared about the opinion of his long dead parents, his lost friends, his former teachers, or anyone from his childhood. What's more, like the many who left the halls of his old school and promptly vanished into the ranks of 'muggles', the Hogwarts trained wizard didn't even use the magic in any form anymore. It was a waste of time and really didn't give him the satisfaction of working with his hands or doing things without a magic spell. All he wanted now was his best friend at his side to see the energy and the unconventional diversity of the crowds he attracted. It was how they both thought learning should be.

Maybe, someday when Jack gave up the command of the SGC to someone he trusted, the man would join him in this world of teaching the next generation of minds. After all, who better for these kids to learn psychology from than an man who originally took the subject to figure out new ways to drive the therapists, all hired by the USAF to help people in covert ops or fighter pilots, insane as well as to find out just what he should say if he wanted certain types of medications or to be ordered to go on leave or forced to go to a health spa or retreat.

Harry always did admire Jack's unique outlook on behavioral health services.

End of Prologue-

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