Etheria Doomed

By General Stingrad

(Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom belong to Marvel comics and She-Ra belongs to Mattel and Filmation)

Chapter I: Titans of Tyranny


JANURAY 25, 1997

Today started like any other day, we were on one of our usual missions to Stop Dr. Doom from ruling the world. This time he had stolen some equipment from Apocalypse and was going to use it to turn the leaders of the world into his personal slaves.

"This time nothing will stop me not even you and your Feeble Four," he taunted us in his usual melodramatic fashion.

"That's what you think Victor," I retorted, "Sue, Johnny, see if you can immobilize him," I commanded, hoping they could capture him.

Sue went into Invisible mode and tried to sneak up on him, while Johnny 'flamed on' preparing to blast Doom, when Sue gave the signal.

"Fools, how dare you interfere with my destiny!" he sneered as he turned around and blasted sue with a laser bolt.

"No one hits my sister, you're going down, Doom," Johnny yelled as he charged at Doom hoping to stop him, but Doom blasted him with a cryo-beam.

It was up to me and Ben to save the day, "Ben, switch to plan B," I informed my friend as he went into position.

"It's over, Victor," I sneered at him preparing him to attack.

"Never, Reed I won't rest until I rule the world and make you pay for ruining my face," he threatened as he raised his arm preparing to fire an energy beam at me.

But before he could fire, Ben sneaked up on him and knocked him out.

"Thanks Ben," I said came over to where the unconscious Tyrant lie.

"No problem," Ben told me as he removed Doom's metal mask.

"Now Victor we need to talk," But as I went to pick him up, I noticed his body began to glow, his body began to grow brighter and Brighter until he vanished in to thin air.

"He tricked us!" Ben shouted as he pounded his fist into the ground.

"I don't think so," I informed my colleague as I studied the surrounding area. The Floor was burned by an extreme source of heat, the mark of a molecular accelerator.

"From what I could tell, someone or something kidnapped Doom" I informed him as I continued to observe the area. Everything seemed to be normal, radiation levels were a little on the high said, but nothing that would warrant further investigation, but I still felt it best if we leave.

"So you're saying that aliens abducted Doc Doom," Ben asked me confused by my comment.

"I don't know Ben, but I think we better leave, get Sue and Johnny and meet outside by the jet," I told Ben, after Ben got my wife and her brother, we headed out the door and left Castle Von Doom.

Once were outside, we boarded the jet and took off as fast as we could, after Ben got Sue and Johnny in the jets infirmary and joined me in the cockpit, he noticed something out the windshield.

"Hey Reed, look at the castle it glowing," he pointed out, sure enough the room we had just left was glowing; whatever took Doom came back for something else.

"I have a feeling we haven't the last of whatever took Doom or for that matter Doom himself," I warned Ben, and with that we left Castle Von Doom and headed home.



Today was a slow day for the most part, which made me glad, because it gave me time to pack my things for the cruise Seahawk and me are going to take tomorrow, we're going to sail to Isles of Elysium on the far side of the planet for a week of rest and relaxation.

About, 4 hours before sunset, the slow day picked up pace, Queen Angella had called me to her throne Room.

When I got there, Angella had assembled Rebellion high Command- , herself, Bow, Glimmer, Castaspella, and Madame Razz- "what's going on your majesty" I asked here as I took my seat on the table.

"Adora, I'm, sorry to interrupt your vacation before it started, but this Urgent, Hordak and his cronies have been spotted near the village of Medii, that village contains powerful weapons, and they must not be allowed to fall into Hordak's hands," Angella told me.

I went to my to unpack the Sword of Protection in case She-Ra was needed and left for Medii to stop Hordak's plan.

When I got there sure enough, there was Hordak, loading the weapons he stolen on a transporter. From the looks of things Hordak really went on a stealing spree and it was up to me to return the merchandise.

I ran into small wooded area and then making no now was around I raised the Sword of Protection in the air and proclaimed "For the Honor of Grayskull...," instantly the power of Grayskull filled my body and light surround me like an aura. Finally, I chanted "I am She-Ra!" and the transformation was over and it was time to stop Hordak.

I ran back to where Hordak was and told the Ruthless Leader "Your spree is at an end,"

The evil one turned around and spat "SHE-RA, you won't stop me," and lunged forward to attack.

I managed to block his attack and counter it, "Is that the best you can do" I taunted him as we continued to exchange blows, Hordak with his sword hand and me with the Sword of Protection.

The battle continued on for some time, until Hordak managed to punch me in the stomach and force my sword from my hand.

"Soon Etheria will be mine!" he gloated, as he smiled, thinking I was done for, but what he didn't know was that I managed to crawl away and sneak up behind him.

"You know what your problem is," I whispered to him.

He turned around, a look of shock and anger crossed his demonic face, "YOU!" he spat out with hatred and contempt.

It was then raised my sword severed his mechanical, instantly surges of electricity cascaded into his body via his armor causing him to double in pain.

"…Your plans come apart at the seams," I informed him.

"Curse you She-Ra" he managed to spit in between the shocks he was receiving from his injury, "One day Etheria will be mine!" he threatened as he used his magic to open a portal and escape.

"Anyone else care to tango," I asked his minions, Leech and Mantenna. The two demons quickly ran away, heading in the direction of the Fright Zone.

The battle was over, and boy was I glad, I quickly went back to the wooded areas and once aging making sure no one was looking raised the sword and said "The Honor is Restored!" and reverted back to Adora then headed back to the castle.