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Middleton High School

The Middleton Mad Dogs had won their homecoming game in a squeaker, edging out their rivals with a dramatic last second field goal. Kim had shouted herself hoarse cheering, and Ron had run wild as the team mascot. Unlike other games, no one hung around the field afterward to celebrate. There was a mad rush to the parking lot as anxious teenagers raced home to prepare for the Homecoming Dance. When she got home Kim ran upstairs, pausing only to check that her dress, which she had laid out before the game, hadn't been disturbed by the tweebs. She showered quickly, dried her hair, and was working on her makeup when the doorbell rang. She snatched up her watch, then sighed in relief. Josh was early. She heard the door open and her father say, "Hello Josh, come in. Kim's still getting ready, but I'm sure she'll be down soon."

"No problem, Dr. Possible, I'm a little early."

"Yes," her father said. "While we wait, why don't you and I go into the den and have a little man-to-man talk?" Kim rolled her eyes, then grinned. Josh was about to get a lecture on the meaning of the word no, she was sure. Poor Josh. She made a mental note to make it up to him later.

Josh had been suitably impressed when Kim made her grand entrance, and kept stealing glances at her all the way to the school. There was a good crowd of students milling around outside when they got there. Kim looked around for Ron but didn't see him. She felt a twinge of sympathy for him. He hadn't even gone through the motions of asking girls out since they returned from their mission. Apparently he'd resigned himself to going stag. Spotting Monique, Kim and Josh joined her and her date and began chatting. They were still talking when Kim heard the unmistakable sound of Mr. Stoppable's car. She turned to see Ron swing into a parking spot. Ron got out and jogged around to the passenger side. He'd gotten a date after all? And hadn't said anything about it? That was weird. Ron opened the door, helped his date out, and the two of them started for the school.

Kim's jaw hit the ground. "Kara?".

Josh turned at the sound of her voice, then followed her gaze. "Whoa!" he exclaimed.

"Oh - my - gosh!" Monique gasped. "Who is that?"

Ron was smiling so broadly that Kim thought his face might split. Kara looked fabulous, with a stylish coiffure and a gorgeous blue dress, and sported an amused smile.

"Hey K.P.," Ron called as he and Kara approached the group. He nodded at Josh. "Mankey."

"Stoppable," Josh nodded back.

"Monique, looking hot! Ty my man!" Ron held out an upturned palm for Ty Donovan, Monique's date, who slapped it with a grin. Turning to Kara he said, "You know Kim of course; this is Josh, Monique, and Ty. Everyone, this is Kara." A round of pleasantries was exchanged.

Kim moved to stand beside Kara, and when the others were distracted, whispered, "What are you doing here?"

"Ron asked me to the dance, and I said yes," Kara said simply.

"But why did you say yes?" Kim asked.

"Because he's cute and I like him," Kara replied, as if no other explanation were possible. Kim didn't get to ask anymore questions. Josh bustled her into the school as the music started to play.

The dance went well. Ron's date was the subject of many conversations. Approval was widespread, except among the 'in' crowd. Kim overheard a number of scathing comments, especially from Bonnie, who seemed mortally offended for some reason. Kim half expected Bonnie to make trouble, and she did, but only after the dance let out.

"Hey Stoppable," Bonnie jeered, cutting them off as they left the school. "Nice date. How much did you have to pay her?" Bonnie's gang chuckled.

Kara's face froze, and an angry mutter ran through the crowd of students that began to gather. Kara started forward, but Ron put a hand on her arm and she stopped.

"Not a thing Bonnie," he said lightly. "She's with me because she likes me. Unlike your date. How much did you pay him? Or did he pay you? After all, you are the biggest whore in the school." The crowd laughed. Kim grinned, and Josh whispered in her ear, "Score one for Ron." An ugly scowl darkened Bonnie's face.

"Bonnie?" Kara said frostily. "Bonnie Rockwaller, obviously. She fits your description perfectly Ron," she said in a stage whisper.

"What description?" Bonnie demanded harshly. Kara smiled coldly at her. "Shallow bitch," she said sweetly.

Bonnie looked like she was about to explode. "So, 'Kara', do you have a last name?"

"In-ze," Kara supplied.

"What kind of name is that?" Bonnie sneered derisively.

"Argoan," Kara answered.

Bonnie began to laugh. Cackling, she pointed at Ron. "Oh! He's dating an escapee from a mental hospital! She thinks she's Supergirl!" Bonnie's backers chuckled, and a nervous titter ran through the crowd.

Kara gave Ron a knowing glance, and he took a few side steps away. Kara returned her gaze to Bonnie. "No Bonnie," she said gently. With that she blurred into a tornado that started out blue, then changed to red, white and blue. Stopping as suddenly as she had started Kara, now in full uniform, glared at the stunned Bonnie. "I AM Supergirl." Turning to Ron she smiled and said, "Thanks for the date Ron, I had a great time."

"Me too," he replied, then blushed as she leaned in and kissed him.

"Say goodbye to your folks for me," she added, and rose majestically into the air. Moving with what Kim was sure was deliberate slowness Kara swung away from the school in a wide arc that took her over the center of town, gaining altitude as she went. When she turned back toward the school she began to descend and pick up speed.

"What's she doing?" Josh wondered aloud.

Kim answered, "She's making Ron the envy of every guy in school, and making sure any girl he asks out thinks twice before she turns him down." A broad smile crossed Kim's face, "She really is a super girl."

Later Kim would say that Kara must have heard her, because as she passed the school, even as she waved to Ron she made eye contact with Kim, and winked. The she was gone, the distant rumble of a sonic boom echoing in her wake.