Kagome can't remember what happened that cold winter's night when she was attacked. Nor can she remember who her attacker was. Her only clue is the baby she now carries within her womb. Inuyasha has a sneaky suspicion, and Kagome now wonders if her baby is even human.


'Baby of Mine'

"Beautiful feathery flakes of snow. Over the woodland and field they go, making a blanket so warm and deep, over the flowers that lie asleep," Kagome read glancing away from her book and out into the darkness of the night. "The dawn of day was witness to, a transformation of the land. The night had seen the change unfold, unique creations of His Hand. So many made, while slumber reigned, no two alike, these crystals, white. The billions softly touched the earth, as breezes shaped them in the night. The frozen-cotton, covered boughs, as rays of sun climb winters hills. To see the splendor made by frost, on window panes and window sills. The curvy mounds shaped 'round the trunks, where blown about the feet of trees. And leaves that peek through snowy white, at wondrous winter scenes like these. Their lives so short; a day or week, or season at the very most. To disappear when spring is nigh, like figment of a vanished ghost. But first they must adorn each twig, and blade of grass and lowly weed. Essential act required by some, to germinate their precious seed. And map the many tiny feet,
of creatures that have braved the night. With fan-shaped swirls at end of tracks, where birds of prey have taken flight. To crown each post and stone and wall, the royalty of winters scene. Look down upon the snows cape, white; approve each subjects bow and lean. Then melt to slush and hang from twigs, and drip and drop like tear-shaped jewels. The tiny trickles congregate, to create icy winter pools. Returned to earth, from whence they came, the same as you, the same as me. Water to water, ". . . dust to dust", perpetuates His Plan, you see."

"Ye have been reading that book since early this morning Kagome," Kaede smiled bringing back the curtain to the young miko's room. Kagome glanced up from her futon a soft smile forming on her lips. "Well...As ye can not get up and move about it is only fitting. I too would do the same. Of course I would probably never want to leave." But other than that, how are ye? Any changes?"

"I'm doing ok. I've been having a lot of contractions though today, morning till now. They are worse than they have been," Kagome sighed, closing the book and setting on her lap. "Since you placed me on bed rest they come more readily."

"Indeed," the old woman said bringing in a small tray." It is only expected with the child you carry. But now, put ye mind to rest and eat." Kagome didn't argue as she eagerly placed her book to the side awaiting the tray of food.

"Hmm...Smells wonderful," Kagome smiled taking the tray graciously from the old miko. "Chicken and rice..." Smiling happily Kagome thanked Kaede and quickly began to dig in. The old miko said nothing but gave a curt smile and moved out of the room.

Kagome devoured the small flour roll to the side rubbing her hand unconsciously across her overly large belly thoughts swirling through her mind. It hadn't seemed that long ago Inuyasha had brought her to Kaede, bloodied and bruised. Clothes ripped to shreds, barely covering anything. She had been unconscious her body held lifelessly in the Hanyou's clutches. It was a shear miracle Kagome had awoke the next morning, a small, yet visible smile forced upon her bruised lips. It was her way of letting the other's know she was alright and that that needth worry of her.

Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango and Shippo had all questioned her, but she failed to remember much of anything. A dip in the hot springs, getting dressed, a rustle in the bushes and then...nothing. The only thing that seemed to hold any significance was a small crescent shaped mark on the juncture of her neck and shoulder. It seemed fairly odd but Kagome had convinced the others that it was nothing. She spent the next few weeks in bed healing. The question of "who" was constantly on her mind. Who was the father? Was he human? Or was he a, dare she think it...
A demon?

Kaede had forbidden her to travel home due to her condition so Inuyasha was sent to the future with the news. Kagome wasn't surprised when he showed up an hour later weighted down with a large pack of medication and other items that would speed her recovery. And it did just that. But Kaede still hadn't felt easy about it all. It just hadn't made any sense to her. Of course she hadn't said anything to her, but Kagome could tell that it hadn't stopped her from worrying.

