Note: This is a one shot fic

Title: Time to tell the family

Summary: Before heading back towards England with Willow, Giles makes one last stop at the McClays to tell them about their daughter. Set after Grave.

Giles pulled up his red car in front of a house.

"Will you be okay?" Giles asked the passenger next to him known as Willow.

"Yeah, they deserve to know, its okay Giles I wait here" Willow replied. Giles nodded his head and got out and walked up the pathway to the door.

Taking a breath Rupert Giles knocked on the door, a second later a man appeared.

"You" the man replied, who was Mr McClay. Donny, and Beth also appeared.

"What you want?" Mr McClay asked.

"Has cousin Tara turned into a fifthly demon yet?" Beth replied.

"No, actually she's rotting away in a coffin" Giles said rather angrily.

"She's a coffin demon?" Beth asked confused.

"What you mean rotting?" Mr McClay asked.

"There was a shooting, Tara uh was in her room with Willow, Buffy and Xander were in the backyard and, Warren, one of Buffy's enemies had a gun" Giles replied, finding it hard to say it, whether the McClays treated Tara badly or not.

"And where are we going with this?" Donny asked, instead of the hardened look the two boys usually wore, it replaced with a concern look and worry as same with Beth.

"Warren fired, once at Buffy and into the air, unfortunately it went through a window, where Tara was standing" Giles replied.

"Please don't tell me what you are about to say" Beth said, a tear trickled down her cheek.

"I am sorry, the bullet hit her chest, she died in matter of seconds, I wasn't their until after thought" Giles replied.

"No, you got to be kidding" Beth said, more tears going down.

"Magic, this is what magic did, it killed my only daughter!" Mr McClay shouted.

"Actually, it was a gun not magic, Buffy's alive, but if Willow hadn't saved her then Buffy would be gone to" Giles said.

"Where's this bastard?" Donny said just as angrily.

"Dead, flayed alive in the forest, I killed him" Willow said behind the group.

Giles didn't know how to react when Donny had collapsed in a heap, and when Mr McClay had actually started crying and rubbing his eyes.

"The funeral is in three days" Giles said giving Tara's father a letter.

"I-I go, thanks" Mr McClay said, he tried to clear up his tears but it didn't work.

"I am truly sorry Mr McClay, Beth, Donny" Giles replied. Giles turned around and put his arm around Willow, the two walked down the path way and got into the car, Taking a last look at the once angry family of the McClays, Giles drove off. The McClays were devasted and the hardened family that were kicked out by Tara a year ago in the Magic Box, cried together.

I hope you liked that, I am also going to make a funeral fic where we see everyone (With the exception of Willow & Giles since they left after Grave) at Tara's funeral, and also an Au of Villans, instead of Willow going after Warren, Mr Clay goes after him, Don't know when or if they will happen thought, anyway please review.