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Brick Flagg was mad. No, scratch that. He was furious. Cold rage seethed in his gut as he stalked across Bueno Nacho toward that Japanese pretty boy Hirotaka. It made Brick sick to think how every girl in Middleton High was going gooey over the skinny little twerp. True, the dude carried himself like he was the biggest bad-ass on the planet, but attitude was show, not go. 'Let's see how the chickies dig you after I break you in half,' Brick muttered to himself.

"Think you're pretty slick stuff, don'tcha Chief?" Brick sneered, putting an arm in Hirotaka's path.

"Excuse me," the pretty boy said. Brick's mouth twitched in anger. It was one thing for stick-boy to not be afraid, but Brick heard the contempt in Hirotaka's voice plainly enough.

"Maybe I ought to teach you some manners," Brick growled. Hottie cheerleader Kim Possible and her equally tasty friend Monique were in a nearby booth, and Brick heard Monique say, "What's rude about 'excuse me'?"

"To fight you would prove nothing," Hirotaka sniffed disdainfully.

"That's very Zen," Brick heard Kim say. "Brick won't get it." Brick ground his teeth. 'Fucking little cunt thinks I'm stupid eh? Let's see about that,' he grated to himself.

"I don't get it," he said aloud, letting himself sound dumb.

"It is my wish to spare you the embarrassment of a humiliating defeat," Hirotaka jeered. Growling, Brick balled his right hand into a huge fist and drew it back - and slammed Hirotaka in the belly with a left jab. Pretty boy doubled over, but Brick had felt the hardness of Hirotaka's abs and knew he wasn't as hurt as he was making out to be. Not as hurt, but still...Brick's massive right hand started down. Hirotaka started to dodge and block when Brick kicked a leg out from under him. Off balance Hirotaka missed his block. Brick's blow didn't fully connect, but it sent Hirotaka sprawling. Before he could recover Brick had him on his feet, one arm pinned painfully behind him. "Say uncle," Brick snarled as he pushed on the arm. Hirotaka yelped. "Uncle! Uncle!" Brick released him.

"Fighting me proved one thing, Chief; That you can't beat me. Scram," he commanded. Hirotaka made himself scarce, and Brick turned his attention to Kim and Monique.

"Hello ladies," he said, a cold smile on his face. The girls eyes were wide with awe. "Today's lessons: First, just because you have a black belt in some martial art, doesn't mean you're gonna win every time, especially when your opponent is as good as you are in a different style." For Kim's benefit he pointed at his chest. "Golden Gloves heavyweight champ, and I got a cousin whose hobby is bar fighting. Second," he leaned down and glared at Kim, "When your opponent is a foot taller than you are and weighs twice as much, running is your best bet." Kim swallowed, her eyes going doe-like as she subconsciously tried to appear harmless and submissive. "Finally, Zen is a bunch of bullshit. It's just a philosophical excuse to not give a damn about anything."

"Wow Brick, I never knew you were so deep." Bonnie had come up and overheard the last. She was looking at Brick with lusty eyes. Feigned lust, he was sure.

"As if," Brick scoffed. "You spend all week getting wet over pretty boy, but when I put him in his place you come whoring to me." Bonnie gaped at him, a look of shock on her face. Bonnie started to sputter a reply but Brick cut her off with a sharp gesture. "Tell it to someone who cares. Maybe your friends in the Shallow Bitch Society will listen." He jerked his thumb at Kim and Monique and walked away.