It had been a month 1/2 since the attack and all seemed to let it slip from their minds. All except Kaede and...And Inuyasha who kept a strange and somewhat annoying watch on her. Everywhere she went she was accompanied by someone. She was surprised she could even cover up her sickness. She had feared they would put her back in bed so she tried hard to hide it. She blamed it on Inuyasha of course for pushing her into eh hunt for the shards. There was the constant morning illness, the sudden mood swings, and of course seemed to be hungry a lot more than usual...

But nothing could prepare her for what was next. What would be revealed to her that very same week...


Kagome had just returned from the hot springs her long raven hair hanging over her right shoulder. She wore a yellow sundress with little blue flowers embroider on the front. Upon reaching the hut, the girl stopped short of breath and sighed taking a seat next to the sliding door. Kaede watched through a cracked window and wasn't surprised to see Kagome Vomit.
It was then she decided to act. Opening the sliding door Kagome stiffened and turned as Kaede handed her a small towel.

"Are ye well Kagome?" Kagome nodded stiffly. "Are ye sure?" Again Kagome nodded and immediately turned her head to once more spill. "It appears that ye are not well," the old miko said grasping the young girl's hand. Kagome nodded in agreement and turned her sad eyes to the older woman.

"I think that I am coming down with something," Kagome said with a small chuckle. "Inuyasha has us working overtime for those shards lately. I'm surprised that Miroku and Sango haven't tried an outright Strike."

"It is true Inuyasha is working ye and the other's harder," Kaede said and stopped for a moment to consider the young girl in front of her. In her eyes she could see something that only those carrying a special secret had. "But he also knows that in a months time he can no longer search for them." Kagome's eyes widened slightly.

"What do you mean? What's going on? Is something going to happen?"

The old miko couldn't help but let go a small laugh, leaving Kagome dumbstruck. "Do not worry about hunting for the shards anymore Kagome. You should spend more time around here with me preparing."

Looking slightly complex Kagome tilted her head to the side and against her better judgment asked the old miko. "Prepared...for what?"

"Why for the blessed day of course," Kaede said. Once more the younger girl seemed confused, and once more asked another question.

"What blessed day would that be?"

"Why Child...Do you not know? Ye are pregnant. Carrying a child in your womb," Kaede smiled holding Kagome's hand tightly. "Don't tell me ye haven't noticed the changes? Everyone else has child."

Eyes grown to the size of saucers Kagome felt her world dim and go dark.

When Kagome awoke an hour later she had listened to Kaede's explanation. Listened, but hadn't believed...Not until Kaede had tested her to prove her point and sure enough the test was right. It had taken Kagome a good two weeks to except the truth but she knew deep down it was true. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew what Kaede told her was right and that she couldn't deny it. She had to start "preparing" for this life that would one day enter the world. So what if she didn't know the Father... This was her baby and she felt, no she knew he or she would bring her such happiness.

After that she had journeyed to the future to tell her mother who seemed to understand. Yes she was weary about the mystery Father but this was her grandchild whether or not. And she loved him or her already. Kagome had explained to her mother that for now journeying across the time barrier was alright. But when it becomes to dangerous she would stay with Inuyasha and her friends. The only reason being, that if Kagome's attacker had been demon, he would have to appear no matter what. It was something all demon fathers did. Almost "instinct" Inuyasha explained whether they wanted their offspring or not, they were there for or after their child's birth to greet them.

End Flashback

And so that was how it happened. At first she traveled across time with ease. But strangely after her 3rd month she began to feel funny. Her stomach was larger than most women at this time and she began to have contractions. It was only then that Inuyasha had confirmed her to be bearing the child of a demon. That a demon baby or "pup" as he called it, didn't take long to grow within the womb. As a normal human woman with a normal human child would carry their baby for nine months, the seed of a demon would grow faster; one to four months. This was due to the power that is possessed. So Kagome was in her last stage and that she wasn't allowed to travel across time anymore.

