Chapter V: Apocalyptic Revelations



Reed Richards thought he has defeated me, bah! Doom is not defeated only slowed down.

I used the rockets on my suit of armor to travel from Etheria to it's sister world of Eternia, it was there that She-Ra's came from, but before I could reach I was stopped; something had teleported me to another world..

I was transported back to Horde World and Horde Prime's throne.

"DR. DOOM! YOU HAVE FAILED ME!" Horde Prime bellowed as his eyes glowed, I could tell that he was angry.

"I captured She-Ra and stopped the Rebels for a few days, you never said they had to be stopped forever", I told the deity.

"DO NOT TRY TO MINCE WORDS WITH ME PUNY PEON, I AM THE GOD OF ALL EVIL IN THE UNIEVRSE!" he roared as his eye glowed brighter than supernovae.

"No one calls Doom a peon!" I yelled as I blasted Horde Prime with an energy blast.

"ENOUGH!" Prime yelled as he threw me across the room

For the moment I was out powered, but mark my word if I ever come across him again I will be victorious.

I left the throne room vowing to get even with Horde Prime.



Horde Prime had released me from the dungeons and summoned me to his throne room.

"Hordak, approach my throne" he ordered me and I obeyed.

"My son, it has become aware to me that even though you bungle missions you are still the key to conquering Etheria" he told me as drummed his hand on the armrest.

"But What about Doom, I thought he was more worthy than I," I asked my master still feeling unworthy to be his son.

"Doom was powerful, but his loyalties laid with himself not with me, all who serve the Horde must be loyal only to me," he told me.

"So I can return to Etheria," I asked him eager to return te planet to continue plotting against the Rebellion.

"Go Hordak! Go and continue to serve me," he said as he teleported me back to Etehria.

When I reached the Fright Zone, Shadow Weaver and Imp were waiting for me, "Welcome Home, master!" they shouted.

"Thanks, It's great to be back here," I aid as I entered my domain.

All evidence of Dr. Doom's reign was gone, my throne room was a throne room again, however Mantenna was in there imitating Dr, Doom's voice.

"Did you like serving Doom more than me?" I asked him.

"No great one!" he cowered, I could tell he was telling the truth, but I wanted him to pay for not attempting a break out to free me.

"Stand There!" I ordered him pointing to the floor.

"Here?" he asked pointing to the spot he was standing in

"Yes," I said as pushed a button on my armor, releasing the trap door.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Mantenna screamed as he splashed into the pool.

"That will teach you to let me rot in prison," I said as I laughed at him, it was great to be back.



Today I have learned something valuable, power and loyalty are not the same thing.

It is better to have someone who bungles missions and loyal than a successful traitor.

The rest of the day was the usual governing over the cosmos routine until one of the troopers stationed in my palace came in with urgent news.

"My Lord, he wishes to speak with through the view screen," the robot said to me.

"Very well, patch him through" I said as I turned to the screen.

Soon a being wearing blue and purple armor with a dark tan face, two blue streaks running on his bald head, and blue lips that end with two silver nodes on his cheeks was seen on the view screen.

"Well Holler have captured this She-Ra for me yet?" the being, the mutant warlord known as Apocalypse asked.

"Don't call me by that name, here I am Horde Prime," I corrected him of who I was

"I will call you whatever I want, and have you or have you nor captured She-Ra?" he asked again.

"No master, I had her earlier but Doom betrayed me and a group Earth heroes managed to save her," I informed him

"You lie, I sent doom to help you, where is he now," Apocalypse asked me.

"He's on Earth I sent him home," I informed him

"Why did you do that?" he inquired of me.

"Because, I wanted Hordak back on Etheria," I replied.

"Hordak is a failure why do still invest confidence in that weakling?" he scolded me as his red eyes glowed bright.

"Because he's my son and he is loyal that makes up for his bungling," I retorted back to my master.

"But it doesn't bring you closer to your goal, remember only when I have She-Ra as my servant will I give you the power to destroy Asgard," Apocalypse reminded me.

"Yes master," I replied as the image faded from view.

With or without that infernal mutant's help I will destroy Asgard and then I Holler, the god of death shall have the power to destroy me enemies, this I swear!

The End