Agreeing with the Hanyou, she stayed and three weeks later was put on bed rest where she had been ever since. Kaede had told her that she could have the baby anytime now, and somewhere deep inside she was slightly frightened. Scarred that after she delivered the father would show up and slaughter her and her baby. It scarred her. If she had to die fine! But she would die protecting her baby, so he or she could live. She had even gone to sharing her thoughts with Inuyasha and the gang.

They had promised to be there with her after the birth and to protect her from any harm. Miroku had even promised that if it came down to it, he would give up his own life. The same had gone for the rest. She hadn't wished for that. And she knew that if anyone was to die, it would be her. She wouldn't let them suffer for her. She cared too much for them.

Setting her tray aside she glanced out the window once more. She smiled watching small white flurries fall from the heavens. "Beautiful..." Picking up her book, she flipped to the last page where something was scribbled down. "Babies are Angels that fly to the earth, their wings disappear at the time of their birth. One look in their eyes and we're never the same, they're part of us now and that part has a name. That part is your heart and a bond that won't sever, our Babies are Angels, we love them forever." Almost as if on cue Kagome felt a strange surge and then felt like someone had just thrown a cold bucket of water onto her. But that hadn't happened...She knew what it was...Her water had broke! She was going to have the baby!
"Talk about the timing," she thought before calling out. "Kaede! Kaede!"

Quickly the old woman, and Sango were at her side alert.

"What is it Kagome? What's wrong?" Sango asked glancing down at her friend.

"What is it child?" Kaede asked but stopped short as she glanced down to the bed where a large wet puddle was now settling. "Kagome, your water has broken."

"Yea...I know," Kagome heaved feeling a contraction coming on. Grasping the sheets with her fists she tried her best not to cry out. The pain was almost unbearable.

"Sango, take Kagome and get her into something more comfortable. There is an older Kimono in my back cupboard. I need to change these sheets and alert the Inuyasha, Miroku, and Shippo." Nodding Sango did as she was asked helping Kagome up, letting Kagome lean on her shoulder for support.

"Don't worry Kagome, you will be alright," Sango smiled trying to soothe her friends pain. "Just think! You are about to bring a new life into the world!"

"I KNOW...WW!" Kagome cried out her scream loud and painful. Falling to the floor Kagome heaved in pain, biting her lip to try to ease her mind off of the pressure that was baring down on her. It felt like the baby was trying to claw it's way out of her stomach. "OH KAMI MAKE IT STOP!" Hunching over in agony it was then that Sango noticed the small mark imprinted onto Kagome's neck. She had never noticed it before and she doubted anyone else had either. It was oddly shaped and was flicking light blue and slowly becoming vibrant neon. Another gasp from Kagome broke her from her trance. She didn't have time to dwell on it. She had to get Kagome dressed and into bed. This baby didn't seem to want to wait.

"Hang on Kagome," Sango whispered using her hand to pull back raven locks from her friend's sweaty brow. "Just hang in there."

Nodding Kagome tried to relax and concentrate. She needed to get dressed. She doubted she could have to baby in her pj's. Standing with the help of her friend she managed with Sango's help to get out of her wet pj's and into a long wide kimono. Within minutes Kaede was there as well to aid Sango.

"The bed is ready Sango, help me guide her to it," Kaede ordered. Within seconds they were there laying Kagome down upon the new fresh sheets. "I have informed Inuyasha and Miroku to stand watch. Shippo has gone to gather some herbs on my order." The old woman smiled slightly. "He wanted to come in, but I can't have him in here with ye now." Kagome nodded in understand before she felt another contraction consume her. Each one seemed to get worse and worse and she yearned for nothing more than to have this baby. "Sango ye shall help me deliver the baby."

"Thank you," Kagome smiled tears forming in her eyes. "Thank you for helping me through this, both of you. I don't know where I'd be without you both."

"We love you Kagome," Sango smiled damping her friend's head with cool water.

"Aye Child," Kaede said. "Ye are much apart of our lives now. Ye have touched our hearts and once more given our lives a new light. We should be the one's to thank ye."

Kagome smiled, her eyes closing taking in a deep breath. This was going to be a long night...

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